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Izakaya Hanayagi

Izakaya Hanayagi


I went to “Izakaya Hanayagi” which is excellent in cost performance.

It is in the place where there was a little in the south from Susukino station ◎


The atmosphere in the store is in a good way, and it feels really popular.

There were a lot of student’s customers.

This is a menu.

Anyway none insanely cheap! Lol

Thank you for your students.

Oh, of course, I’m happy to be an office worker lol.

Unlimited drinks (90 min. 777 Yen for coupon use)

All you can drink is cheap!

It seems that it will be 555 yen when I enter the shop until 7pm lol.

Enoki beans (190 yen)

First of all, the classic edamame ◎

Cheap dumplings (190 yen)

Each one is small, but if you think about the price ♪

It’s amazing to cut 200 yen.

Chicken Zangi (280 yen)

It stopped because the other party who drank it tried to put the lemon without permission.

Lemon is a faction that does not squeeze lol ◎

Crispy Octopus ware (280 yen, cheese and meita mayonnaise)

Fried Takoyaki??

The taste of junk is the best!

I ordered a few other items, but the accounting was certainly about 2,000 yen per person….

It seems to be useful when there is no money ♪

Also with the line.


Izakaya Hanayagi

● Address

Hokkaido 3 Minami Rokujo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

17:30-1:30 pm
● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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