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Persimmon leaf Sushi Kyuwakaku (kuwakaku) Wakayama-Ken Kyuoyama Station @ Sanada Please come here ^ ^

Persimmon leaf Sushi Kyuwakaku (kuwakaku) Wakayama-Ken Kyuoyama Station @ Sanada Please come here ^ ^

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

I have to write about it soon.

The persimmon leaf sushi seems to rot, so… W

A long, rainy day… The persimmon leaf sushi in the mountain

I decided to go this far, thanks to Sanada Maru.


I walk to the station a little.

Ten minutes.

Please be careful not to miss the shop because it is in a high place


It is a shop specializing in persimmon leaf sushi.

I like persimmon leaf sushi.

What is this attractive food!!!




You need to be careful.

If you do not make a reservation, you will not be eating a mix of salmon and shiitake mushrooms.


The woman in the town is making it politely.

I’m so used to it!


They’re selling it to go.

And I like the mail order ↓


And there seems to be an experience course to make the persimmon leaf sushi.

It is a great regret…. I can’t come because it’s weekdays www



There is a photograph and a signature of Yoshino Kimura of the Sanada Maru appearance

And there was a guy next to me.


I was happy to sell beer in the morning W

Safe and

You can walk.


In a pretty tub

My morning meal is persimmon leaf sushi!!!

What a luxury! (journal)


What a charming appearance. ↑ ↑ ↑

Too cute.


Sasasaba ~ ~ ~

I want to do sake, even beer.

It was really delicious ~ ~ ~ ~ Fresh I never ate it

A collaboration of fat mackerel in plump rice

It seems that it is not possible to eat lunch in this breakfast.

They are a jerk


Fresh Delicious Too

It is delicious even if aged

I want to eat Wakayama ramen.

I have to go eat other persimmon leaves.


It’s like making a mail order salmon.

This is the pattern of absolute sake.

Oh, I want to eat again.

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Persimmon leaf Sushi Kyuwakaku
Address 〒 648-0101, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, 9-degree mountain,
Phone number 0736-54-2600
Opening hours: 8:00 ~ Sold OUT
Closed irregular
Parking lot Available
Gurunavi: Top |
Eating logNine WarakuSushi/Kujiyama Station

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