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At the night bird

At the night bird


When I looked at the net, I went to the “Night bird” because there was food to be worried about.

This day the company syncs and visits.



The store is not so wide and has about 20 seats.

It is a shop with a feeling of cleanliness.

First of all, you can get to your seat and order an unlimited drink (100 minutes 880 yen).

Draft beer appetizer

The appetizer is ginger in the foreground and the back is a rock seaweed soup.

There was plenty of rock seaweed in the soup of gentle taste ◎

Salad with bird (480 yen)

Soy sauce-based dressing?

It is a little spicy and it is good as a snack ♪

The texture of the baby star is fun.

Tsukune (300 yen), Torisei (300 yen)

The bird spirit is salt, and tsukune is a miso sauce.

The bird spirit is soft and the salt is just good ◎


Tsukune’s miso sauce is also delicious!

It fragrant and the sense of smell is stimulated, too.

Chicken Harman (580 yen)

The purpose of this day is Kore!

It is hard to understand in a little photograph, but it is meat with bone.

It is small, but the meat is soft and the cloth is saskuri.

It is sweet seasoning, and the affinity with mayonnaise is also distinguished ♪

This is delicious!

The clientele was mainly male customers.

But I was also able to see a student-like woman ◎

It is reasonable, and if you want to eat atomic meat, come. Lol

Also with the line.


At the night bird

● Address

Hokkaido Minami Rokujo Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Poplar Building 1f
Business Hours

18:00 ~ 5:00 (LO next 4:30)

Sundays, Holidays ~ 24:00 (LO23:30)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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