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Asian Restaurant “Spicy miso ramen”

Asian Restaurant “Spicy miso ramen”

Asian Restaurant “Spicy miso ramen”


Lunch today (a few days ago)

10-25 Eden, Chuo 1-chome, Aoba-ku

To “Yamagata Tobishima Asia Kure ya Sendai Store”あし

I was disturbed Buri four months. (Last time here )


Pre-store Menu目


To the storeDASH!


It is a system to buy the meal ticket at the ticket machine on the right.

Select “Spicy miso ramen (average)” (750 yen)ビックリマーク


Meal Ticket to the clerk, to the seat that was guidedDASH!

“One-day egg (boiled egg)” (10 yen).


It is water.


Provided in about five minutesビックリマーク

Char Siu (2 pieces), Menma, onion, blue glue, white sesame, special spicy miso!!

The noodles are in a flat thick noodle and a vine.

The soup was spicy when I melted the umami and sweet and spicy miso of the chin broth.


Opening hours are from 11:00.


I’ve forgotten, but have you ever seen a film starring Chaplin?はてなマーク

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Thank you very much.真顔


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