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The original Izakaya 300 Yen South 3 article store

The original Izakaya 300 Yen South 3 article store


When you were a student, you might have come once. I went to the original Izakaya 300 Yen South 3 article store.

It is the second time since becoming a member of society!?


The inside of the store is a retro atmosphere ◎

Are you a student main customer?

I think most of them are in their twenties.

This is a very cheap!

As the shop name, all items are 300 yen ♪ (tax excluded)

All you can drink is 300 yen for 30 minutes and reasonable.

… And I think, this day is about 300 yen and 60 minutes!

This is cheap lol ◎

Wheat and Hop (unlimited drinking 60 Minutes 315 yen)

Appetizer’s a vermicelli.

I’m going to order more and more!!

Cheese Cheese Salad (315 yen)

It is the image like Caesar salad ◎

I am satisfied with this volume for 300 yen.

Jumbo Chicken Cutlet (315 yen)

It is the size comparison with the company mobile ◎

It’s big!!

The meat is thin, but I love the feeling of this junk ♪ lol

Surprised Omurice (315 yen)

This is a jumbo size omurice, too!

I feel that it became smaller than the old days, but it is still big ◎

I’m going to eat.


While the boiled egg. Lol

It’s a nice surprise!

Pineapple Shrimp (315 yen)

Because it is 300 yen, the size of each one is not so, but is firmly plump ◎

The maysauce was sweet and delicious.

I have a good feeling.

If all you can drink is 300 yen a day, it is not difficult to fit within 2,000 yen for an accounting person.

It is a shop that is useful when you have no money!

Also with the line.


The original Izakaya 300 Yen South 3 article store

● Address

Hokkaido Chuo-ku, SapporoMinami 3-Jo Nishi 1-chome 2-1
Business Hours

Mon ~ Thu 17:00 ~ Next 1:00
Friday, Saturday and the day before holidays 17:00-2:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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