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Amagi Castle [1/3] The maritime fortress of the Sea castle of Murakami Suigun was made a total stone wall by Todo Takora.

Amagi Castle [1/3] The maritime fortress of the Sea castle of Murakami Suigun was made a total stone wall by Todo Takora.

伊予 甘崎城
Amasaki Castle was a stronghold of Murakami Suigun in the Warring States Period in the Sea Castle, which was located in a place to hold a narrow strait called the nose chestnut Seto between Daimishima and Ikuguchi Island in the Seto inland. It is said that it became an abandoned castle before long when the Todo house becomes a turning seal to Ise although the stone wall was built to surround the island when Todo Takora was in the territory of Iyo. It is said that the stone wall of about 5m height had been towering from the water before, but it was removed for the embankment construction at the end of the Edo period. At low tide, you can see the ruins, such as a part of the stone wall left in the water, so that it becomes a land continuation with Daimishima of the west side, and it is possible to walk across the island. In June 2018, we went to the “crossing the sea” to other day the day of the great tide.

Basic Data >
Name: Amagi Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Amasaki, Kamiura-cho, Imabari-shi, Ehime ( map )
● Lord: Michiyasu Murakami, Takora todo
● Castle: 16th-17th century
-Remains: stone wall, reef pit mark

Date of Visit: June, 2018
Visit to the castle

Visit >

amazaki-map01Recap of the place. The Amagi Castle was built on an islet located in the strait between Ikuguchi Island and Ohmishima, the central part of the islands with the “Shimanami Kaido” which hangs in the Seto Inland Sea. It is said that it comes to be able to pass walking when the water level falls by the large tide though it is in the east just in the remote island.

amasaki_01_5930Other day June. Today is the day of the sea cracking of the Amasaki castle. I have participated in an event that I walked across the country from all over the world. Low tide forecast around 18:00. I came to the nearby many observatory to see the Cape of the castle in the distant view. The place is Coco . It is just a short walk from the nearby “Michi-no-eki-Shimanami Park”.

amasaki_02_5929A little unusual shape of the observatory. Although it may be a place to see many Luo Ohashi (Shimanami kaido) on the north side, the purpose of this time is to the south of the opposite.

amasaki_03_5926From the observation deck of many, the castle of Amagi. The small island looks in the right back.

amasaki_04_5924Amasaki Castle distant View telephoto. I see three islets. The Big Island on the right. It doesn’t seem to be connected yet. Currently 15:45.

amasaki_05_5935Let’s move to the vicinity of the castle. We arrived in front of the island. No clouds, no clear skies! The sea is also emerald blue.

amasaki_06_5938A big sign is a mark. You can get down to the coast from this side staircase. Let’s look at the explanation board before that.

amasaki_07_5933The Kanasaki castle ruins explanation board. It is a restoration picture of the color by Mr. Mototaro Kagawa who often sees in the magazine etc. It might have drawn on the basis of old maps published in Asano Bunko “Country Castle Diagram” of Hiroshima, the stone wall is hardened around the island, and the inside is made land. The top right is north. The place where I am now is the land of the upper left.

amasaki_08_5931View of the castle. There is a little land in front of the island. Will that spread from now on? Currently 16:08.

amasaki_09_5945I wait for excitement. Currently 16:28. It has spread considerably.

amasaki_10_5949Currently 16:37. Oh, the land in the foreground is connected to Shiroyama. The top of the foreground is already dry sand.

amasaki_11_5956Currently 16:40. The land is spreading steadily. I’ve been speeding up at once. Great Tide!

amasaki_12_5966Currently 17:01. The island which was L-shaped was completely rounded. The water is decreasing more and more overall.

amasaki_13_5968Currently 17:04. I can’t wait to get down. And you will notice a critical error. I think that the land in front of this eye spreads fast and comes to the front and is connected 、、、

amasaki_14_5973A shallow part was made to the left back toward the island at an angle. The water is not completely pulled yet, but it is already about 5cm in depth, and a friend of friends began to walk! Currently 17:05.

amasaki_15_5976Faucet across the shallow sea. I wear the crocs today for this, not the shoes of the usual Yamashiro attack. It was a sunny and hot day, so the water is cold and comfortable!

amasaki_16_5979I walk fast and aim at the Kanasaki Castle. There are several people who have already landed. Fifth Avenue Spear or so? I want to go straight to the island on the right.

amasaki_17_5980Oh, finally landed!

amasaki_18_5982To the new island that was spread in front of the island, landed! Currently 17:13. In the forecast, about 6:05 PM was the maximum low tide, so one hour ago, the surface of the sea was shallow and walked to the level.

amasaki_19_5983To the middle of the island. The picture was not taken but the back was still the sea, and this central Niijima did not lead to the land in the end. Admission’s headed from the shoal on the left side. The person seems to have crossed in succession. Haggling’s see the remains before the traffic jams.

amasaki_20_5985In front of the castle, only the bottom of the stone column to be called the wreckage of the stone wall remained.

amasaki_21_5986The stone is arranged neatly in a row. At that time, the stone wall of height suited (about 5m) had been piled up on this.

amasaki_22_5988A place square in a stone column. It seems that there was a doorway though a little shape is different from the figure of the castle country.

amasaki_23_5991Towards the island to the right back (south). It is said that there is a place where the stone wall is often left in this interior. It seems to be a stone column in the foreground and the back wall.

amasaki_24_5992It is a square-shaped stone wall that looks like a tower stand. It is not amusing even if there is a corners one even without saying to the turret in the tower though only the stone wall is drawn in the figure of the castle of the country.

amasaki_25_5993Let’s wrap it around the stone wall. It is a stone with a big shell because it is a place soaked in water usually.

amasaki_26_5995To corners. Ground is bedrock, not soil. The rock was put on a little place and the corner stone wall was built well. The stone wall remained neatly only by this around three stages.

amasaki_27_5999It goes down to the place where it falls down and it takes a picture. Usually, this stone wall is all in the sea. It seems that the stone wall of about this three times had been piled up in fact because there is a stone wall height suited in an old pictorial.

amasaki_28_6004Corners a firm look. The bottom is bedrock. There was the stone wall which stacked the corner stone on the rock where bedrock had risen, too in Mihara Castle. There is only three steps, but it has become an abacus pile.

amasaki_29_6006Let’s look at the sides. Because I soak in water all the time, it is discolored and yellow.

amasaki_30_6009The stone wall which has endured for 400 years while floating or sinking. Masterpiece.

amasaki_31_6014The stone wall is interrupted in this area. It was surrounded around the island. If it had remained, it would have been a spectacle of the masterpiece.

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Date of Visit: June, 2018
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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