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Masashiro: The castle of the Aoki Castle, founded on a remote island.

Masashiro: The castle of the Aoki Castle, founded on a remote island.

The castle was built with Aoki Castle as the castle of Aoki Castle , which was the castle of the Warring states of Innojima Murakami. It was located in the northwest of Aokijo Castle, but at that time it was not connected to Innojima and was a remote island. It is transmitted that the Sating head Suenaga Arima Suke of Innojima Murakami was defending. It is built on the mountaintop of the horse Kamiyama of the altitude 91.6 m, and the three sides except the east side are steep cliffs, too. The area of the foothills is the origin of the “Pyrethrum” which is famous for mosquito coil materials.

Basic Data >
● Name: Masashiro (Makamoyama Castle)
● Location: Shigei town, Innojima, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture ( map )
-Lord: Suenaga Arima Keisuke Kagemitsu
● Castle: Eiroku Decade (1567)
-Remains: Melody

Date of Visit: December 2014

Visit >

murakami_kaigun_mapThe castle of Murakami Suigun related to the Shimanami and Geiyo Islands (plot is only for the content of this website). Makamijo Castle is located near the north end of Innojima Island in Hiroshima. It is called the Castle of Castle and Aoki Castle of Innojima Murakami who is on the east side soon.

innoshima_umakami-01_3605The northwest end of the island, a horse on a peninsula shaped like a protruding kamiyama. The top is flat. It was a remote island at that time although it was “horse Kamiyama of Innojima” now.

innoshima_umakami-02_3607Let’s climb horse Kamiyama. The stone wall is the one when the field of the whole region is made regardless of the castle. There is a signboard standing beside the entrance.

innoshima_umakami-03_3609Ma Kamiyama is a major producer of the Mosquito coil. And, the Guide board of an old tree is hidden in the back side of the signboard “← demusmum”. It looks like “to the address”.

innoshima_umakami-04_3610When the back of the sign of the Pyrethrum was seen, it was still “horse God Castle” guidance board. What the hell!

innoshima_umakami-05_3612The road is paved with concrete solidly because it is a production area of the Pyrethrum. And, the cleanup of the Hun is an owner’s duty!

innoshima_umakami-06_3615Walking on the pavement of concrete, I look at the tip of the peninsula. The peak of the mountain in the back is flat. That’s the horse-godcastle.

innoshima_umakami-07_3623I went into the mountain fast. Perhaps the front is the horse castle. The field which is splendid of masonry making appears on the right when coming to the hit.

innoshima_umakami-08_3625This is like a cultivated land of pyrethrum. It is a tourist destination, and it goes out to the explanation board. I’m not sure what’s interesting when I come to see the field of Pyrethrum, but it is the same for the Castle fortress (not a hobby for people). Mosquito coil fan’s Holy Land. According to the explanation board, it is Persian origin, and here Innojima and Shigei town are the regions of the largest Japan of the Pyrethrum.

innoshima_umakami-09_3627Beyond the Pyrethrum to the back further. The road still continues, but I found a sign in front.

innoshima_umakami-10_3629The explanation board and the Guide Board of the Horse God ruins. The Guide board is pointing to the upper right side of the concrete wall, which means that there is a narrow slope on the right side when you look at the previous one.

innoshima_umakami-11_3630The explanation board of Makamijo Castle. As the castle of Castle and Aoki Castle of the Innojima Murakami, it was also built in around Yongroku 10. Josho is the fifth Sating of Innojima Murakami, and the head of the long-length Arisuke Arima (arrow).

innoshima_umakami-12_3631The direction of the Guide board rises this slope.

innoshima_umakami-13_3632The track of the monorail remains though it was a field of the dethricmum before. The scenery which is seen well in the mountain ruins which became a field.

innoshima_umakami-14_3636And when we head for the mountain, the stone is rumbling. Although traces such as masonry can be seen, it is not possible to tell how far it is in the ruins, and how far is a trace of the field and which is natural.

innoshima_umakami-15_3637The boulders and the road between them. At that time, the side (south side) faces the sea, and this rock is a tiger mouth or a lookout stand, and the aspect which seems to be able to be used for something although I think that it is not a route coming up directly from here.

innoshima_umakami-17_3642Aim at the top of the mountain by the side of the megaliths. Because there is not the Guide board in particular, it becomes uneasy if it does not go with the person who knows.

innoshima_umakami-18_3644The top of the mountain is finally seen. The stone steps that were built on the side of the rock. Is this at the time?

innoshima_umakami-19_3645We went around the boulders to the top. The one which seems to be masonry is seen, too or the company.

innoshima_umakami-20_3647Horse God Lord Guo. Wide!

innoshima_umakami-21_3648There are three shrines at the tip of the main Guo and a pillar of historic sites in 1970.

innoshima_umakami-22_3650It is innojima seen from the horse god Lord Guo Ruins.

innoshima_umakami-23_3666A complete view of the horse God Lord Guo. It is neatly cut, and the view is still good without the tree.

innoshima_umakami-24_3651Let’s go to the back a little.

innoshima_umakami-25_3656There is a dent like a big horikiri in the back, and there seems to be a melody in the interior.

innoshima_umakami-26_3658The bend of the East End. There is no view though it is made to cut flat. At that time, the view was opened to communicate with Castle Aoki , the castle.

innoshima_umakami-27_3660There was a bench, but it was not a place to enjoy a little view. A resting place for mountaineers. I want to look at the set from the position relation to Aoki Castle which was the castle of the Innojima Murakami of the Warring States Period as the ruins are plain and gentle, too. Sorry we couldn’t see each other from each other.

Date of Visit: December 2014
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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