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Wumaru Castle (Okutani Castle): Mountain ruins built by Mr. Hatano before Hachijo Castle

Wumaru Castle (Okutani Castle): Mountain ruins built by Mr. Hatano before Hachijo Castle

The Wumaru Castle was built at the top of the ridge in the southwest of Takashiro, where the Hachijo castle was built before the castle of Hachijojo, the samurai feudal lord Hatano. It seems to have been a considerably small mountain castle compared with Hachijojo Castle, and the Okutani Castle Shimoyashiki Group in the vicinity of this foothills before, and to have worked as the refill castle. It is said that the Wumaru Castle was maintained with the role of the Root castle after Mr. Hatano expanded the power and moved it to the castle in the eighth. The excavation revealed that an artificial water moat had been built in the major mouth. Aka “Okutani Castle”.

Basic Data >
Name: Wumaru Castle (Okutani Castle)
● Location: Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture ( map )
● Main building: Hatano Wanjik Ori (Mimichi)
● Castle: Around the late 15th century (Yongsei year)
-Remains: Melody, earth Base, Horikiri, vertical moat

Visit >

After visiting the Hachijo Castle , I would like to visit Mr. Hatano’s former castle “Wumaru Castle” at the southwest end of the ridge.

kaburamaru-0830This is the opening of the Wumaru Castle. Once referred to as the leading mouth. It goes up the slope which extends to the interior of the signboard. Let’s read the explanation board before that and prepare it.

kaburamaru-0831Wumaru Castle Ruins (Okutani castle ruins) explanation board. It is regrettable that there is no rope-clad figure required for Yamashiro, but the precious Mizubori remains (major mouth) at the time of excavation has been posted is high point.

kaburamaru-0832The former main opening of the Wumaru castle and the ruins of Mizubori were found near the entrance of the castle. I’m not sure it is completely padded.

kaburamaru-0835The start of the climbing castle. The slopes are cut off, and the ground and the cutting ground are created.

kaburamaru-0837This is a fairly large area near the middle. The shore of the front is quite steep and difficult to climb. There is a climbing slope on the left back to climb from there.

kaburamaru-0841A ground base that forms a climbing slope. It climbs from here.

kaburamaru-0843To the second stage’s wheel. The back is changed to a slightly gradual slope, and if it climbs there, it reaches the main Guo.

kaburamaru-0844Second Stage’s a ring of inflection. There is a slightly gradual place around the left edge, so let’s climb from there.

kaburamaru-0850In the middle of the slope, a small cut level is seen.

kaburamaru-0852Main Guo Tiger mouth. It enters the main Guo part of the longest part from here.

kaburamaru-0853a-0855Wumaru Lord Guo Mark. The summit portion is greatly uniform, and has secured a fine area. It was not understood well because it was not maintained so much as seeing though the vertical moat etc. seemed to remain in surroundings, too. On the north side, the vertical moat and the great Horhorikiri remain clear, so let’s go see them.

kaburamaru-0854Horikiri divides the northern part of the main Guo and the vertical moat continuous from it.

kaburamaru-0859The northern part of the main Guo is one step lower. There seems to be a trace of vertical moat on the left and right side where it is low.

kaburamaru-0882It is buried considerably, but a dent is seen somehow. Think of it as a vertical moat.

kaburamaru-0884And to the giant Horikiri which remains in the northern tip of main Guo. It is overwhelmed by this height which divides the ridge intensely. Because there is no entrance, let’s go down while taking care of the slope.

kaburamaru-0893I looked up at the great Horikiri of the northern tip of main Guo. The left side is the main Guo.

kaburamaru-0896Another one of the great Horhorikiri on the north side of main Guo. A brilliant V character.

kaburamaru-0897From the side of the large horikiri slightly. The back is Lord Guo. It is buried in the dead leaf, but since the bedrock is partially exposed, it might have made horikiri by shaving the rocky.

kaburamaru-0901From the other side of the great Horikiri. The right side is the main Guo. It is difficult to climb up here and to attack.

It came down to the back of the house when advancing to the interior along the large Horikiri as it was. The children living in the neighborhood were playing on the mountain. It seems that the Wumaru castle was a playground for them and climbed to Hachijo Castle on the school excursion.

kaburamaru-2939Bonus: The location of the Wumaru Castle (Okutani Castle) from Hachijo Castle pamphlet. It seems to be able to arrive at the south of the Hachijoujo group if going up the ridge road beyond it because Daihorikiri is in the north end. Therefore, it might be that great horikiri.

Date of Visit: May, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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