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Soba Restaurant Yukimura-an is lined up because it is very popular. 10 minute walk from the Nankai railway station, Genkoanmae Sanada

Soba Restaurant Yukimura-an is lined up because it is very popular. 10 minute walk from the Nankai railway station, Genkoanmae Sanada

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

The nine-degree mountain is a place where the parents and children of Sanada Yukimura and Masayuki were flown to Ieyasu.

It seems to be a place where the power was accumulated to the team of Daisaka after Sekigahara’s battle.

There is a soba shop “Yukimura-an” here by renovating the old house in front of the Yukimura-an.


There are no people in the photo,

It is full of people who wait. Type to write a name and wait

I think it is good to come in early or late time. I was waiting in the rain a long time ago!



It is a service or fried soba comes out.

Did you just ask for a drink? I don’t remember.

A scary item that I could drink with this and salt


The shop is a table seat

It is a salon where shoes are taken off and it goes up.


Sake is only a guy named Sanada Shinobi

I’m going to do this in the daytime, Summasen.

Day Drinking Promotion Committee W


The most expensive gozen yukimura of 2100 yen.


Sipped with buckwheat tofu

They have a drink


Tempura is a shrimp and I love tang

Don’t you hear my taste?

I know.


Here again Persimmon leaf sushi


And egg-baked

It is omelet that it is not a soup stock roll.


With my tongue I have no idea

I think it’s very similar to what I ate a while ago.

I don’t know… Persimmon leaf Sushi is difficult

It is delicious even if I eat it many times.


Zaru Soba



I feel the smell of soup stock.

When it comes to the end of October, the buckwheat noodles are going to be very fragrant.

While I’m thinking of fun, Zuzlesz

It is a chic to make a sound. I Edokko.

It was a nun… It is also trendy when I eat while thinking about things.

I dunno.


They are in fruit

I’m not good at food that smells of cucumbers.

I can eat watermelon because it is adult.

Let’s eat quietly without likes and dislikes.



It’s hard to say wait in the rain

Let’s have a look around for sightseeing.

I wanted to go to Wakayama ramen for a moment… tears.

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop Soba Restaurant Yukimura-an
Address Ito-machi, Kujiyama-cho, Wakayama prefecture

Phone number 0736-54-3751
Business hours 11:00 ~ 18:00 (LO17:30 minutes)

Closed on Mondays (closed on the following day on public holidays)
There is a town-owned parking lot near the parking lot
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