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Misono Uki: The ruins of the castle Hall of the Lord Aki fellow seems surrounded by high ground base.

Misono Uki: The ruins of the castle Hall of the Lord Aki fellow seems surrounded by high ground base.

Misono Uki (Miso’s Ujo) seems to have been a hall castle which had the habitability and the defense to have been often seen in the Koga region which enclosed the flat place on the mound in a high ground base in the Castle (house) mark of the powerful fellow seems Lord Hiraga in Aki country. It is said that it endured for three years, and it repulsed it though it has been attacked in 1403 by Mr. Yaman who became the patron of Aki Country for a certain period in the Muromachi period. It is said that it had been maintained as the stronghold of Mr. Hiraga from around 1300 to 1500, and it moved the base to the castle of Hakusan which was more then.

Basic Data >
Name: Misono Uki (Wikipedia)
● Location: Takaya-machi, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture ( map )
● Lord: Mr. Hiraga
● Castle: Hiroyasu Year (1278-1287)
-Remains: Melody, earth base, vertical moat, stone wall?

Date of Visit: April, 2018

Visit >

misonou-01_2772To Misono Uki Castle. The guide Board of the feeling that it is handmade is advanced. A mound in the back of the road is the castle ruins.

misonou-02_2741A splendid explanation board was built in front of the castle ruins. The ruins of the prefecture historic Site Hiraga Misono ou ruins. It seems to have been built in the late Kamakura period, but it was based here for about 200 years until around 1500.

misonou-03_2740A drawing that is published in the description board. The castle is a simple structure, such as the Koga Castle Pavilion, where a narrow road along the slope from the current location and two tiger mouths pass through the main enclosure surrounded by a thick earth base. There seems to be a place of the tower stand to behold the north in a higher position in the back.

misonou-04_2742Go up the narrow slope and head to the castle. Because the right side was cut flat and the house was built, the slope might have continued a little more originally.

misonou-06_2768On the side of the tiger mouth entering the castle from the slope, I could see a glimpse of a stone buried in the grass and a stone wall. If you mow the grass, you may see a splendid stone wall.

misonou-05_2744To the first slender wheel. The left side was overgrown with grass and the right side was a bamboo grove.

misonou-07_2746The entrance to the main enclosure is a thin slope shape. The right side is the ground base around the main Guo and the left side is depressed.

misonou-08_2766Enter the inside of the main Guo from the tiger mouth. There might have been a gate here at that time.

misonou-09_2748To Misono Uki main Guo. The grass of about 20cm grows thickly. The surroundings are surrounded by a very high wall because the soil is enclosed in three sides, and the tree grows on it and it receives the impression.

misonou-10_2750I approached the soil base of the circumference. Five meters is likely to be high.

misonou-11_2752I look back to the direction of the tiger mouth. It is covered with high trees except the one with the tiger mouth.

misonou-12_2751The ground base is the lowest, hit the front. The angle is somewhat gradual. However, there is no way to the upper part of the slope which is clear as it was in the illustration of the explanation board. At that time, was the ladder hung or was it a mechanism to cross directly from the building in the main enclosure (such as the second floor)?

misonou-13_2754I try to go up on the ground base. The top of the Bamboo Grove is made of three steps. Walk carefully, with bamboo roots and stumps everywhere.

misonou-14_2756In the back of the ground base, there was a place of the tower typhoon in the back which was also higher about 3m. Above was a bamboo grove beyond the Bamboo forest.

misonou-15_2760The top of the ground base is firmly cut and is flat. I wonder if a long-slender building was built here.

misonou-16_2761The ground base which was folded firmly. It does not give even the impression that it is on the ground base because the top of the soil base is wide, and it is neatly cut flat.

misonou-17_2762A dent in a slope made outside the main enclosure, such as a vertical moat. It might be just a collapse, not a vertical moat, for a place like a small hill.

misonou-18_2765The Bamboo Grove on the ground base seemed to be in service, and the cut was piled up. A spectacular ground base It seems to have been a castle pavilion in the Muromachi period when it was built firmly. It is understood that Mr. Hiraga had considerable power.

misonou-19_2773Misono Uki no distant view. It was said that there was a mound along the highway. An independent hill that is not connected to the surrounding mountains. It has been abandoned for hundreds of years, and it has not been destroyed well until now.

Date of Visit: April, 2018
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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