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Innojima Suigun Castle: to the museum built on the back mountain of the Innojima Murakami House family Temple.

Innojima Suigun Castle: to the museum built on the back mountain of the Innojima Murakami House family Temple.

Innojima Suigun Castle is not the castle ruins but the museum which collected the material of the Murakami pirates, but it is built on the mountain of the family temple of Mr The family temple is located in the location where the enshrined of the 亮h is left, and the Blue Yin Castle which was the castle of the Sengoku period of Innojima Murakami is seen. When you visit the castle of Murakami Pirates, let’s go to the preparation.

Basic Data >
Name: Innojima Suigun Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Naka-cho, Innojima, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima ( map )
● Lord: −
● Castle: (opened in 1983)
-Remains: Treasure 亮h Mark Tower

Date of Visit: June, 2018

Visit >

innoshima_suigunjo-01_5760Innojima Suigun Castle is located in the central part of Innojima. You can see a splendid mini mock tower or red building on the mountain. It is a museum and observatory of the Murakami pirates.

innoshima_suigunjo-03_5763One of the various explanatory boards, the naval age and the present Nakanosho. At that time, it seemed that the Seto Inland Sea had entered the depths of the plains surrounded by mountains. There was no castle at that time in the place where the naval castle was repeated, and there was the family temple temple of the Innojima Murakami. The castle was in the Blue 隂 Mountain ( Blue Yin Castle ) in this back.

innoshima_suigunjo-04_5772Before going to the observatory, go to the Innojima City Archives Museum at the foot.

innoshima_suigunjo-05_5770There are many materials in the museum that are widely used in the shipping industry of Innojima as well as pirates. There is a material about Mr. Murakami, but the valuable one has been moved to the museum on the mountain. This is a model of the weaving ship which is exhibited in the center greatly. It was not a ship of the Murakami pirate age but a fishing boat in the Meiji era.

innoshima_suigunjo-06_5768Is pretty finely built!

innoshima_suigunjo-07_5767To a room with tatami mats! Captain’s room? The hanging axis is “guts”.

innoshima_suigunjo-02_5762It is said that most of the materials of Innojima Murakami are in the museum on the mountain. Let’s go up immediately.

innoshima_suigunjo-08_5774It is shaped as a “naval” by a plant. The huge anchor under it is for the tanker. Murakami Suigun has nothing to do with the system, but anyway, the feeling of defeat is terrible.

innoshima_suigunjo-09_5775The gate of the Naval Castle is a splendid door painted in vermilion.

innoshima_suigunjo-10_5779We went up the stone steps to the mock tower on the mountain. The view looks pretty good.

innoshima_suigunjo-11_5780I see the true south from the mountain. It is understood from here that three mountains are continuous, and the top of the mountain in the center is cut flat.

innoshima_suigunjo-12_5781The center of the Triple Mountain was the castle of the Sengoku period of Innojima Murakami . The left is the Bath mountain, and the right is Ryuwang mountain.

innoshima_suigunjo-13_5782Let’s enter the mock tower on the mount.

innoshima_suigunjo-14_5784The building in the shape of a two-layer tower is written as “the Museum of the Innojima Suigun festival”.

innoshima_suigunjo-15_5792The state of the first floor. A panel exhibition of the Naval Festival.

innoshima_suigunjo-16_5787This is a view of the southeast direction from this place. There is a blue Yin castle in front of the eye, and a variety of pirate castles are written in the depths, but it is a figure which looks down from the sky considerably, and the interior is not seen in fact the mountain of the Bath Mountains, Aokage Mountain, and Ryuwang Mountain.

innoshima_suigunjo-17_5788To the second floor of the tower. It seems to be a lookout.

innoshima_suigunjo-18_5791I see the Blue Yin Castle from the second floor of the tower. At that time, the family temple was seen from the castle side well.

innoshima_suigunjo-19_5783Then I went to the red building next door. The two-layer tower is an observatory, and this is like the Murakami Suigun Museum. This building is only for a fee, and admission is 310 yen.

innoshima_suigunjo-20_5798The inside of the museum is quite wide, and the materials of Murakami pirate Three (Innojima, Kurashima, and Noh Island) are exhibited and explained not only by Innojima Murakami.

innoshima_suigunjo-21_5801Description Board of the three houses Murakami pirates. Active in Setouchi from the mid-14th century (the time of Kenbu Shinsei), and Lewis Floais was vessels the biggest pirate Japan. It is named the Murakami pirate, but it is said that it was not the so-called Pirates and Vikings of the English culture area, but also the people necessary to maintain order of sea security and maritime transportation (with the Navy-Navy side). It concludes that it wants to transmit the word Kaizoku like Ninja and Samurai to the world because there is no suitable word in English.

innoshima_suigunjo-22_5815The explanation board of Murakami Pirates three houses. The order of the world changes greatly by the United Nation by Hideyoshi and Ieyasu, pirates are forbidden, Kurashima Murakami becomes a feudal lord of Bungo Mori clan ( Kurushima Jinya visit), Murakami Mr. And here Innojima Murakami is incorporated into the retainer of the Mouri family, It is said that it became the ship hand assembly of the Hagi clan.

innoshima_suigunjo-23_5805Swords and earthenware excavated from the ruins of the Blue Yin Castle . The one that was in the museum at the foot of the mountain was said by the base of the foot of the museum when having been moved to the museum of this place.

innoshima_suigunjo-24_5802A lot of change helmets are exhibited.

innoshima_suigunjo-25_5810Also exhibited many armor related to Murakami. This is white purple scarlet yarn stage 縅. It is said that there is a legend said that it is the one that the six generation person and Yoshimitsuru of the Innojima Murakami Mr

innoshima_suigunjo-26_5818Uncle is sitting! I thought it was a super realistic model. I was surprised.

innoshima_suigunjo-27_5833Go out of the museum and head for the next. The Blue Yin Castle is seen just in front. There was an explanation board, too.

innoshima_suigunjo-28_5832The explanation board of the Blue Shadow Castle . Murakami Yoshihiro is said to be the father of the Pirates (Kenbu period) was castle, and transmitted.

innoshima_suigunjo-29_5834Let’s go to the back. Is the strategy meeting in the second no Maru? )。 Strategy.

innoshima_suigunjo-30_5835I try to enter the red building.

innoshima_suigunjo-31_5836Oops, during the strategy meeting. I’ve got to disturb you.

innoshima_suigunjo-32_5837Let’s go down to the Golden Lotus Temple side of the mountain and see Murakami’s Cemetery.

innoshima_suigunjo-33_5839A beautiful approach has been developed. The front left is the Blue Yin Castle.

innoshima_suigunjo-34_5840The building of Innojima Suigun Castle is seen well.

innoshima_suigunjo-35_5846Came down to the cemetery. There is a guide board to the graveyard of Murakami Suigun and it survives.

innoshima_suigunjo-36_5849To the place where the old treasure 亮h Mark Tower is on the slope of the mountain suddenly. The tomb of Murakami family.

innoshima_suigunjo-37_5848There was an explanatory board aside. In Nakanosho town, which was once a deep cove, there was a family temple of Mr. Innojima Murakami. It is in a different place than Coco, and it is transmitted that the stone tower which had been dispersed during the relocation was collected in the rear mountain of the gold Renji Temple, and, therefore, it seems to be not understood which Stone tower who is the tomb tower. The Treasure 亮h Mark Tower 18 Group, the five towers many.

innoshima_suigunjo-38_5850To Kim Ren-ji temple. It’s like a castle town.

innoshima_suigunjo-39_5852The gate of the 菩提所 and the precious mount of the temple of Innojima Murakami. Many killer whales ride on the roof.

Innoshima Suigun Castle is not the castle ruins, but it is a place where it wants to visit the abundant material and the family temple, and stop by all means when visiting the pirate Castle.

Date of Visit: June, 2018
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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