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Yamanashi’s B-Class gourmet-(2) Yamanashi’s Koshu motu boiled obsessed

Yamanashi’s B-Class gourmet-(2) Yamanashi’s Koshu motu boiled obsessed

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participating in the food I care about!

Yoshida’s udon ate,
Ate cake at the Music Box Museum

It might be a perfect eater…

Luckily, the Super hotel with hot spring in Showa town
I was able to make a reservation for 6000 yen with breakfast two adults!!
The bathroom is very small.

Well, put that down,
Because it is a trouble, the difficulty seems to be high
I went out to find a B-class gourmet (Ro _ lo) plains?

What do you want from me?
Recently as a B-class gourmet in Kofu
Awareness is rising

“Koshu Motu Boiled”

This begins with the liver, pork heart and gizzard of the chicken
The one that boiled the kinkan and intestines with sweet spicy sauce

To imagine this taste
Not the main Okaz.
It’s just a dish of sake…

It is likely to be put
It is a tavern near the hotel town!
Luckily, there are a couple of other super hotels,
There must be a pub…

… And guess
Wandering around that side……. No…

There is a place where a number of pubs are continuous,

I was able to get to “boiled motu” safely in the shop.


Yes ~
It does not fit with sake.
Beer looks delicious.

Lever paste or
It’s like a foie gras patty.
Of course, it would be a good wine.
It seems to be able to take the smell in dry vermouth.

I remember…

While making with local materials
I can’t be the lead.
This kind of thing,
It’s called a C-class gourmet.

So this is an aside,
After eating here,
I became a prisoner of Koshu motu…

Sometimes I make my own
Obsessed (̄ ̄;)

Well, what I’m making is
It’s just chicken liver and chicken pork heart.

Fortunately, my local supermarket
The chicken lever is 100 grams 38 yen,
I sell it at about 25 yen when it is cheap,

Moreover, the pork heart also sticks together,
Very useful.

Kinkan (ovary)
At the supermarket on the way home from work
It is frozen in bought at the time of the night shift.

Chicken lever and pork heart, carve out
Wash a few times well
Enough blood.

It puts it in boiling water, and it pulls up quickly…

Soy sauce, sugar, sake, mirin, and a small amount of water and red wine
In the boiling
I’m going to take it with a piece of ginger (no-_-) No ~ ┻ ┻

I boiled it over medium heat for 7 minutes and raised contents…
Put the bell peppers, boil the sauce,

On a plate of lettuce
Motu-Boiled ingredients
When I put the boiled sauce, it is finished!

Well, it’s not perfect…

When you can’t get a Kinkan,
The white of the boiled egg is peeled off a little,
I substitute it with a lot of the yolk part.
If you put a little white
Tasty and Delicious (^^)

Extra White,
Carved with mayonnaise and cabbage and cucumber
I’ll turn it into a salad.

“Motu boiled” only to
The second day, I made a motu in the refrigerator.
When you want another drink of sake
It’s useful (^^)
↑ ↑ ↑
Oh, my God. Old man gag, cold!!

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