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Gassan Tomita Castle [part] praying to the crescent the statue of the Yamanaka deer

Gassan Tomita Castle [part] praying to the crescent the statue of the Yamanaka deer

Gassan Tomita Castle is known as the base of the Sanin conquest by Mr. Amako. After the Kamakura period, Tomita Castle flourished as a castle of the former Izumo Guardian, and Amako was a guardian in the Warring States period and became the warring feudal lord independently. It was Mr. Amako who was in the hands of many of Sanin Sanyo at one time thereafter, but it was attacked by Mori Motonari who had expanded the power based on Aki, and it was not in the castle starve us out. It seems to be Yoshiharu Horio which was given the Izumo Tomita 24 million stone after Sekigahara that it was a modern fortress which used the stone wall which remains at present. After the completion of Matsue Castle, Mr. Horio moved to Matsue, and Tomita Castle became a deserted castle.

Basic Data >
Name: Gassan Tomita Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Yasugi-shi, Shimane ( map )
-The castle: Mr. Sasaki? /Yoshiharu Horio
Completion: 12c late/circa 1600
-Remains: Ishigaki, Melody, Horikiri, well
● Information: Japan 100 Meijo No.65 ( list )

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Gassan Tomita Castle, also unfortunate rain. It carried out the rain castle to the Honmaru on the mount because the schedule time had floated a little because it was not strong the wind, and the history Museum was closed for a while because it was the worst situation of the castle. As a result, the wonderful Ishigaki group which would have regretted absolute if it did not climb greeted me!

The Walk of Gassan Tomita Castle started in front of the Yasugi City Historical Museum in the foothills. There is a trail to the castle ruins on the back. 100 Meijo stamps are in the museum, so don’t forget. First of all, let’s look at the explanation board near the museum.

Three-dimensional model of the entire Gassan Tomita Castle. The person was large enough to be able to ride on the top, and, in fact, Mr. Guide was listed on the top, and it explained while pointing at the summit here in stock.

Historical site Tomita Castle ruins Guide board. The number one in the lower left is the history museum, and is behind it now. From the three thousand tatami flat to the top of the castle, it feels like going up from the trail on the right.

Another historic site Tomita Castle ruins a pictorial. The picture was drawn in a quite real detail. The castle ruins are almost straight to the honmaru of the mountaintop when I look at the ruins model figure in the lower right.

Go to the mountain trail. If you go straight up the right roadway, you will suddenly reach the ruins of Yamanaka mansion at the bottom of the castle ruins (or the road where the construction vehicle passes). To see the castle ruins in order, let’s go up the stairs from here.

Because the signboard stands in such a feeling, it does not make a mistake. It is 100 metres from Senjodaira and 860m to Yamanaka Palace ruins. Quite wide.

The first ground level where the stairs went up is “Senjohei”. As the name implies, it is quite wide and it is not a thousand tatami.

A thousand-tatami flat explanation board. It is said that it is a drum pulpit.

The Amako shrine was enshrined in Senjyodaira. According to the explanation board, the main enshrined is Amako three generations, as well as other various warriors. After the ruins of this site were registered in Showa 9, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry bought this place, and it was built as a park and the shrine was constructed.

Proceed to the back of the Senjohei. Pretty wide. I see something across the tree at the back of the center.

The spear is praying to the crescent on the small side, and it is a famous figure.

Yamanaka Deer Suke Yukiori Explanation board. It is said that the revival of the Amako house which was destroyed by Mori was defeated, and it was attacked by the army of Mori, and it was killed in the outskirts of the town of high beams with the catch and caught in the Biin Matsuyama Castle to accompany the Harima invasion of Nobunaga/Hideyoshi, and to the Kozuki Castle. The iron Rust 12 muscle helmet, which was worn when the deer was caught, went to the captured Yoshikawa side and is still on display at the Yoshikawa Historical Museum in Iwakuni Castle.

Hopefully give me a seven-flame Hai!


Because the face is not seen from the front when the image is put on the rock with a fine height, I look at the dignity from a little diagonal.

I looked at the statue of Deer and proceeded further back. It feels like going up one step through a narrow passage.

One above the wheel, to Oku-Shoin. Here is also a pretty wide melody, there might have been a building from the name of Oku Shoin, now only stands one stone monument.

The memorial Tower stands in Oku-Shoin. It is a memorial to the war-dead in the previous wars.

It is interrupted by a big Horikiri in the meantime while going out of Oku Shoin, and the next is a tune ring called the Altar of the flower.

The mountain trail is maintained along Horikiri now. Take care of your feet.

Climbing down, this is the altar of flowers.

The flower of the Temple flat. This is also quite wide. It is said that there is a restored structure in the back.

The Temple of Flowers restored structure. According to the explanation board, the temple of the flower has found a pillar hole which seems to be several building marks by excavation, and it is said that it restored based on the pillar hole. By the way, the mountain seen in the left back, Gassan Tomita Castle Honmaru. Still quite far.

The Flower platform explanation Board. The location of the pillar hole which came out by the excavation is shown in detail. It is a name from the fact that a lot of flowers were planted. It is a little strange to plant flowers at the base of the battle of the Warring States Period.

Honmaru Mountain is still far away. Gassan Tomita ruins are still continuing.

> > Gassan tomita Castle [Naka Hen] continues. < <

Date of Visit: March, 2014
Imaging Equipment: SONY NEX-C3
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