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Mitsuishi Castle [1/2] The castle of Urakami, the Sengoku daimyo of Bizen with a major masugata of Ishigaki

Mitsuishi Castle [1/2] The castle of Urakami, the Sengoku daimyo of Bizen with a major masugata of Ishigaki

Mitsuishi Castle was built near the border between Harima and Bizen in the eastern part of Okayama, and Urakami was Lord for generations as the guardian of Mr. Akamatsu, who was a patron of Bizen in the Muromachi period. After that, Mr. Urakami Lord Akamatsu became the warring feudal lord of the Betrayal independence and Bizen. However, the power fight was not constant in the Urakami house, and power dispersed in the Harima Murozu Castle and Bizen Tenjin Yamashiro . It seems that the three stone castle which was an early castle became a deserted castle before long. In the castle is a major gate mark that forms a huge masugata tiger mouth with a stone wall.

Basic Data >
Name: Mitsuishi Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture ( map )
-Lord: Mr. Urakami
● Castle: Muromachi early (1300 ‘s)
-Remains: stone wall, earth base, cut shore, Horikiri, Melody, Masugata Toraguchi

Date of Visit: May, 2015
The visit of Mitsuishi Castle-the one and two .

Visit >

mitsuishi_00_5223The mountain in the back of the residential area is the three stone ruins. There is a big information board on the road through the residential area.

mitsuishi_01_5221A huge guide board is installed. There is also a bookmark under the stone steps, and a free bookmark is placed in the eaves of the house opposite. The castle ruins are loved by the locals. That’s great.

mitsuishi_02_5062Castle Mitsuishi Guide Map. Pretty huge. There seems to be a two-route climbing path from the south and from the north towards the castle, right in the north. This time, it is a climbing castle from the south.

mitsuishi_03_5219It goes up the road made of concrete for a while.

mitsuishi_04_5218The concrete stone steps still continue even if it becomes a position higher than the roof of the house which was below. Was it the approach of the shrine which was originally built in the castle ruins?

mitsuishi_05_5217The paved road of concrete ends, and the climbing mountain starts finally. The signboard of the Sanseki Castle Mountain Gate which is near the pavement ends.

mitsuishi_06_5069However, the mountain where there is three stone castle says either and it is rocky. The road which was made by shaving such a bedrock continues. The other side is a cliff of bare rock, so be careful not to take off when it is slippery after rain.

mitsuishi_07_5215Climb for a while to the first level of drilling.

mitsuishi_08_5070The monument of the three stone ruins and the signboard of the second watch place.

mitsuishi_09_5074To the tip of the flat level. It is a tip of the good to the seeing place certainly when doing from the place where it climbed along the rock.

mitsuishi_10_5071Castle old handwritten three-stone guide board. From now 650 years ago, the castle was built in the early Muromachi period, and after that, the Urakami was Lord, and it was killed in Tennoji to the age of the village sect, and it became an abandoned fortress. Although the haiku is written on the back side of this guide board, it is hard to see the backside because it is built at the end of the melody ring.

mitsuishi_11_5072View from the second viewing place. Is it a little high enough?

mitsuishi_12_5075Then, it resumes the climbing castle. To the first viewing place, the major gate, the Honmaru direction.

mitsuishi_13_5076After the second viewing place, we proceeded to the easy-to-walk Ridge Road, which was cut flat.

mitsuishi_14_5079However, it becomes a narrow climbing road made by shaving the cliff at once again. The chain has been built to keep it from falling.

mitsuishi_15_5082A narrow rocky road that only one soldier can pass through. It was targeted by a bow and arrow before, and the stone was dropped from above, and here is considerable harm.

mitsuishi_16_5083Proceed to sew between the boulders.

mitsuishi_17_5089The rock goes up the bare slope this time when crossing the rock zone. A considerable steep slope

mitsuishi_18_5091It went out to the plain place a little when climbing. It’s perfect for a break.

mitsuishi_19_5093View from the Flat field.

mitsuishi_20_5095To the back further. The road divides into the hand. The road becomes a dead end in the well, and it turns back if it goes to the upper right and it goes out to the Senuki well. ‘D swing on the way back here. Honmaru direction If you advance to the lower left.

mitsuishi_21_5110I went to the Ridge Road. Turning to the right, Honmaru direction. Turning to the left is the first sight-seeing place. To the left.

mitsuishi_22_5098The road which made the tree open for a while is advanced.

mitsuishi_23_5107To the tip of the ridge before long. The trees are cut down and the view seems to be good. This is the first place.

mitsuishi_24_5103View from the first viewing place. The second is a view of the mountain on the opposite side and the mountains over there.

mitsuishi_25_5105sGo to Honmaru. Honmaru’s the top of the mountain in front? It is said that a major mark remains in the side.

mitsuishi_26_5114sTo the mountains. The signboard of the big Gate →.

mitsuishi_27_5117When I climbed for a while, I saw a wall of stone walls across the trees!

mitsuishi_28_5120A giant stone wall that appears suddenly in the mountains. At that time, it was not such a forest, but the trees were cut down, and the huge castle gate, built on a slope, was just a fortress! In the mid-1500 ‘s, it was not a splendid one, and it might have been a shape that the medicine Gate Gate was installed in the center on the stone wall of the left and right tower gate.

mitsuishi_29_5121A major disciple The stone wall on the left side is shaped like a front, and the fence is built and it is made to think whether the Gate Sentinel of the lookout was lined up in the interior.

mitsuishi_30_5126To the inside of the gate. Look outside the gate from the inside. When the leaves are clean, the stone wall of the third-four stage seems to come out already.

mitsuishi_31_5128In the back of the projecting stone wall on the left, there is a huge high stone wall blocking the slope greatly. Is there more than ten steps? Mr. Urakami who was able to assemble this much stone wall might have enormous power and a certain technical power. Or someone with this kind of weaving technology after Mr. Urakami reused?

mitsuishi_32_5133High stone wall in the left back of the major gate. Even if it tries to enter from the side other than the gate, this disturbs and cannot enter at all.

mitsuishi_33_5130From the top of the stone wall, overlooking the major gate. Crossing the major gate, the road is bent to the right.

mitsuishi_34_5139Wall of stone walls built in the ground base and its interior.

mitsuishi_35_5144The outside of the ground base is hardened by the stone wall, but the inside is soil-based.

mitsuishi_36_5148A panoramic view of the large gate. The back is ground base, and the front is a fence on the stone wall, and it can be said that the Masugata Tiger mouth after the so-called “during killing” atmosphere to think that the space had been built.

> > Three stone Castle [2/2] . < <

Date of Visit: May, 2015
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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