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Porridge Catering Agency

Porridge Catering Agency


We went to the porridge catering agency, where you can enjoy healthy porridge ◎

This is a new Indian in September.


The restaurant is like a lovely café based on white.

Most of them were female customers.

Here is the menu.

You can also choose four for the other than porridge.



All looks delicious!

There is also a calorie display in each dish of the menu ◎

I was able to order it for about ten minutes.

Spinach Porridge (650 yen) with broad bean and Shakishaki green

Oh, it’s bigger than you think.

I’d like to.


It is a gentle seasoning, but the seasoning which was considerably steady is made, and there is no dissatisfaction.

The fried jaco on top is good with an accent ♪

Because it is a porridge, I am satisfied that there is the amount well.

It was a full stomach unexpectedly.

That’s 145 calories. It is good for dieting.

The one that a big thing was cut in the chin was also in


If you get tired of the taste on the way, you can change the taste by seasoning on the table.

Is it better to stay as it is?

On the way back, there were these things before the register.


The porridge of the retort is sold.

I really like this shop!

The concept of the shop is also clear.

Also with the line.


Porridge Catering Agency

● Address

Hokkaido Kita 6-Jo Nishi 4, Kita-ku, Sapporo Paseo WEST B1F No-63
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 22:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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