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Uda Matsuyama Castle [1/2] Fukushima Masanori’s younger brother renovated into the modern castle of Ishigaki building

Uda Matsuyama Castle [1/2] Fukushima Masanori’s younger brother renovated into the modern castle of Ishigaki building

Uda Matsuyama Castle (Castle) begins with the powerful country person Akiyama (one of Uda Sansho). The name of the time was called Akiyama Castle by the castle of Mr. Akiyama. After that, Hideyoshi Hameshiba’s younger brother, Hideo Hashishiba, will have a Yamato nation as a Yamato Dainodo. After that, the fall Yamashiro, which was the medieval fortress, was renovated into a modern castle with a stone wall and a tiger mouth, and by the time the Fukushima Masanori’s younger brother Fukushima Takaharu became a lord, it was a major base of Ishigaki building. However, in the summer of Osaka, Mr. Fukushima became a deserted castle as well as a suspected betrayal. Oda Nobuo (Nobunaga’s second son), who was given five million stones from Ieyasu to the Yamato country, was transferred to the foothills as the primary feudal lord of Uda, and Jinya was built.

Basic Data >
Name: Uda Matsuyama Castle (Wikipedia) [aka Fall Yamashiro]
● Location: Uda-shi, Nara ( map )
● Main building: Mr. Akiyama, Takaharu Fukushima
● Castle: Nanbokucho era
-Remains: Ishigaki, Kubori, earth base, Major gate
● Information: Japan 100 Meijo No.166 ( list )

Date of Visit: February, 2014
A visit to the UDA Matsuyama Castle: One , two .

Visit >

UDA-Matsuyama Castle ruins are located in the area of “Oouda”, which is about 6km south of the Kintetsu Haibara station, the central part of Uda city, Nara Prefecture. If you are going by public transportation, take a bus from Haibara station to the road station “UDA-ji Oouda”.

There is a approach of the Kasuga shrine which has the mountain trail to UDA Matsuyamashiro when going north for a while in the old Street across the road from the road station.

This is the entrance to the approach of Kasuga shrine. Little north of the medicine House.

After a while, you’ll see a big tower on the right! The stone wall and set in the back, it is a splendid gate mark.

The tower stand is on the left and right, and a gradual stone steps in the center. It looks like a major gate.

This stone wall is a mark of the old Kasuga gate, and the explanation board is built. As a result of the survey, the stone wall was the construction of the Oda house in the late 17th century. The gate itself seems to have been built around the end of the 16th century, admission Fukushima. Seems to have been a very respectable tower gate.

Beyond the Temple of Kasuga, to the approach following the stone Torii. Right and left is a residential area, but the stone wall is amazing. The house might be built as it is in the samurai residence ruins because there was a samurai house on the top of the Kasuga gate. And try to be paranoid.

Kasuga Shrine. In the back, you can see the red main shrine in the stone wall. It’s like a castle.

Kasuga Shrine Historical Writing. As the name suggests, it was built by Kanshin Nara Kasuga Taisha. It seems to be thought that it was acting as a ring of the castle because the major road to the castle went through Kasuga shrine because it was described in the old picture of the end of the 16th century depicting the territory of UDA Matsuyama Castle. Indeed, the main shrine where the stone wall was piled is also nodded.

It was functioning as one of the castles, and after hearing the introductory remarks, exactly, the castle! It is a mystery to be seen in a super huge tower or Honmaru. Let’s pray for the safety of your journey.

Komainu a little unusual. It’s like the Sphinx that stood up. Because the hair is small.

The legend that the loophole from the tower on the mount is in Kasuga shrine. It was said that this hole, but the result of the investigation was buried in the hole. But you could have buried it in the castle. And delusion.

Now, Kasuga Shrine is made to this, and it heads from the road beside the shrine to Yamashiro. There is also a monument called the ruins of Uda Matsuyama Castle, which is easy to understand.

As I went on the road for a while, I slowly proceeded to the mountain where the road bends. The day of the visit is sunny in February, and the snow remains where the sun is not hit.

We went up the mountain path to the top of the mountain. There are a number of signs on the way “Autumn Mountain ruins ←”. For the local people, it would be said that the castle of Mr. Akiyama is a local national navigator than UDA Matsuyama Castle after Toyotomi. Local love.

The growth of cedar trees by tree planting is amazing. I looked up at the top many times instinctively.

The atmosphere changes when I cross the Cedar area. The feeling of digging the ground like an empty moat and making the road rather than the right and left of the road was made a boost. It is also called a cut-through. When a bow and arrow and stoning come from above, it is not a handful.

As you approach the castle ruins, you will see a large horizontal moat. Moreover, it is not straight and is dug in zigzag (it is difficult to understand in the photograph, and looks very stereoscopic with the naked eye). Woah. The upper right is “the number” of the song ring, but it is not possible to climb when this yokabori is dug up indeed. By the way, it refers to the unit which is defensive by Kase to a regular defense corps.

If you go beyond the giant Yokbori, you will see a gradual stone steps. From here, the continuous difference of the masterpiece is a tiger mouth.

Because the stone wall has left only the bottom because it has been broken down after the Fukushima Mr. Reform, it still shows the stone wall which came out by excavation, and this power! Old times wonder what was the twisty leading mouth to the left to the right.

By the way, it was like this when I visited the same place in October. It feels green and beautiful, but the appearance of the stone wall and the tiger mouth which is essential in grass is somewhat difficult to understand. There are also many insects and mosquitoes.

It is not laden with natural stone, but it is a lespedeza that piled up a neatly straightened stone. The mark of the Arrow hole is also perfect. How high was the old times?

The local explanatory board, which was not at the time of the 2014 visit, was set up on this street as a revisit in 2016. One of them is here. This is referred to as “South East Tiger Mouth” and “Daimon” in the old maps. It was here 400 years ago that a huge tower gate that the tower was erected in east and west and connected them.

Unfortunately, the top of the stone steps have been destroyed considerably, and this is true.

Honmaru on the stone steps of the vinyl sheet. The place where it is now hits the Obi wheel below that.

First of all, before going up to the Honmaru, I stroll around the obi circle that surrounds Honmaru. Honmaru the top of the hill on the left. It is round and the side moat is made in between the Honmaru and the Obi tune ring. This is hard to attack. Moreover, the stone wall of the Honmaru was destroyed by the ruin, and old times might have covered all laps naturally.

Honmaru and tower from the edge of the band. The Honmaru is the entrance of the stone steps to the left. To get up from outside the entrance, you can see that there is a sideways moat around the perimeter. An island on a mountain.

The grass grows completely in the summer as this. The obi is covered with a total of 20-30cm of grass. The shades are beautiful, but the remains themselves are difficult to see. It is recommended to visit in winter from late autumn until the snow falls when the grass dries up.

Honmaru to the other side of the hill. From the north side of Honmaru, a figure that looked east. The stump is lined with a “great palace”. A big mansion might have been built. Let’s go later.

It is one of the three major castles of Yamato ( Yamato-gun Yamashiro , Takatori Castle , Uda-Matsuyama Castle). There are many points of interest. The stroll continues still.

> > In Uda Matsuyama Castle [2/2] . < <

Date of Visit: February, 2014
Imaging Equipment: SONY NEX-C3
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