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Walking on a road (a slope) 3 km from Sunagawa Park at the foot of the demon Castle

Walking on a road (a slope) 3 km from Sunagawa Park at the foot of the demon Castle

The castle is considered to be one of the ancient Yamashiro from the Age (7th-8th century) of the excavated article in the ruins of Mt. Onijo in Okayama Prefecture. According to Japan oldest history book Japan , the Battle of civil wa (& Baekje) vs. tang (& Silla) in 663 (= The Battle of White Murae ) Civil wa (= The name of the country at the time of the Japan) is defeated, and then In preparation for the invasion of the Tang Dynasty, the emperor of the time, in addition to the placement of the famous Sakimori, said that the ancient castle fortress was built in various parts of western Japan. However, there is no description in Japan and other history books about the demon Castle here, and it is an ancient castle fortress of the mystery of unspecified detail. There is no record in the history book. The ancient castle is also called the ” God Basket Stone fortress”. It was selected as the Japan 100 Meijo No.69 in 2006, and became famous besides the ancient Yamashiro fan.

鬼ノ城Basic Data >
Name: Demon Castle (JoJo )
● Location: Sousha-shi, Okayama ( map )
● Main building: Wen-Luo ?
-Castle: Around 7-8 century
-Remains: Stone wall, Kadatato, Water Gate, Cornerstone Group
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Visit >

kinojo-9761sThe Demon Castle which was seen from the ruins of Bitin Takamatsu Castle . I started to go to the demon Castle as it is by bicycle (rental cycle). It seems to be insanely far away, but not so far. The photo was taken about 20 minutes after leaving Takamatsu Castle while the countryside was heading west. The white bald part that looks ahead of the arrow is Oni-no castle. There is no building to block, so it looks to the right side of the road, so the energy continues.

kinojo-9764About 45 minutes by bicycle (non-motorized) from the Bitin Takamatsu Castle ruins, I arrived at Sunagawa Park at the foot of Oni Castle. The bicycle was parked here, and it decided to go up on foot from here because it became a slope from the front of the park and was considerably severe by the bicycle. By the way, you can go to the visitor center on more than 3 km, but the roadway is narrow.

kinojo-9766A start. By the way, there is no vending machine from here, so let’s make sure to arrange the water so far. While watching the Cherry blossoms in Sunagawa Park, the promenade is not a roadway.

kinojo-9767In Sunagawa Park, the river where the stone pavement is paved neatly flows sideways.

kinojo-9768When it comes to the depths of Sunagawa Park, the roadway divides into the left and right hand. As there is a signboard in the center, the right side goes to Oni-no castle. It is a golf course when going to the left.

kinojo-9770After a while, fork the road course and the Mountain Trail course. It is difficult to understand, but there is a wooden direction plate on the left side, and it is said that it becomes the Mountain Trail course (“Sunagawa Forest sidewalk”) when entering the mountain path from front of guardrail. It is said by the person in the park that the road course is recommended for the first person because it is a fairly severe mountain road of the stock indispensable. Next to the roadway is a ruthless sign of 3000mto the Oni-no-shiro parking lot. Let’s measure how long it takes. Just now 13:30.

kinojo-9771The roadway is quite gradual, but it is far uphill and you squirmy to the left and right. Because the car occasionally comes from the top to the bottom, it stops each time and avoids. “← Oni-no-Shiro-Iwaya” stone monument discovery.

kinojo-9773After a while, a vast pond came out to the left. This is beautiful. Peace of the moment.

kinojo-9774The road becomes thin further, and the pavement becomes an old feeling. The ruthless sign of “2500m to the Oni-no-Jo parking lot” appears again here. Currently 13:36. Six minutes to go to 500m. In this condition, it is necessary to walk for 36 minutes and 30 minutes to climb in 3km.

kinojo-9776“The Oni-no-shiro parking lot is 2000m” sign appeared. It’s only 5 minutes from the 2500m point. I’m sick and tired of the paved road that doesn’t look straight beyond. There is no stone wall with no change in the scenery, and the feeling of fighting with myself. There is no one who is walking except myself (I passed by the descent person twice), and the heart becomes broken if there is no sign of M.

kinojo-9777“↑ Oni-no-Shiro-Iwaya” stone monument. It might have been only here in old times. It becomes considerably uneasy when it is this (because it does not know how much refreshing minutes).

kinojo-9778On the right side, I found a sign of 1500 meters to the Oni-no-jo parking lot. 1:47. It’s six minutes from the 2000m point. It has been able to proceed about 500m in approximately 5 -6 minutes on average. This is the next 15 minutes!

kinojo-9782… Here, the direction plate of “Walking Center →” appears pointing to the direction of the mountain path. In the direction of the roadway, “← Mt. Ruins” is written. I thought there was a “visitor center” at the foot of the Demon Castle, but it was a walking center. Just now 13:56. I was tired of walking on a road with no change in scenery or feet, so I took a trail route here.

kinojo-9783To the mountain path. If it is a roadway, it is necessary to detour and the distance extends to you squirmy, but if you go directly over the mountain, you will arrive at the walking Center (= Visitor Center). And look forward to pale expectations.

kinojo-9784This mountain road is changed by striking it up to now. The ground is soft and easy to walk, and the scenery changes.

kinojo-9787However, it becomes feeling that it is not understood well whether to have maintained such a feeling fast though the mountain road was considerably maintained in the first. There is not a signboard, and it becomes uneasiness don’t even good here.

kinojo-9788The wall of an artificial wooden bridge and the concrete block comes out, and a little relief. However, there is no such thing as the walking Center as usual, and there is no signboard like “M” which was often in the roadway.

kinojo-9789I found something like stone wall or rather masonry. It is uneasy or not lost in the way than it, and proceeds while confirming the location by looking at the GPS map of the smartphone. It is understood that it is not far from the roadway which was walking ahead though it points at the middle of the mountain without the description because it is a mountain trail even if it looks at the map.

kinojo-9790It opened suddenly when advancing for a while. Walking Center? And thought, on the private land… Sign of. It’s like a field. Avoid the field and proceed on the left side of the road.

kinojo-9791And, the result of the shock when crossing the field. I joined the driveway. After all, it seemed to have become a short-cut on the map by passing the Mountain road, but I was exhausted comfortably. It is relieved to the sign of the familiar “it is 500m to the Demon Castle parking lot”. 14:10. It took 23 minutes to go from 1500m to 1000m. It is not in the mountain road any longer.

kinojo-9792There was a “demon’s Kettle” along the road. In the legend of the region, Wen-Ra, who lives in Oni-no-Shiro, says that he boiled the sacrifice. Wen-Ra was probably the kibi of the Demon Castle, and the people who had power in the provinces (Baekje?) It is said that it was destroyed by the life of Kibititsu which was dispatched from Yamato Imperial Court. The place where the Kibitsu Hiko’s life paved the team for the Demon Castle conquest becomes Kibitsu shrine, and it is called Kibitsuhiko Shrine that dedicated the life of Kibitsu. Led.

kinojo-9793I go up the mountain road for a while. Along with the direction board “← Walking Center”, a mountain path appears beside the roadway. I’m not going anymore.

kinojo-9794When I go up the roadway for a while, the building is finally seen in the back! Apparently this is the visitor Center (walking center). 14:15. The last 500m was five minutes. Did you catch up on the mountain trail after all? A total of 45 minutes from the sign of 3000m. Many thanks did. But not the real thing from here.

So, if you walk up to the demon Castle, you will not be danced to the direction plate of the walking Center, it is recommended to go up the roadway without hesitation.

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Date of Visit: April, 2014
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