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April 13 (Sat) at Maid Cafe “La Vie an Rose”

April 13 (Sat) at Maid Cafe “La Vie an Rose”

Good evening, everyone. This time, I wrote about the maid cafe “Ravi an Rose” in Akihabara.
La vie An rose is a luxurious design of maid’s maid clothes in the café which imaged the Palace of Versailles of France.
You can see the location of the OFFICIAL website below, but there is a cat- eared Maid shop in the same building, a cat’s lair, and it is possible to go around the Maid café without the travel time.
On Saturday, April 13, I was in Akihabara since last night, and I missed the train and wandering around Akihabara at 1:30.
At this time, I decided to go to remember that the maid of the Maid Shop of the cat ear is serving in the series of Ravi Ann Rose .
When I entered the shop, there were many customers who had unexpectedly come to the store.
She was very surprised that I came to the store during the late-night hours.
I had never come to the shop at midnight a lot of the visit in the daytime or the night even in the cat ear Maid Store .
Fortunately, I sat at the table because the seat was vacant.
It is a photograph of the inside of La vie Ann Rose .
We took a few moments before our customers were there.
[Official Account]
Charge fee

 Automatic extension System (elapsed time is self-managing)

1 hour:600 Yen

After one hour, the extension fee (300 yen ) will be charged in 30-minute increments.


【 Business Hours 】

Refer to the official WEBSITE listed above.

* Depending on the time of year, please check the official Twitter account above for the latest information because there are changes in the shop holidays and business hours.


[Prohibited items in the shop]

It is also forbidden to rant, touch and act as a nuisance to other customers.

The photograph seems to be limited to the food of the table or the counter that the cast and other customers do not enter. If you don’t have cast or customers in the store, you can shoot.


[Introduction of the menu] ※ I introduce only some.

Soft drinks: 600 yen

Grapefruit juice


Orange juice

Tomato juice

Ginger Ale



Oolong Tea (ICE/Hot)

Green tea (ICE/Hot)

Jasmine tea (iced/Hot)

・Tea (iced/Hot)

・Coffee (iced/Hot)


Soft drinks: 700 yen
Strawberry Milk
Crème brule
・Melon Soda
Red Bull (Takeaway)
・Various Pot teas: 800 yen
Caramel Custard
Rose Assam
Mixed Berry
Alcohol Variety
・Various Cocktails: 800 yen
Beer 1000 yen
Whisky: 1000 yen
Shochu 800 Yen ~ 1000 yen
Wine 800 yen
・Sake (Kitakita) 1000 yen
Plum Wine variety 800 yen
Food Menu
White Omurice (with drawing) 1300 yen
・Pasta (bolognese, shrimp tomato cream) ¥1,000
・Snacks (mixed nuts, fries, fried chicken) 600 yen
Dessert (whimsical cake) 700 yen ~
-Accomplishments of noble (drink to Maid’s gift)
・Alcohol: 1,500 yen
Alcohol-free ¥1,000
・Cheki (with drawing) 1500 yen
Chaki (without drawing) 1000 yen
Well, back to the subject, I ordered a tea because there was also bad condition of the throat and asthma.
I ordered a maid drink and decided to talk with her.
In La vie an rose, there is such a limited menu, why not try to order.
The shop was busy despite midnight, there were a lot of four or five maids to serve from the usual and the maid who graduated was serving.
In that, there was a maid in the same shop as a friend of the Chan-san , But when I met in a cat-eared maid Shop, it was a very quiet feeling, At this time, I was surprised at a very bright, high-tension serving Buri.
Ran of the manager also served with a smile, and had a chat with regular customers.
It was the first time for me to talk to her at midnight and I felt something fresh.
It was the first time that I saw a maid outfit that was different from the maid clothes of the cat ear Maid Shop , and I thought that it looked very good.
The manager’s Orchid is a person who has the insistence that it likes the Yoichi of the Nikka in whiskey especially strong in the liquor. If you’re a liquor lover, I’m sure you’ll get a buzz.
When it was near two o’clock at midnight, I began to feel tiredness in the bustle of the store because I was sleepy.
I used to be fine even after midnight, but I still didn’t seem to win the old age.
And after staying for an hour, I left the shop, but to see her off, she did it for me . It was not a word of seeing off, and it was seen off by the word of cat ear Maid Shop . Lol
I left the building thinking that it was the care of the maid Mr. Who knows well that I often go to the maid Shop of the cat ear .

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