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Yonago Castle [Part I] climb the path of spelled relented while watching Stone Buddha

Yonago Castle [Part I] climb the path of spelled relented while watching Stone Buddha

At the end of the Warring States, the “Yoshiharu Yoshikawa”, a son of the Mouri (“Mohri”) began building the West Hoki, and was completed about 70% in Yonago Castle, the Sekigahara battle occurred at the time of the completion of mess, and it was completed in 1602. It was a grand castle with a tower of quintet and a quadruple deputy tower, but it was sold in the Meiji era and the building was torn down. A splendid stone wall ruins including a high stone wall are left everywhere in the mountain, and the masugata of 2 No Maru and relocated Nagyaken, etc. are partially existing in the mountain base in two inflection wheels of Honmaru and inner Zen Maru.

米子城Basic Data >
Name: Yonago Castle
● Location: Yonago-shi, Tottori ( map )
-Castle: Yoshikawa Hirohito/Nakamura Kazutada
Completion: 1602
-Remains: Ishigaki, Melody, well, Nagyakamon
● Information: yonago CITY HP

I created a 360 ° panorama in the Masugata Toraguchi in front of Yonago castle ruins Honmaru → here .

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The castle of Yonago remains in the Yamaichi belt called Minatoyama located about 20 minutes walk from JR Yonago station. It will go up from the mountain road on the east side where there is a masugata which remains in the second round mark of the foothills this time although there are several climbing trails to the mountain. First, before Masugata. The time is already past 5pm. I climbed up before dark and d’you the stone wall and got off!

yonago-8287a-8290Masugata before the foot of the Foothills 2. Because the signboard stands, let’s see first.

yonago-8288Yonago Castle Ruins Minatoyama Park guide map. It seems that there are five climbing paths to the castle ruins, but this time the mountain trail from the east is climbed from the north side.

yonago-8289Yonago Castle ruins explanation board. It’s a sign in 2007, but it feels dirty. The fortress which was built by Mr. Yaman at that time was written first in the time of the Oujin’s rebellion in the Koyama in front of Yonago Castle. The castle was built in the present place by Mr. Mori who had suppressed here at the end of the Warring States Period. The son of Spring Yoshikawa of the Mori River. Tower was flanked by two of the tower and quadruple deputy tower, but it seems that the quadruple was tower in the Yoshikawa era. According to the guide, Mr. Yoshikawa had built a quadruple tower in his time, but after that, Nakamura Kazutada was able to build a large tower of the quintet next to him.

yonago-8291Ninomaru traces of the foothills to Masugata. The stone wall which made up the masugata was left as it was. The next was a baseball field, and the masugata inside was a bicycle yard of the student who practiced there.

yonago-8292To the top of the masugata. The stone wall is piled up, and the corner rock is exactly cut-out. It seems that there was this big tree (whether it was a usual tree at that time) from old times because the stone wall was built to avoid the big tree.

yonago-8293There is a Nagyakan gate when going up the masugata. According to the signboard, it is a retainer of the former Ohara family Nagyado, Yonago Lord Arao of the Edo period, and architecture of the mid-period. Because it is nagyaken, it is a two-story building not only the gate. It is the only samurai house that remains in Yonago.

yonago-8296It is possible to go up from the back of Nagayamon, but this time it goes back to the east side of the Castle Road. Masugata looked down from the top of the stairs. It is said that the masugata in the Edo period was a decorative meaning to show the authority of the castle rather than the defense facilities for the Masugata (too wide to harden and to attack the enemy) according to the guide Mr.

yonago-8297a-8417When I look at the stone which constitutes the masugata, the stone that the arrow hole Mark remains firmly has been piling up.

yonago-8300Go out of the masugata and go to Tokijo Road. I go up the mountain road from here.

yonago-8303Along the mountain road, it is a stone Buddha street where you can experience the 88 Shikoku tour. It was established in the Taisho era. It goes up fast while worship the stone Buddha.

yonago-8305When the stone steps are raised, it becomes a soil-based mountain road. Stone Buddha continues still more.

yonago-8307A lot of roads are divided along the way, so I’ll go up more and more because the signs are pointing at each time.

yonago-8308After this very big Stone Buddha, the castle ruins are coming soon.

yonago-8309Go up the last stone steps. The castle ruins are finally put around.

yonago-8311A splendid stone wall is seen ahead of the stone steps! After collision moment exhausted. It’s about ten minutes from the foot of the mountain.

yonago-8312The power of this stone wall! They overwhelm something they visit

yonago-8316It goes up rapidly while passing between the stone walls. There is a rough stone wall (left side) of the field piling, too and there is a high stone wall (right side) piled up with the orderly lespedeza of the uchigome.

yonago-8317To the tower stand of a further high stone wall. This is a deputy tower unit. Lespedeza the orderly piled up. The corner of the corner stone is sharpened tightly and it is sharp. A warped warrior returns to the stone wall like Kumamoto Castle. There is a large tower on the other side of this deputy tower, but it is still invisible.

yonago-8318The sky was not seen from here, and it would have been a feeling of being in the fortress because the tower and the soil wall might have been built on the stone wall though there was an empty view in the other side of the stone wall now old times.

yonago-8319Going up the stone steps while thinking about the appearance at that time, to the mark of Iron Mikado (Kurogane mon). The last gate to the tower Honmaru was an iron gate covered with steel plates to prevent it from being burned by a fire arrow. Tower Gate of the two-story building.

yonago-8319a-8425In the Masugata beyond the Iron gate, there was a boulder where the arrow hole remains. Mr. Guide said, it is not possible to solve the stone is placed as it is left with an arrow hole in the important tiger mouth following the tower. Is it an image of the mirror stone?

yonago-8320When going up on the tower stand which constitutes the masugata, Oyama is seen far beyond.

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Date of Visit: March, 2014
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