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Welcome to the interesting Peninsula Chiba (2) Shichirigawa onsen enjoy charcoal grilled in the hearth!! @ Kimitsu-shi Kameyama (Huang Wada area)

Welcome to the interesting Peninsula Chiba (2) Shichirigawa onsen enjoy charcoal grilled in the hearth!! @ Kimitsu-shi Kameyama (Huang Wada area)

A 15-minute drive from Yoro Gorge.
Shichirigawa Onsen.

The bathing fee is 800 yen here.
Because it is comparatively reasonable for the southern part of Chiba Prefecture,
It is always used at least once a year.


The characteristic of this place is the smell of sulfur.
The hot water is poured. Not bad without hydrolysis.

But what is noteworthy as a gourmet fan
The charcoal grill can be eaten by the hearth after all.


As soon as you open the door, you will be encompassed by the fragrant fragrant of charcoal grilling.

Until now, I’ve never had a meal here,
Because the meal was not left in the Yoro gorge,
Never mind the challenge.

The hand of the clock was around two thirty,
The food was very good.

If you tell me what you want to eat at the reception,
It is asked whether the bath is first or the meal ahead.

It seems to cause charcoal for the time being when the bath first tells.

First of all, it is a bath in haste (́ ∀ ‘)

This is a slightly transparent type while smelling of sulfur.
Salt is like a simple sulfur spring of the small eyes.

Although the smell of sulfur is filling the bathroom
Not so strong.
Although there are many things that are strong and slippery alkaline, this type is not that far,
The feeling of the bath was the hot spring thing.

There is a indoor bath and a stall,
It is slightly narrower than the photograph.


100% withholding, complete flow without circulation,
It is a natural spec in the inland part of Boso in Chiba.
Chiba is not to be reckoned with unexpectedly…

All the meal menu here is charcoal grilled.

After going up from the hot water,
While looking at the menu that is pasted in the hallway,
Choose what to bake.

For the time being, we ordered mackerel, squid, chicken miso soaked, grilled rice balls and 1,800 yen.
When the accounting is done first, it brings it to the place of the hearth.


Chiba so I had expected it would be pretty small,
It’s quite a volume.
However, it is frozen in love Kei (‘ ∀ ‘).
The rice for the grilled rice ball is handmade.


Let’s bake it immediately.


The knack of how to bake is often upset.
Is it better to be impatient? (́ ∀ ‘)

It was late, and the autumn tint was coming up from the bath.
After a short break,
You have to change the grill
I begin to work on the hot spring flowing on the front porch.


The mineral water here is also available for drinking.
The person who took a bath is able to take a takeaway.

There is a hose at the place of the Runaway,
Drinking here and one-time bath,
Dai a certain amount.

Because there is a place to put your offering,
Don’t forget to put in a reasonable amount of money 、、、 😅

Well, the first time to bake 15 minutes.
I’m finished with a good feeling.


It is a love that has shrunk considerably (^^)
Photo Blur Blur (–;)

Because it is charcoal grilled, it is finished plump anyway.

It is a pretty delicious surprise to forget the frozen goods

Grilled rice ball, when you finish eating a burnt place
I put the miso and bake it again.
The sweet and spicy miso is the necessities of the Boso people.

It’s a taste that makes you want sake,
Because there is driving,
It is hard to have to endure here… 😭

After the meal, I rest in the rest room a little.
Is there a space to lie down?
Very thankfully (́ ∀ ‘)


After resting, another bath

I was able to do it for three hours.

It took 3,400 yen for two adults to tighten,
100% flowing hot spring, there is a resting space,
There is an open-air view of the mountains
A rare charcoal grill experience and a drinkable spa water takeaway.
It boasts the strongest spec in Boso.

It was a relatively big expense for me.
I was satisfied enough.

It is an iron rule of business to have the feeling that the visitor got more than the price, and to taste the + α.
It seems that this is the way it is.

Just one tub of about four times the size of a household,
Just in the name of Chiba,
There are a lot of facilities which take 1000 yen naturally without any grounds, and this is splendid
(The spring water and the spa of Boso have the case where the stratum inclines to the south and it takes pressure, and the pressure of the gas is also applied depending on the place, too and the electric charge of the pump is often not taken only. The fuel cost to boil is quite expensive, but it is possible to offer a little cheaper than the electricity bill & fuel costs… In Ibaraki, there are a lot of places of 1000 yen or less though there are many cold springs with gas costs. What can not be done in Chiba in Ibaraki!? ️

As evidence
In the hot spring of elsewhere in Boso, there are a lot of bathing facilities that the old bird barks, and the place which has been deserted and is closed
This is where the customers come in continuously.
A certain hot spring of Katsuura is similarly lively.

It’s not a new, clean facility.
Because it is along the back road to Kamogawa,
It cannot be said that it is fortunate geographically.

But these facilities are actually
This is how we call our customers.

To protect the time that is published in the site properly, open until the last minute,
The appropriate pricing on the basis of the
We are able to provide the necessary services.
Store with a decent personality,
It’s a fan…

Each hot spring facility does not come to the guest, before mourning lucrative
It seems that there are many things to be looked at again.

Some places have good quality sources.
Very too good…

I’m worried about Chiba,
This is one of these things.

Chiba is not to be mistaken because it cannot become Kanagawa even if it falls.

In the Aqua line ETC discount effect, the guest who comes to Chiba from Kanagawa has increased yes for nearly ten years here.

Kanagawa Ken-Min’s Walt… Chiba is…
There are plenty of opportunities to make 、、、

As it is
The name of “Pleasure Peninsula Chiba” cries. \)

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