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Yomiuri TV GO! GO! “amazae” and “Nun-blooming theme song” debut at the summer festival stage

Yomiuri TV GO! GO! “amazae” and “Nun-blooming theme song” debut at the summer festival stage

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From Lin-chan in charge of the nun-blooming music

Because it is a wind that is a little ao to stage up Yo,

The Yomiuri TV 24-hour TV “Love Saves the Earth” GO! GO! We will introduce you to the summer festival.


As 2016 nun blooms, let’s put out the dining booth at the Edge,

I’m going to be able to introduce you to the stage.

I was almost up on the stage.

It was dangerous… impossible.

It’s really impossible.

Fade out and take a seat before the stage with the camera

The Anpanman show and the Takarazuka-ish song and a lot of fun events


I came to the TV venue for the first time in 24 hours.

It’s a very good event.

Children and adults can enjoy

I think it’s better to take the nun to bloom…

I was allowed to study good.


After a lot of fun


Because I was turning the video

The picture is a mess.

Please enjoy the atmosphere lightly because the video will be up later.

Stage not stand I’m so nervous

My camera has a shaky hand.


Let’s start with a brief greeting from the chairman of the Executive Committee.

However, it is a good thing to talk anywhere, Haruna to study

I don’t have time to be brief.

I was asked to explain the efforts that the nun was going to bloom.


In that effort

Design of the poster for the announcement of 2016 Nun Blooming Food Festival!!!

There is a recruitment from kindergarten to junior high school students near 80 people

The selected work has been moved to the back of the photo.

It is a work of second grade elementary school in Amagasaki City.

I said I was really nervous,

Now I have more guts than this writing. W (because it is a person who ran away unreasonable unreasonable W)

Thank you very much for the Kyobashi.


And a vocalist.

It is active in the blog of the nun blooming as good as a nun-blooming blogger!

I’m writing a story about the whole town of nun in Charlinko.

Mr. Hayashi, “nickname Shin-chan” is read by everyone

I’ve never heard a voice singing on stage

I only heard it in a karaoke box. Rude i… I really enjoyed this day.


A little introduction to the theme song of Nun blooming

Addictive Melody

I have a lot more lyrics!

Yes, I’m serious, and it flows all the way in my head.

I’ve been addicted to it since this stage.


It was really good.

On the day of the nun, we are going to have this song sung by a stage performer in each genre.

Absolutely as if W


And finally lifted the ban

Amzaae! Whether it is a character or a null character of a nun blooming

The main character.

I appeal to the activities of the nun blooming and laugh and smile to Amagasaki!!! .


Dance characters.

The performance is amazing.

The movement is interesting.


But this appearance

The whole venue is lost lol

After that, the atmosphere where laughter gradually springs out

This is the way the nun blooms.


I can’t collect it.

I’m going to have this little unusual air, amazae

I know that I also have to watch this good video

Will gradually come www


The Dance of amazae


And the announcer.

I’m not thinking about it.

And gradually, to smile…

I accumulate to the laughter according to schedule. W


Finish the view on stage safely

I was also working hard in the booth of the 2016 nun blooming.

A lot of people came to help the shop.

The Committee of the nun blooming was saved hit Thank you.





The grilled udon was delicious, of course.

The skewer cutlet is delicious when I eat after a long time.

Grilled udon and skewer cutlet set

I went to buy it twice!!!


I look forward to the production of the nun blooming ♪

I’m afraid I have time to eat.

A little more!!!

There is also a story that is not boiled, so we have to do something!!!

I’m just feeling impatient lol

Food Festival nun Blooms 2016
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2016 9/18/19 Hanshin Amagasaki ekimae Ekimae Chuo Park
We participate as an executive committee member of the Amagasaki revitalization event centering on food.
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 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

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