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Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment

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* Volunteer Application form (. Doc) Download here .
* Volunteer Application form (. Pdf) Download here .

【 Food Festival nun Blooms 2016 Volunteer Application Guideline 】

As the 100th anniversary of the Amagasaki City system, we are planning to hold a food expo at a shop in Amagasaki, a restaurant in Amagasaki.

We aim to create a town that can enrich the future for children and young people who are responsible for the revitalization of Amagasaki through food.

As a place where young people can challenge, we are also planning to promote dance and music on stage.

We are looking for volunteers to support the event and to be able to liven up the 9/18 (Sunday) to September 19 (holiday) together.


◎ Venue, Activity date

Sponsored by: Food Festival nun Blooms 2016 Executive Committee

Venue: Hanshin Amagasaki Ekimae Central Park

Activity period: September 18 (Sun)-19 (Holiday), 2016 (2 days)

Activity time: 10:00 am-8:00 pm (19 days until 19:00)

Supported by: Amagasaki City, Okazaki City, Amagasaki City Board of Education, Kobe Shimbun, Co., Ltd. Maruhatchobaru Miso, Joint stock company Hatchobaru Miso Kaku Queue


◎ Recruitment     Capacity: 50 people (capacity)※ The number of applicants may be changed.

◎ Deadline for recruitment

2016 Year 8 Month 31 Scheduled to be closed on Sunday     ※ It will be closed as soon as the capacity.

◎ Main activities traffic arrangement and personnel arrangement (guidance of visitors, etc.), garbage cleaning, parking area guidance assistance, shop around assistance

◎ Conditions of application

(1) Persons over 18 years of age (minors must apply with parental consent).

(2) Those who can attend the volunteer briefing scheduled to be held on September 11 (Sun). * We will inform you about the time of the briefing during August.

(3) Volunteers who can work more than three hours a day

(4) Those who have been standing for a long time and are able to accept the activity without any trouble in health.

(5) Those who can work at designated place and time on the specified activity date.

(6) It is possible to apply with children, but please note that the organizer cannot take any responsibility for any problems.

In that case, I ask you not to interfere with the work of the volunteer.

(7) The dissemination of information obtained before the event is prohibited without the organizer’s permission, including SNS, etc. (slander to the organizer concerned).

(8) Those who can understand the volunteer application guidelines and observe the precautions.

◎ Precautions for Application

(1) The organizer will determine the activity location and activities. Please note that it may not be available on request.

(2) Posting rights to TV, radio, Internet, etc., such as video, photos, articles, and records of volunteer activities and briefings

The right to portrait belongs to the organizer. Third parties approved by the organizer and the organizer may be used for the purpose of event management and publicity.

◎ Paid Products

(1) A nun-blooming 2016 T-shirt (regardless of the number of days of activity, one per person).

(2) There is no provision for daily allowance and transportation expenses.

(3) If you are absent from the day of the activity, you will be required to return the T-shirt (the return fee will be borne).

◎ Handling of personal information

* In compliance with laws and related laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, the organizer will handle personal information in accordance with the personal Information protection policy.

The organizer may contact you to confirm the information necessary for the activity and the contents of the application.

◎ How to apply

Please submit the “Volunteer application Form” to the 2016 Executive Committee secretariat (1) by mail, (2) FAX, (3) by any method of e-mail.

(Please pay the postage)

◎ Contact information

3-16-12 Ansoleil 1F, Tachibana-cho, Amagasaki, 661-0025

Idea Building Studio Co., Ltd. Food Festival nun Blooms 2016 Executive Committee

Executive Chairperson Tomoya Osaka

FAX: 06-6424-3708

 * Volunteer Application form (. Doc) Download here .
* Volunteer Application form (. Pdf) Download here .

  Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

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