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Blue Tree Castle: Oyama Castle was based in the Sengoku period by Mr. Innojima Murakami.

Blue Tree Castle: Oyama Castle was based in the Sengoku period by Mr. Innojima Murakami.

Blue Tree Castle is a castle located at the northeast end of the Geiyo Islands and Innojima, and the base is transferred to this place near Mihara of Mr. Mori in the time of Yoshimitsuru Murakami of the sixth generation, Five steps and Horagiri etc. remain on the mound which remains in the residential district now, and the Ryuo shrine is enshrined in the mountaintop.

Basic Data >
Name: Blue Tree Castle
● Location: Shigei town, Innojima, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture ( map )
● Lord: Yoshimitsu Murakami
● Castle: Eiroku Decade (1567)
-Remains: Melody, Horikiri

Date of Visit: December 2014

Visit >

murakami_kaigun_mapThe castle of Murakami Suigun spread in Geiyo Islands. Blue Tree Castle is located in the northeast of Innojima, just south of Hiroshima.

innoshima_aoki-01_3671Aoki Castle ruins is a mound which remains in the residential area now. The mound at the back of the intersection is Aoki Castle ruins. Perhaps it was due to reclamation, and at that time it would be the location of Oyama near the sea.

innoshima_aoki-02_3678I try to come to the residential area at the foot of the mountain. Notice the intersection turning to the right of the back.

innoshima_aoki-03_3679At the intersection, the arrow signs to the castle of Aoki and the explanation board of the origin are built.

innoshima_aoki-04_3680The origin explanation board of the Blue Tree Castle. It is said that the sixth generation Murakami Yoshimitsuru of Mr. Murakami in the Eiroku period in the Warring States Period moved castle from the Mukojima of Yozaki Castle in the beginning. Keicho It was castle until five years (1600), because Mr. Mori of the relation after Seki Gahara leaves Hiroshima (the opposite bank Mihara), is the fact that it left here from Innojima in that case?

innoshima_aoki-05_3682To the castle of Aoki, go up the stairs set up in the concrete pile. The entrance is hard to understand, but it is beside the shop called the hair salon leaflet. Thus, it turns to the back of the house by relying on the handwritten guide board.

innoshima_aoki-06_3681It passes through the place which seems to be a private land between a private house and a private house. If only passing because there is a guide board, it might be unquestioned. 5 minutes to Aoki Castle ruins.

innoshima_aoki-07_3683The other side of the house goes up such a staircase which was provided in the place where it was hardened by the concrete with Gachi. It was not possible to get up from here naturally at that time. This position falls northwest of the castle.

innoshima_aoki-08_3684And sticks to the slope. It climbs the slope as it is.

innoshima_aoki-09_3685There is a shrine on the mountain, and the masonry which seems to be the one when it is maintained as a approach to there remains, too.

innoshima_aoki-10_3686It was in the explanation board that the tune Ring was five stages, and the Musha run etc. remained. The tune of five steps might be this around it is not understood which of the Musha is run. It climbs the terrain that is certainly uneven.

innoshima_aoki-11_3687Between the melody and the tune Ring, it is contacted by such a feeling.

innoshima_aoki-12_3690Part Horikiri? Vertical moat? Where the right and left side seems to have been shortened.

innoshima_aoki-13_3691Something like a little stone steps. The approach of the shrine.

innoshima_aoki-14_3693Through the last narrow ridge, we headed to the top of the mountain.

innoshima_aoki-15_3695Boulders are rumbling at the top of the mountain. It was here from that time, and it was probably used as a part of the castle.

innoshima_aoki-16_3696The top of Aoki Castle Tree Monument. It seems to have been built recently.

innoshima_aoki-17_3697The summit is fairly narrow, and only the company and the explanation board are erected. The castle of Mr. Innojima Murakami is a fairly small one.

innoshima_aoki-18_3698sEnshrined to the mountaintop is a ryuo shrine. There is only a former naval castle. I will disturb you.

innoshima_aoki-19_3699There was a description board of Aoki Castle ruins which was different from the mountain base. This place was close to Mihara, and it might have had the relation of the Mohri family Shigeomi who had started the maintenance of Mihara Castle at that time. The North east and south are a little difficult to understand, but the northern side has been climbed. That is, it has climbed from the major side. The south is a confounding.

innoshima_aoki-20_3708I look back at the top of the north side from the summit. Some stones have been pierced like old water pots. And, the summit part with the irregularity which seems that the hand was added artificially though it is elongated.

innoshima_aoki-21_3700I see the southeast direction from the main Guo ruins of Aoki Castle ruins. In the middle of Innojima, there is a connecting castle and a Blue Yin Castle, but perhaps the flat mountain on the left of the central longest part (Dragon King Mountain) is the Blue Yin Castle .

Date of Visit: December 2014
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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