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“Heisei Game Memorial 4th”, the shock of the Games… The Japan game industry [special feature] is ending “Heisei” on April 30, 2019. This series “Heisei game Memorial” is a roundtable review of the game and the movement that has been released in “Heisei”. The fourth is to look back from 2005 to 2010 in the late ‘ 00 years. News 2019.4.15 Mon 16:00

“Heisei Game Memorial 4th”, the shock of the Games… The Japan game industry [special feature] is ending “Heisei” on April 30, 2019. This series “Heisei game Memorial” is a roundtable review of the game and the movement that has been released in “Heisei”.

The fourth is to look back from 2005 to 2010 in the late ‘ 00 years. News 2019.4.15 Mon 16:00


  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」
  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」
  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」
  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」
  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」
  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」
  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」
  • 平成ゲームメモリアル第4回「洋ゲーの衝撃―日本のゲーム業界に激震が走った」

“Heisei” ends on April 30, 2019. What kind of games existed in the history of the last 30 years, and what happened and what happened? This series “Heisei Game MemorialIs a roundtable review of the game and the movement that was released in “Heisei”.

Last time, PC games and Western game movementI mentioned. The fourth was that the whole game industry was a big twist, such as the real Japan advancement of the Western Games and the CERO Z trial, the pirated problem, the centripetal decline of the domestic title and the game maker, etc. We look back from 2005 to 2010 in the late ‘ 00 years.

G.SuzukiWe will be the fourth moderator of the event. It is a G.Suzuki of the writer who likes military game.

SHINJI-coo-KIt is a SHINJI-coo-K of the hip-hop genre composer and freelance game writer. (* Below SHINJI-coo-K) in Game * Spark, we are mainly attending the feature writing and such roundtable.

Gabriel ItoYes, I am free writer Ito Gabriel! Fighting games, action games main, and other genres are gamers who enjoy a lot regardless of retro or modern. In Game * Spark, we are mainly participating in fighting and action impressions and interviews, posting a column about retro games, and discussing these discussions.

Kasai, congratulationIt is a celebration of Kasai of genre composite writing company! In the beginning of the 21st century, I vaguely thought that it would be a more glamorous era. When I look back now, I think there was a time when the game of Japan was stagnant in reverse.

■ Before talking about 2005-the era of “world view and story” that became prominent in PS2

G.SuzukiThank you very much. Let’s go ahead and talk. PlayStation 2 (PS2) on March 4, 2000, the GameCube (GC) was released on September 14, 2001, and the Xbox domestic version was launched on February 22, 2002.

PS2 was released in 2000, but at the time I was turning up the heat in late-night anime, which was a big movement, so I thought it would be better to buy a PS2 later.

I remember my brother bought PlayStation 2 in the summer of 2001. When was the first time you mentioned Ms. Shinji, Mr. Kasai and Gabriel about each PS2/Xbox/GC hard?

Gabriel ItoI went to buy PS2 and GC with my parents on the release date. The first Xbox was grown up and I bought it myself.

SHINJI-coo-KI bought it along with the PS2 on the release date (January 25, 2001) at first sight of the ‘ Onimusha ‘ which was taken up on television.

Kasai, congratulationWhen I was a high school student in 2002, I bought a PS2. At the time, my family watched video games with a severe eye, so I had to go and buy them to a faraway city to smuggle them into my room.

G.SuzukiYou have such memories. In particular, Mr. Kasai is interesting to see the complicated family situation.

PS2 is backward compatible with the first PS because it also functions as a DVD player, before the title of the PS2, it was a topic that the body can sell well.Initial sales of 980,000 unitsAnd it was such a momentum to reach over one million units at a swift pace.

I played the PS2 title firmly, “METAL GEAR SOLID 2Konami’s robot anime simulator that comes with a trial version of]ZONE OF THE ENDERS Z.O.E(Hereinafter, “Z.O.E”) was from.

While I was impressed by the snake of [MGS2] trial version became beautiful to become high poly, action like robot anime can be deployed [Z.O.E] is very interesting. What kind of memories do you have?

Kasai, congratulationTo be honest, the PS2 was the most boring time of the year. I always thought that even if I was watching the latest information about video games, I should be able to do something new. [Final Fantasy X-2] is released, and suddenly changed from the previous image [Yu Li pa! It became like a magical girl, and was in weakness.

At that time, I didn’t really see a title that attracted me. What was the heat of the nineties? I feel a sense of disappointment every time I look at the game information magazine.

In the background, Sega also unified the game maker, and the merger of companies, including Square and Enix, have continued, I think that the rivalry has gone. After that, the release of a conservative title was continued like the sequel of the popular IP.

SHINJI-coo-KAt the time, I was mainly touching the PS2, but at the same time I was touching the DreamcastI nightmare the sound of the battery out of the memory card.

Gabriel ItoThe backward compatibility of the PS2 was very glad. I was playing the RPG “eternal ring” which I had bought on the release date, and “Street Fighter EX3” of Capcom release and Arica development alternately.

“Eternal ring” was difficult for me at the time, but did not reach until the clear, the beautiful fantasy world depicted in a subjective perspective was Kindle the spirit of adventure while children.

[Street Fighter EX3] became pleased with the characters who were much more visual quality than the previous work, with a play spree of CPU warfare, I was repeated to take to friends home and play.

SHINJI-coo-K“Street Fighter EX3” is what is the PS2 title (released on March 4, 2000). There is also the impression that PS2 can be purchased with confidence as it is in the compatibility function.

Gabriel ItoIt’s true. Because I was reading the game magazine at the time and knew the information, there was no way to can’t wait the release date.

Kasai, congratulationOn the contrary, “Street Fighter EX3”, I did not ride so much, it seems to have stretched the case boom from the end of the 20th century.

At that time, the merger of companies continued, and I think that it was the age when the confrontation structure was lost from the domestic game maker. “Final Fantasy (FF)” and “Dragon Quest (hereinafter, DQ)” As the two series compete, and I think that the flow of new things are virtually finished.

In the late nineties, the CAPCOM VS. SNK], a series of two giant heads that tow the boom has come out of the hand to partner. I think this is one of the symbols that ended the competition in the Nineties. It’s like trying to do something with a festival that fans are already happy with.

SHINJI-coo-KAs Mr. Kasai said, there is an image that the competition in Japan has subsided and a company with a rival relationship has teamed up, and was running into a survival strategy anyway.I’m not trying to crush each other, survive.Like.

G.SuzukiCertainly, there was no momentum like the Nineties, and I was not able to feel any game makers. And the bankruptcy of the former SNK in 2001, and 2005Acquisition of TaitoThere was the impression that the old game company changed rapidly.

Gabriel ItoThe merger of the game company was very surprising. With the merger of the Square and the Enix that Mr. Kasai gave, I had the expectation that “FF” and “DQ” would become the future. “FF” and [DQ] is a game that the character of the tag team will come out, or!

Kasai, congratulationOh yes, at that time, I thought that the RPG with power like the Dream project of “Chrono Trigger” comes out.

G.SuzukiThe merger of Square and Enix was announced in 2002. [Final Fantasy X] is released on the PS2, MMORPG [Final Fantasy XI] also appeared,The film “Final Fantasy”, which was released in September 2001, was unable to recover the production cost., Because it was the event of the arrowhead that I thought I was going to blow back from now on, I could not understand the meaning of the surprise very well at first.

Kasai, congratulationSquare before the merger,Mr. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the founder of FF, Who was involved in the “Seiken Densetsu” series in the nineties, has a strong staff in the creation of 2D world view, including Shinichi KameokaBrownie Brown (current 1UP Studio)Independently or as a staff who made ‘ Xenogears ‘ come outMono Squirrel SoftAnd the independence of the creators was a succession of……

SHINJI-coo-KThe merger of Square and Enix (April 1, 2003) was a shock to me at the time. “Eh, these two (from my point of vision) was a pinch for a company to have to merge? There was a confusion. The impression was wiped out later, but it was a shock at the time.

G.SuzukiAs well as following the merger of Square Enix,In 2004, SegaAnd management integration andIn 2005, Namco and Bandai managed integrationI was surprised at the merger rush. In the game magazines at the time,The game industry is being reorganized, There was always uneasiness and surprise.

On the other hand, since December 2003, the company’s exhibition of NESLevel XThe legacy of the console, which was launched in the twentieth century, was also going to be held.

At that time, I was aware that this exhibition would be held, and I had a feeling of frustration because I thought the video game had been a long time since it was talked about as history. In addition, there is also the presence of the Game Boy Micro imitating the color of NES, I thought whether there is a classic boom in the unknown.

Kasai, congratulationThis time also comes out in the GBA “NES mini” series, I came out in many places in the past certainly legacy. Also, around the early 2000s, I had the impression that the console was not able to present a new one unexpectedly. I had a feeling of stagnation from the JRPG that had been a minor change in particular.

The arcade was a difficult situation, and domestic game makers were stagnant more than I expected. At that time, I was focusing on the rise of the original style of video games.

For example, “ICO” of Mr. Writer Ueda, “The Colossus”. And [Flower and sun and rain] and [Killer7], and at that time Namco’s Keita Takahashi’s ‘ Katamari soul ‘ by Mr. Koichi Suda of Grasshopper Grasshopper…… It was more interesting to do creators with art and avant-garde direction than large projects.

Gabriel ItoThe title that the color of the creator was fully out was coming out fast. It was the impression that the title which produced a new view of the world was abundant by the expression ability and the improvement of the technology.

G.SuzukiSpeaking of the creators ‘ attention, the director Hideo Kojima was really interested in the MGS2 of the series, and it seemed that it was getting a lot of attention. The content of the AI colonel at the end of the MGS2 was difficult to talk about, and it needed a lot of time to understand.

Gabriel ItoWhen ‘ MGS2 ‘ was playing in real time, the contents of the second half did not come into my mind at all… In addition, I was afraid that the colonel’s mad feeling was really scary… I was able to understand why it became an adult and re-play it for the first time.

G.SuzukiCertainly. Colonel GW at the end of the ‘ MGS2 ‘, or rather thought to the player, using the meta part of the game greatly, there was a fear that expose the weakness of the mind lurking in the deep psychology of the player.

“MGS3” of the next work, as it was a stage in the past without drawing the conclusion of the direct story of ‘ MGS2 ‘, but it became a topic of emotional story to defeat the boss Naked Snake is the master.

On the other hand, I felt that there was a flow to be put on the back burner as a turn of the topic about the good and bad about the game system and the operability to do the survival. Although there was no fundamental development of the game system itself, “Ace Combat Bat 5,” which came out in the last episode, was first praised for inspiring storytelling and directing.

SHINJI-coo-KWith the technical advancements in graphics and sound, the “Resolution of the game world” has risen, and I think the next scenario and storytelling have become more attention.

G.SuzukiExactly, the PS2 era was the last time Mr. Kasai said, “World View and storyIt is the age of. Speaking of “World View and story”, the aforementioned [ZOE] of sunrise production as a TV anime at the same time [Z.O.E Dolores, IAs well as being broadcast, OVA [Z.O.E 2160 IDOLOI had been released.

From the early 21st centuryA media mix that expands and complements the game’s worldviewHave come to grips with the company in earnest. At the time, “Z.O.E Dolores, I” I was looking at the content to complement the game is anyway interesting, the existence of the 49-year-old elderly whirlpool hero James Links was also fresh.

Gabriel ItoLet’s see.In addition to the story of the game main plot, I thought that it was a terrible attempt at that time that the experience is complete by looking at the story of different angles and different time.。 There was a theme of the Internet game, and the sense of the future was very stuck to my heart.

Kasai, congratulationAh! It was a series that tried to make the media mix the world view of the game. It is said that the animation DVD was bundled separately from the main game. It is an attempt to make use of the DVD playback function of PS2.

G.SuzukiAnd in all four volumes, I say nowEpisodic formatI was also surprised that the game was sold. It is nostalgic to have waited for the next volume release now if it does not derail development (laughs). At the same time, I was watching the “. Pack//SIGN” which was broadcast at midnight.

Gabriel Ito. Pack//SIGN, It is the previous day of the game story! It was interesting to be able to enjoy the event of the world in the net game called “the World” in another medium to gradually link the incident in the real world. The minute next volume, Hurry! I was also fighting with the feeling that… Lol

SHINJI-coo-KIt is a title that is the theme of the world and the player of the MMORPG that I see well now, but it is said that it is the one of the genre early.

G.SuzukiLet’s see. If you look at the success of the genre after this, it will come into view as the “…” series has pioneered. Also around 2004 [MGS3] and [Ace Combat Bat 5] of the title of “Story and World View” came to occupy a lot of buzz work, and that only came to be paid attention, it had become a big evaluation point before the time.

I was at the time of 2004 that I want to venture to other hard because it has become the center of the evaluation only such stories.

So I had to play before [Medal of Honor in the history of the greatest strategy], PC game of [Battlefield 1942] (hereinafter, BF1942) and [Medal of Honor Allied assault] I was out of hand.

Although it was also the novelty of the game genre of FPS, 64 players of [BF1942] was very shocking. I started to take an interest in the military system, because it was necessary to distinguish between enemy or ally, the vehicle found in ‘ BF1942 ‘.

Then, since it was questioned that the Japan Army of 97 in the tank Chiha is derided in the community to appear in such as Wake Island, I was interested in the tank of the Japan and checked out on its own. That was the beginning of my own military fan.

Gabriel ItoAround 2002, my first personal computer came to my home, and from there I touched on a PC game. I learned about the first genre of RTS through the Star Wars Galactic battlegrounds. I was happy that I was able to produce storm troopers and TIE fighters by myself and to march as I wanted.

G.SuzukiOh! In 1998 [Star Wars Episode 1/Phantom Menace] in accordance with the public [SW] in the flow from the game launch Rush, as the latest series becomes public close [Star Wars Republic Command] and [ Star Wars Rogue Squadron II], such as “SW” game has been released.

SHINJI-coo-KNow I see that there is a genre of “Star Wars Games” (laughs)

Gabriel ItoYes, it was really impressive that there were so many titles out there. The title of the new hard = SW comes out, like (laughs)

Depending on the title, I think that there is the one like the media mix ahead, too. Apart from the movie, many spin-offs, including novels and anime, were being developed. The game is a typical example of the N64/PC ‘ Shadow of the Star Wars Empire ‘. (Depicts between EP5 and EP6)

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