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Matsugake Castle [1/2] The medieval fortress was built in the castellan of the Nara period.

Matsugake Castle [1/2] The medieval fortress was built in the castellan of the Nara period.

Matsugake Castle is a medieval mountain castle built deep in the mountains of Higashi-Hiroshima and is located at the top of Mt. Takamura in the 450 m altitude at which Bamboo Grove Temple is currently erected. According to the geography, it is Castle of Mr. Irishino from the Nanbokucho period to the Muromachi period, and the stair-shaped ground level protected by Horikiri and steep cut shore is built in the rugged mountains. The stone product mark remains slightly on the surrounding slope of the tune ring, and the stone product well remains on the mountaintop.

Basic Data >
Name: Matsugake Castle (Matsugaoka)
● Location: Kawachi-machi, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture ( map )
● Lord: Minsuke Sadkei, Tamono
● Castle: Nanbokucho-Muromachi Early
-Remains: Horikiri, earth base, cut shore, Dobashi, masonry, well traces

Date of Visit: April, 2018
Link: Matsugake Castle one , two .

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matsugatake-01_2783First, aim at the Bamboo temple at the top of Mt. Takamura. The roadway extends to the observatory in front of the temple. It was founded in 730 A.D. (Nara period). It is called a temple related to the person named Ono Takamura (What would happen of the Heian ERA). Let’s visit a little bamboo grove before going to the castle.

matsugatake-02_2784The statue of the king of the temple is Deva. The statue.

matsugatake-03_2785The statue of Ninou, un. It looks like a miyao.

matsugatake-04_2787Just a little stroll around the Bamboo Grove Temple. There is a big hasuike in front, and a corridor bridge is hung there. Yachiyo Bridge, which took the name of Takamura Ono’s mother.

matsugatake-05_2788The main hall of Takebayashi temple. Built in 1511, it is an important cultural property of the country.

matsugatake-06_2790Takebayashi Temple. This is an important cultural property of the town.

matsugatake-07_2791Bamboo Temple. I can see the stone wall in the back, so let’s go to the end.

matsugatake-08_2797The low stone wall of the bamboo forest Teroku. It’s like a castle.

matsugatake-09_2799It is a splendid stone wall that the corners is jealousy pointed, and the surface is justified though it is low.

matsugatake-10_2801Moreover, it is said that there is a grave of Mr. Hiraga who was a powerful fellow seems lord in Aki South on the hill in the back of Takebayashi temple. To the top of this slope.

matsugatake-11_2802The Guide Board of the Tomb of Mr. Hiraga Clan. On top of this, there is a tomb in the lower left corner that says in the picture.

matsugatake-12_2803This is the tomb of Mr. Hiraga’s family. Mr. Hiraga is a powerful fellow seems lord of the Southern Aki who served as a lord of neighboring Misono Uki Castle and Hakusan Castle, and it is said that the activity in the rebellion etc. of the benevolence is recorded.

matsugatake-13_2782Go to Matsugake Castle. There is a road to the castle ahead of the stairs below the gate which I saw first.

matsugatake-14_2805This is the entrance of the road towards Matsugake Castle. The Old Guide board is a landmark.

matsugatake-15_2806Matsugake Castle Explanation board. According to the local history, the castle of the small sadkei of Minsuke. It is said that there are the main Guo which consists of three steps, a ground base, an empty moat, and a well of the stone product in the top of the crest of the Bamboo temple Southwest.

matsugatake-16_2807A bird’s eye view on the description board. Very easy to understand. If you want to introduce the castle is not in the local figure Nahari, if you posted a picture of this in the original on our site, I want to be very easy to understand, I think. I want to try it eventually. The soil base stone product on the south side of the Sanno Maru is anxious.

matsugatake-17_2810Head for the castle. It was a single road to the castle, and there was a Sanskrit rock and a Sanskrit character-hyochu on the way.

matsugatake-18_2811The road that was dug in. It seems to be a Horoko road. There were boulders on both sides of the road, and there was already a bamboo temple at the time of the castle, so this road and the boulders were from that time, and it might have played some role.

matsugatake-19_2812There is still a long way to the castle. Just a short bird’s eye view from the Bamboo Grove Temple, it was like a good draw, but there is a fine distance.

matsugatake-20_2813It is not uneasy because there is a guide board to Matsugake Castle on the way, too. The road is divided into second-hand, but the left side is correct.

matsugatake-21_2814The left side is a steep slope. The right side rises like the base of the Earth, and there is a castle ruins ahead.

matsugatake-22_2815It is a place where the left and right are raised in the soil base like the tiger mouth, it is cut thin, and the boulder and the stone protect there.

matsugatake-24_2817The left side was suddenly depressed here, and it went out to the passage which became thin like Dobashi. Deliberately digging the left and right of the road and dropping it.

matsugatake-25_2819Dobashi’s right. It seems to be a vertical moat.

matsugatake-26_2820When the Dobashi is finished, it divides into the road on the right side of the mountain and the left road which bypasses the mountain. There is a guide board here. This seems to be the main part of the castle.

matsugatake-27_2821Matsugake Castle Guide Board Part 2. The content is almost the same as that of the Bamboo Grove Terayama. I wish I had a simple picture of the castle here too.

In the second part, we look around the stone products that remain in the main and outer periphery.

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Date of Visit: April, 2018
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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