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Chocolat Flanders

Chocolat Flanders


I went to “Chocolat Flanders” on this day.

It is a shop specializing in chocolate.


It looks like the Belgium is making handmade ♪

The inside of the store has a good smell of chocolate.

Because various chocolates are lined up, I’m going to move!

I asked for a few days before the white day, so I bought a gift for myself.

The price for the present is slightly higher ◎

Recommended 4 pieces (980 yen)

This is taken at home. The appearance is Kawaii ◎

Each one is a different chocolate, but all of them are refined and sweet!

When I want to do luxury sometimes, it is good ◎

The location is very easy to find.

Also with the line.


Chocolat Flanders

● Address

Hokkaido 26-1-15 Kita 1-Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Maruyama Toriimae Bldg. 1f
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 18:00
Thu, Fri only until 19:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Monday and Tuesday


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