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I went to ‘ GIRA SOLE ‘, a homey Italian.

It is next to Yakiniku “eh” introduced before.


The inside of the shop is spacious, not knowing from the outside.

The feeling that is not pretentious is good ♪

The time was slow, and there was no other guest, so it was a very good photo! Lol


A woman with a lovely smile welcomes you.

Then, order it.

The menu is quite abundant mainly in pasta and pizza.

There are a lot of things which might be a knob of sake.

Italy Bra Orange juice (400 yen)

It is a little sour orange juice ◎

It is refreshing and is delicious.

Assorted appetizers (1500 yen)

Sauteed prosciutto and mushrooms, marinated octopus and more ♪

I want to drink alcohol… Lol.

Carbonara (1,000 yen)

It is said that it uses the egg of Kuriyama.

Is the pasta a fine noodle?

Rich sauce is good at the stake.

The atmosphere of the shop was very good, and the photograph was willingly consented ♪

If you are near the house, I would love to drink alcohol ◎

Also with the line.



● Address

Hokkaido 1-8-15, Hiraoka, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo New Town Building 1f
Business Hours

11:30 ~ 15:00
17:30 ~ 22:00
● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Mondays (closed on Tuesdays on public holidays)


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