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What is the most popular character Manami Nukura-San played? /”The Lie of the mine Fujiko” Comment received: April 15, 2017 I look back on yesterday’s news in a little time. April 15 minutes. News 2019.4.16 Tue 11:45

What is the most popular character Manami Nukura-San played?

/”The Lie of the mine Fujiko” Comment received: April 15, 2017 I look back on yesterday’s news in a little time. April 15 minutes. News 2019.4.16 Tue 11:45


  • 沼倉愛美さん
  • (C) Ark Performance/少年画報社・アルペジオパートナーズ
  • 『LUPIN THE IIIRD 峰不二子の嘘』集合写真(左から宮野真守、沢城みゆき、栗田貫一、小池健監督) 原作:モンキー・パンチ (C)TMS
  • 小林清志
  • 『LUPIN THE IIIRD 峰不二子の嘘』キービジュアル 原作:モンキー・パンチ (C)TMS
  • STRICT-G×VAN『機動戦士ガンダム』(C)創通・サンライズ
  • 内田真礼写真集「etoile」イベント

In a little time I look back at yesterday’s news article in April 15 minutes.

It was Manami Nukura’s birthday on April 15.
Anime! Anime! So, with the feeling of celebrating Manami Nukura’s birthday, “What is your favorite anime character that you have played?” We conducted a questionnaire titled “Readers.” Announce the results.

From “LUPIN THE IIIRD mine Fujiko’s Lie” (May 31st Road Show), Lupin the third role, Kanichi Kurita, Daisuke Jirosho, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Fujiko Mine, Miyuki Sawashiro, and the dubbing of bin Kam and Mamoru Miyano after the end of the comment, the group photo arrived.

The first collaboration of “Mobile Suit Gundam” and “VAN JACKET” has been realized. In the apparel concept shop “STRICT-G” which incorporates the world view of Gundam, all six items such as the blazer with the emblem of Gundam are handled.

On April 13, 2019, the photo collection “Etoile” published by Makoto Uchida, a voice actor and artist, was held in Tokyo. Uchida was also on the stage at the conference, and talked about his feelings for the photo collection that became Buri about four years, and memories of the France that he visited for the first time as a location.

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“Gundam” Can you dress up? Attention to the first collaboration item with Ivy Fashion “VAN”

Makoto Uchida, 4 years Buri photo album “I think it’s more than I imagined.” Publication commemorative event repo

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“New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival” The short and feature-length competition is also intended for VR and GIF works

“Pokemon card” Enhancement extension “Sky Legend” & Movie Special “Detective Pikachu” pack appeared!

The heated contests of the new Prince of Tennis… “Kanto Tournament Tezuka Kunimitsu vs. Atobe Keigo” match, figurine!

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[Hatsune Miku] is cute lingerie ♪ “camisole & Tap Pants” and “non-wire Bra & Shorts” appeared

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