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Yoshino Castle: The castle of Mr. Yoshino, one of the three people of UDA

Yoshino Castle: The castle of Mr. Yoshino, one of the three people of UDA

Yoshino Castle is known as the castle of Mr. Yoshino who is counted as one of “three people of Uda” who served the Sengoku feudal Lord Kitabatake in the South Ise in the Middle Ages mountain ruins in the mountains in Uda city in the northeast part of Nara Prefecture. It is a mound of about 100m high in the place where the North was defended in the Yoshino River, and there is a sakura leaf shrine erected in the Keicho period at the foot of the mountain. The trail is almost desolate and direct. There is also a castle near the house which is presumed to be the ruins.

Basic Data >
Name: Yoshino Castle
● Location: Uda-shi, Nara ( map )
● Lord: Mr. Yoshino
-Castle: Around the sixteenth century
-Remains: Earth base, Horikiri, Toraguchi mark?

Date of Visit: October, 2016

Visit >

The castle of Yoshino is located on a mound along the river basin of the Yoshino. The cherry blossom shrine surrounding the red fence is a landmark. Depending on the material can be a castle from the back of this sakura-ha shrine, and there was, at the time of Visit (October 2016) The wire mesh of avoiding beast damage is tightly wound, no entrance, the castle from the shrine was not able to. We decided to go to the map and discover that there was a fence entrance to the bridge over the river.

South along the Yoshino River. Near the top of the mountain you can see the castle of Yoshino.

Open the wire mesh at the bridge to the mountains. This photo was taken from the inside of the fence.

Not only the direct Noboru but also a large amount of fallen tree, the leaves, and dead branches, etc. were scattered, and Spider’s web was stretched in large quantities, and it was a considerably tight climb castle. The day before the rain soppy the ground. It’s a half-hour recess, and it’s about 30 minutes.

It is not understood whether the ruins of the castle though there was a place like this on the way. I do not think that the field is made in such a place.

We arrived at the main Guo with a 30-minute direct climb. Rundown the Lord Guo. There is no explanation board. Quite laborious.

Referring to the Nahari figure, we aim at the north end of the castle first. As in the previous figure, the castle is the summit part from the north to the southeast, and several Guo which is divided by Horikiri is a continuous ream type fortress. It has become easy to see unlike the Honmaru which was rundown when advancing to the north. Honmaru’s what it was.

It is written with the main Guo Tiger mouth mark in the Nahari figure. It is difficult to understand in the photograph, but the actual thing is thin. It feels like the Earth base was arranged to bend the road a little around there is a stone in the center.

From the north side of the main Guo Tiger mouth. The feeling of going to the back through the left side of the green stone. Well let’s see.

Further back to the north. I can see Horikiri. The other side of this Horikiri is aka II Guo, the northern Guo Group.

Horikiri in the north. When the left side is the main Guo side, and it descends, height is considerably seen from the top.

From the north of Horikiri and the northern Guo Group.

The main Guo is seen in the north of Horikiri slightly apart from the north Guo. The main Guo is one step higher than the North Guo Group.

The tiger mouth marks in the northern part of the north. The castle road of about 2m width extends from here, and it goes through the ridge and the flat ground to the Sakuraba shrine of the foot in the material. If the fence of the Sakuraba shrine is exceeded, it seems to be a regular route to go up from here and to get off.

From the side of the northern Guo-toraguchi mark. The base of the left and right was higher than before, and there was a feeling of the entrance of the castle more.

I will head to the southeast Guo Group (aka Dongcheng). Also through the main Guo. This is the state. Why the Lord Guo only rundown.

To the south end of main Guo. It is understood that the cliff appears suddenly though the grass is overgrown. Try to get down.

Main Guo-Minami Daihorikiri A. From the top of the main Guo (the whole of the main Guo for the grass) can not look down on the great Horikiri, but as you come down the middle of the slope, stunning Horikiri appears.

Great Horikiri of the main Guo South.

From Horibottoms, the great Horiri of the main Guo South. I draw a beautiful V character. It is likely to be buried too much.

Beyond the major horikiri of the main Guo South, III Guo, to Dongcheng. It is said that it is seen the ground base and the Earth platform of the tower in the middle in the elongated enclosure. Right in front of you, there is a lot of trees growing around. Is this the temple of the Earth?

Dongcheng. The dissection surface is splendidly flattened, and the angle of the slope is considerably, and the attack from the slope if it surrounds it with the fence seems to be considerably severe impression.

The base of the tower on the east side of Dongcheng. In this interior, a small Horikiri was drawn on the rope, but it was not understood well even if it saw. You can walk in the castle.

On the way back, I tried to get off the ridge muscle between Dongcheng and main Guo. It was rather better than climbing, but the destination was blocked by the Yoshino River, there was no bridge, and eventually moved along the river and moved to the original bridge. The parallel movement along the river was also quite difficult. If you can go from the sakura-ha shrine side.

The three people of UDA, Mr. Akiyama, and Yoshino Castle in Uda, Sawa-Jo, and Yoshino. The fog Fortress of Minami Ise Kitabatake that they served as a force. It is also interesting to decide on a theme and visit the land of Yukari.

Date of Visit: October, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF14mm
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