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April 14 (Sun) second time home to the long-established maid Café “Maylish” in Akihabara (entering shop)…

April 14 (Sun) second time home to the long-established maid Café “Maylish” in Akihabara (entering shop)…

Good evening, everyone! This time, I write about the long-established maid Café “Malish” in Akihabara. The other day, I was introduced in the blog for the first time in the first infiltration article, so there are many people who are reading the article there is a surprising response, I also wrote about the second entry store.
The article at the time of ★ first entry is here…
I entered the shop for the first time before dawn on Saturday, April 13 , but I wanted to see Mr. Malish ‘s appearance in the daytime, and I went there on Sunday, April 14 , the next day.
The surrounding atmosphere changes in daytime and the night.
On the back of the black board, a word of welcome was written.

Go upstairs.

Before that, I took a picture of the shop where the maid’s clothes were decorated with a Chile.

When I entered the shop, three maids were there, and I received a polite greeting and a pickup and was guided to the counter of a non-smoking seat.

It was lunchtime, so I had trouble seeing the menu and eating something.
The inside of the restaurant was bright because there was no window curtain, and the inside of the store was brighter compared with the night.
I wonder if there were about three regular customers.
The maid seemed to be having a good time chatting with guests when he was free.
I waited for a while and the curry was brought to me.

It smelled very delicious.

I tasted it immediately, but the meat was soft and melts in my mouth.

I was a little disappointed that the amount of rice and curry was too much Lou. (^ ^;)
It might have been able to increase the amount of rice in the fee, but I thought that it was surely eating and answering if it was large-sheng.

After a meal, take a cup of hot coffee.

The maid came to talk to me, and I was a little surprised to hear that the first day was late at night in my second home. Is it because there are few people at the first entrance at midnight?
There is an outlet which can charge the counter seat and the table seat, and it is possible to stay long by connecting to the net because there is WIFI.
In the daytime, it becomes a store in 90 minutes when the one-order system is crowded in 90 minutes, so if it is not crowded, I can spend it slowly.
When I was spending slowly, regulars came in succession and the store became a little busy.
Maylish is also a shop that does not distribute leaflets in Akihabara in the few outside.
Malish is a part common With “Honeyhoney” of the Maid Café in Akihabara, and it is a steady shop which does not stand out showy like the Con Café.
I thought that such a cozy shop was loved and lasted for a long time.
I thought that it was good to use it for the day when I wanted to bring a personal computer and to concentrate work.
Moreover, it is recommended for the person who wants to experience a little maid café because it willingly puts it like the coffee shop without resistance even for the first time of the Con Café and the Maid Café.
This was the only one time stay, but I was able to enjoy the delicious curry and have a good time.
I went out of the shop to undertake the see-through of the maid who thought that I would like to come soon again.

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