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I went to FUSIMI M.C BASE for lunch at a stylish café bar that renovated old houses.

I was curious to see it in the magazine ♪

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-m.c base外観

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-m.c base外観2

The interior is a good space with a sense of tea and black tones.

The location is very good.

Well, it seems to become a bar at night, but I asked for a food this time, so shall I ask for a hood?

If you look at the menu, oil soba is recommended. Rare.

I order a set of oil soba without hesitation.

There seems to be other omurice and honey toast, etc. ◎

Oil soba (750 yen, plateful + 100 yen), Set drink & Dessert (350 yen)
Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-m.c base油そばセット

It looks delicious!!

What you see in the back of the left is not beer, lol? Orange juice lol.

Then, I’ll take ◎

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-m.c base油そば

First of all, I mixed it with a mess.

You, delicious!

The noodles have a waist, and soy sauce-based sauce is delicious ♪

I think that it is delicious even if I ate it in a ramen shop normally.

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-m.c baseデザート

Dessert is banana ice cream.

It makes you feel refreshed in your mouth ◎

I was very calm and the food was delicious!

If I were near my house, I would commute.

The location of the restaurant is a little difficult to understand, by all means.

Also with the line.



● Address

Hokkaido 2-7 Minami 13-Jo Nishi 23-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
12:00 ~ 21:00 (L.O.20:30)
12:00 ~ 18:00 (L.O.17:30)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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