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Yamanashi B-Class Gourmet-(1) Yoshida udon-Michi-no-eki no meat udon + B-class spot

Yamanashi B-Class Gourmet-(1) Yoshida udon-Michi-no-eki no meat udon + B-class spot

Blog Neta :
Participating in the soba noodle noodles part2 !

I respect you, Aichi?? Lives in
“Big Blog Seniors”,
It was made to the story of Yamanashi from far away…

In Aichi and Kanto, if you can share the story,
Nagano and Yamanashi, Shizuoka Place is impossible…

The range does not overlap in the last Minute,
I took up the same Yamanashi…

Frankly speaking
On the bandwagon…

Sen Pai, Sorry M (. _.) M

Only this time please put in a friend ヽ (* ́) No #
I don’t have a figure, but… (̄ ̄;)??

This person actually become this blog,
There is little access, and it is hard to take… (̄ □ | | | |!!)

Say what

Lose the desire to access,

The seal of the memory which was a far hen was solved,
If it is too brought back like Johnny la-den,
I can not because it is contrary to the purpose of this blog… (-_-;)

Some people
It’s a fix.
This is different!
It’s not here!
… Such as
The fear of checking and monitoring
Even if it comes again, it is painful.

Sense of mission to stick to the accuracy of the article…
An inferiority complex that loses access to celebrities in a certain industry…
A feeling of oppression to a wall that is not crossed…
The bubbling weakness…

The more you try to lose all these,
The result of locking your own neck…

I could not write a blog casually
Hotohoto a Lesson (-_-;)

It seems to have written before mourning “memory”,
I came from that blog,
So much for explaining to the customers… (^^;

What I’m writing now is
B-Class Gourmet Blog why…
Let’s look back and attack the prey…

However, from the previous ten years to last year
I’ve been raking in the memories of Yamanashi seven times.
Now, it is unclear what is going on (^^;

It’s been a long introduction again.
This is the real issue from here!

What is the most delicious thing in Yamanashi?
First of all, it’s a ho-tou.
So it’s corny and boring,

First, Choi.
Whether or not decided on the last minute outlaw
Let’s enter the sphere of change…

First, the same flour is
From Yoshida’s udon in the area of Fujiyoshida…

And even though…
We don’t go to a famous store because we don’t have money.
Do you endure at the station of the road (̄ ̄;)

In the snack corner of the road station Fujiyoshida
Yoshida’s udon is Kueru.



The meat udon here is
What a deer meat…
I’m sure it was 500 yen, right?
If this price
I can put it in a cheap category. (^^)/

Rich in iron and deer meat
The delicate taste and the dark

Not biting.
A very strong noodle of the waist
Matches subtly…

Personal review… 3 Tri Dogs, 1 dog


The availability of vanadium natural water is also in this road station Fujiyoshida…
It is the water of the wave with the power which was sharpened.

There is also a shrine, where you can availability water as well, but forgot to take a photo (-_-;)

The photograph of the approach was found, so let’s put it…

Water, but also the sense of power of the approach here,
Get nervous… Get nervous… And
I feel the vibration peculiar to the power spot.


In the middle of writing an article,

Is there a Sendai?
The memory that is lost in the head
Because of the headaches that happened
I also put a place where I approached by “by” (^^;

In the back of the museum near the road station, such a facility is…

This is something that you should judge by looking at the picture (^^;


I think it’s a bad thing, but on impulse.
A footbath friend gave about 10L (^^;
Water is never wasted.

It was Choi and black at nad Salt and hydrogen carbonate system.
This day was pretty hot, so
The best feeling (^^)

Of course, I keep it for home… .

After that, the Music Box Museum in Lake Kawaguchi…
It’s not a B-spot here, but
It is a combination of the entrance fee + soft drink + cake, so the price is very advantageous, and I will take it up.

This time, the point of DoCoMo amusement park
Visit to change to admission ticket
↑ ↑
It is said that it is Seco, and it is my principle to use anything usable…
The sound of the music box is beautiful without a hanpa…
With the puppet of the miniature chapel, it is a wonderful work (^^)


While looking at Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi,
Itcho the coffee and cake gracefully (^^;

I forgot to take a picture of the cake, only the scenery (̄ ̄;)


In addition
Just a little further in Kofu


Get this stuff again (-_-;)
It was a similar thing here.
(It seems not to be able to use except the townspeople now)

The Inn is really a hot spring inn Isawa per…
I’d like to go to the rich.

Very cheap

The Visijo in Kofu is not to be reckoned with…

There are many places with hot springs.

Well, it may be Laurie, but
This hospitality is a good word…

Next time, let’s take a closer look at the memories of your trip to Yamanashi (^^)

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