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Tsuyama Castle [Part I] giant Ishigaki group that can see the large scale of old times

Tsuyama Castle [Part I] giant Ishigaki group that can see the large scale of old times

Tsuyama Castle is a modern castle built by Tadamasa Mori, the first feudal lord of the Edo period. It has long been a castle of Mimasaka, which was originally a national guardian of the Muromachi period, but it has long been abandoned, and the place was changed from “Tsuruyama” to “Tsuyama”. It was a large-scale castle with five heavy tower and a large number of turrets and a long stone wall suitable for the large daimyo of the 18million stone, but the buildings were sold and discarded in the Meiji period. The castle ruins were maintained as Tsuruyama Park in the middle of the Meiji period, and the Biin tower and the Taiko fence were restored in Heisei.

Basic Data >
Name: Tsuyama Castle (aka Tsuruyama Castle)
● Location: Tsuyama-shi, Okayama ( map )
● Main building: Tadamasa Mori
-Castle: 1616 (Motowa 2 years)
-Remains: Ishigaki, Melody
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Visit >

tsuyama-8900a-9071The tour of Tsu Yamashiro starts from the parking lot of the sightseeing center in front of the castle ruins. Go up the stone steps in front of your eyes and into the castle.

tsuyama-8901When the stone steps are raised, a huge stone wall of the circumference of the Sanno Maru continues in front of the eyes. The explanation board of Tsuyama Castle ruins is lined up to the front gate (crossbar) which enters the castle from before that. Let’s prepare while watching. First, the whole map. This is the theme of the best season for flowers. There are many people who visit as a place of hanami rather than the castle ruins. Cherry blossoms are planted throughout the castle ruins, and the late March to early April is very crowded.

tsuyama-8904The front of the Sanno Maru Ishigaki. It is a method called “Lespedeza” to pile up the shape by striking the surface and piling up. According to the old maps, the trees were planted not on the old times, but on the walls. Because the top stone is thin, it is likely to have been given a gimmick called “Musha return” that they are lined up in front, and the enemy who has climbed the stone wall is difficult to overcome.

tsuyama-8905What was imagined as a reference to the illustrations of the previous reality of morifamily, Tsu Yamashiro Restoration Bird’s eye view was written. It is a huge large castle with a lot of turrets and a large number of stone walls in the tower of the fifth layer Tower type.

tsuyama-8906Tsuyama Castle ruins explanation board.

tsuyama-8911Entrance to Tsuyama Castle ruins, the front gate. Pay money at the back of the gate. Crossbar was originally built as a white monument stood. This is the back of the three-no-maru.

tsuyama-8912a-8907I found a statue in front of the entrance. In the first Tsuyama feudal lord, Mori Tadamasa, who built Tsu Yamashiro.

tsuyama-8912b-8908Mori Tadamasa Public explanation board. Mori House is packed with famous warlords of the Warring States Period, the child of Father Mori Yoshinari (well become/Nobunaga’s leading retainer, killed in USA Yamashiro), Moricho-chan (the battle killed with Ieyasu army in Nagakate), Ranmaru-Bo-Maru-Rikumaru (Nobunaga’s small surname, killed in Honnoh temple), this Tadamasa (Tsuyama Lord). This statue seems to have been made based on the tree image transmitted to the family temple.

tsuyama-8914Tsu Yamashiro Sanno Maru. It’s quite wide, but now it’s a space for shops. The high stone wall which looks in the right back is 2 No Maru Ishigaki.

tsuyama-8917The Tsuyama castle ruins explanatory board standing in the Sanno Maru. The current map (Ishigaki status) and the map of the Edo period are greatly appreciated. The staircase that goes from the Minowa to the No. 2 is the place where the gate of the castle is the largest.

tsuyama-8917a-8916This is the biggest gate in the castle. The second floor is a tower in the form that straddles the two stone walls, the first floor becomes the gate [tower Gate] format, the width 32m of what tower. The scale is comparable to Osaka Castle and Edo Castle.

tsuyama-8918The middle of the stone steps is branched to the east, and it seems to be the road which continues to the two no Maruhigashi (such as the seen tower). This time, it does not advance to this place, and goes straight to 2 no Maru.

tsuyama-8918a-9060Stone steps toward the second round. On the left side of the high stone wall, it was called a gun tower and a long tower was built.

tsuyama-8919To No. 2 Maru. From the second round, you can see the restored Bitin Tower on the south side of the Honmaru.

tsuyama-8921The Bitin tower seen from 2 No Maru. The characteristic of the Bitin tower, which was the largest tower in the castle, is “all rooms with tatami mats.” The inside is a tower like the Honmaru Palace though there are a lot of styles which enter the shoes such as a plate-laying or the DOMA. The structure was confirmed by excavation, and the height and the plane scale were set referring to the old photograph and the map, and the detailed specification of the interior etc. was built referring to other castles at the same time. It stands on a pretty high stone wall. About 15m?

tsuyama-8921b-9056From diagonal to the Bitin tower. It is a different expression from the appearance from the familiar front. And, it is surprised that the stone wall in the back of the Bitin tower is higher than the stone wall where Bitin tower is listed.

tsuyama-8921c-9053No. 2-maru explanation board. It stood quietly in the lower left side of the stone wall of Bitin Yagurashita. It is said that the Ninomaru Palace was abolished by Mr. Matsudaira who entered Tsuyama after Mori’s reform though it seemed to have lived here when Mr. Woods was a lord in the second no Maru palace in the back.

tsuyama-8923Then, it goes from the second round to the Honmaru. It advances to the east more and more along a long-lying stone wall of 2 No Maru.

tsuyama-8924If you look closely at this second-round stone wall, you can see that the stone wall has been added along the way. It seems to have been greatly extended to this right after the second-round stone wall which was originally this far.

> > Continues to Tsuyama Castle [Naka Hen] . < <

Date of Visit: March, 2014
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