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I went to “the decoration” where delicious yakitori and Oden were available.

It is a good location in the back of La Fira ◎


When you enter the store, you will be passed through the attic on the second floor.

The ceiling is low and it settles down!


On this day, we used the coupon for “3 Yakitori + 90 minutes of free drink 1,480 yen”.

It’s nice to have a draft beer!



The salt is also good in the Salt plum ♪

I ordered additional…

Chicken Skewer (2 books 380 yen), Lotus root Tsukune (2 bottles 400 yen)

Lotus root Tsukune is provided by the sauce.

The crunchy texture is the best.

Edamame (350 yen)

It is a standard ♪

Also, I have to order Oden, which is the sign of this shop.

Egg (160 yen), daikon radish (300 yen), half-peon (200 yen)

It is well steeped in the plain dashi ♪

Rock paste (200 yen)

A rock paste is provided in such a way.

Tasteful taste.

Oil buckwheat noodles (780 yen)

What, it is up to the oil soba!

Crush the yolk and mix it well ◎

It is the best in the last deadline ♪

There are various menus, the price is reasonable, and the location is good, so it is convenient.

Because there was pizza, I think that I will try it next time.

Also with the line.



● Address

Hokkaido Minami 5-Jo Nishi 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Social Building 1f
Business Hours

18:00 ~ Next 3:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Sundays (closed on Mondays, if next Monday is a holiday)


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