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Tenjin Yamashiro [1/3] The castle was hardened by the stone wall and the boulders that the Sengoku daimyo Urakami Munkei was based.

Tenjin Yamashiro [1/3] The castle was hardened by the stone wall and the boulders that the Sengoku daimyo Urakami Munkei was based.

Tenjin Yamashiro is a medieval castle in the middle of the mountains in the eastern part of Bizen (Okayama Prefecture), and the castle of Mr. Urakami, who became the feudal daimyo of Bizen from Guardian Akamatsu’s guardian. The fight happens between brothers soon, and the clan divides into elder brother Masamune sect and brother Munkei sect although it was Mr. Urakami who became the Sengoku feudal lord. The Tenjin Castle was built as a castle of his brother Munkei, and it was attacked by the rebellion of the subordinate Ukita Naoie, and it became a deserted castle and the ruins though the power was extended so that the Bizen Harima Mimasaka was put in the hands at one o’clock. It is divided into the late Tenjin fortress in the west with a stone wall and a major gate ruins which have been renovated in the Tensho period and the early Tenjin Castle in the east where there are a lot of stones and ruins which skillfully used the boulders of nature, etc.

Basic Data >
Name: Tenjin Yamashiro (Wikipedia)
● Location: Waqi-Gun, Okayama Prefecture ( map )
-Lord: Urakami Munkei
-Castle: 1554 years
-Ruins: Stone gate, Horikiri, vertical moat, major Kadato, Ishigaki, Kirikishi, Melody wheel

Date of Visit: May, 2015
Visit to Tenjin Yamashiro-the one , two , three .

Visit >

tenjin-yama-jo_01_5265sYou can go to Tenjin Yamashiro from the back of the camp facility called “Wakai Beautiful Forest” in the east of the castle.

tenjin-yama-jo_02_5266The accommodation in Wakan beautiful forest is Nanchatate Castle style. The design of the Tenjin Castle is considered. The Tenjinzan castle ruins are 990m! Information board. However, the castle ruins are a long one that is more than 1km to the side, and it arrives from here to the West End soon. Perhaps this 990m away is the distance to the Honmaru mark.

tenjin-yama-jo_03_5267Go to the back of the camp equipment.

tenjin-yama-jo_04_5268The road is in the woods as it is. There is a big drawing signboard, and it is a gateway to the Tenjin Castle.

tenjin-yama-jo_05_5269Guide Map of Tenjin Yamashiro. The Tenjin Yamashiro is divided into two ruins in the first semester (Taiko Maru Castle) and the late Castle (Tenjin Yamashiro). Only the previous part of the guide map of this place. It is an old type fortress using natural rocks.

tenjin-yama-jo_06_5270sIt is a monument of Tenjin-Yama Castle.

tenjin-yama-jo_07_5271It was not in the state where the ground base, the root hut mark, and Horikiri etc. were arranged on the left and right of the road as it was in the first guide figure when advancing the port of climbing, and the locale was not being maintained as this.

tenjin-yama-jo_08_5273The state where the soil base is not understood well in the bush.

tenjin-yama-jo_09_5275Because the ridge road is slightly dented, it is written that it is “Horikiri”, and, to the extent that it notices AH. It is a mystery that is left only here of the entrance for some reason while the back has been neatly maintained.

tenjin-yama-jo_10_5276Guo. Well let’s see.

tenjin-yama-jo_11_5282Go for a while to the area where the boulders purr. There are more things to see from this area.

tenjin-yama-jo_12_5283A place where huge stones are blocking the way. The stone gate and the sign are standing. The boulders become the walls of nature.

tenjin-yama-jo_13_5285sThe rock is blocking most of the ground level of the ridge. There is a sign of the military stone. It is written that the stone for stoning was a military stone in the stone for the Urakami in the East Mitsuishi Castle which was the early castle of Mr., and it is not likely to be thrown here very much in the boulder. Hatena

tenjin-yama-jo_14_5286In addition, it is up to a splendid stone monument carved with military stones in the back. Great military stone pushing! But there are only boulders around. To the enemy soldiers who forcibly climb the slopes instead of the Ridge Road, to roll the deadly boulders?

tenjin-yama-jo_15_5289Go beyond the stone gate to the higher ground. There is a signboard written as a drum round.

tenjin-yama-jo_16_5290Drum round Castle explanation board. Old Tenjin Yamashiro. It is said that it became a place where the Urakami of the clan Urakami of Mr. Higasa was built as a castle of Hinasa Aoyama Castle before the Muromachi period, and after that became warring feudal lords, and this ground was rebuilt as a drum tower, and it hit the Rearm gate of the castle.

tenjin-yama-jo_17_5292If you go west a little more than a drum circle, there is a place where a castle atmosphere remains. From castles using natural megaliths to the present, to the obviously artificial stone product.

tenjin-yama-jo_18_5294A place where the walls of the masonry (stone wall) were once collapsed, but the gate would have been placed in the aisle.

tenjin-yama-jo_19_5310sTo the West end of the Taiko circle. There is a large guide map.

tenjin-yama-jo_20_5307This is the whole view of Tenjin-Yama Castle (old and new). Pretty Sideways long! Let’s look at the old and new because it is too small to see in one photograph.

tenjin-yama-jo_21_5308First, the east side of the figure, Tenjin Yamashiro, aka Taiko Maru Castle. It seems that the Taiko Maru Castle which is now is a former Honmaru, and the top part which had been written, “Honmaru” in the place where it had already passed. Because it was a state that was not seen at all in the bush bush and the place where it was written with the root and Guo, I wonder whether the Honmaru has gone through without noticing in such a state perhaps. We went to the Upper Stone gate, the stone gate below, the Kameko, and Horikiri to the West’s late Tenjin Yamashiro.

tenjin-yama-jo_22_5309Late Tenjin Yamashiro. It is an assumed restoration figure, but the surrounding wall is surrounded, and the hut and the mansion are built in a large amount of cutting ground which was built gradually. The first semester is a very different aspect. Is the difference between Mr. Hinasa and the financial power of Mr. Urakami in the Warring States Period before Muromachi?

tenjin-yama-jo_23_5303There is a place where you can see a little view from Taiko-Maru castle ruins. Southwest direction. Higher tempo would be a stand.

tenjin-yama-jo_24_5304View from Taiko Maru Castle. It is not seen castle if it does not cut the tree considerably even if it is quite high at altitude 400m or it sees.

tenjin-yama-jo_25_5296And, there is a place where the stone product remains though it is slightly on the circumference of the Taiko Maru Castle easily overlooked. Take care of your feet and let’s get down a bit.

tenjin-yama-jo_26_5298The wall which piled up a stone of a considerably size.

tenjin-yama-jo_27_5300The big and small shapes are stacked with stones in a jumble.

tenjin-yama-jo_28_5314Head west. The road where the rock was exposed.

tenjin-yama-jo_29_5317After a while, the rocky ends. Because it is a season of fresh green, it is like a green tunnel.

tenjin-yama-jo_30_5318It is also a megalithic group when thinking. The road is blocked more than the stone mark of a while ago. The stone gate on, and the sign written.

tenjin-yama-jo_31_5319Stone Gate on. It was this arrangement at that time, or it collapsed in a grand, and it is not understood well though it is terrific power.

tenjin-yama-jo_32_5321Look down on the stone gate above. Do you feel like building a wall or fence on a rock and using it to block the enemy from advancing straight?

tenjin-yama-jo_33_5323The rocky road continues.

tenjin-yama-jo_34_5326sTo the top of the slope. This is written as the stone gate below.

tenjin-yama-jo_35_5328The stone gate below. It is not the state that the stone gate above is blocking the road, but the rock of the extent that the defense power is improved by building Kido etc. is rumbling. As it is on the signboard, Horikiri, there is the verge of the East Tenjin Castle and the second semester Tenjin Yamashiro.

> > Tenjin Yamashiro [2/3] . < <

Date of Visit: May, 2015
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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