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Curry Bar Minamihouse Honten

Curry Bar Minamihouse Honten


I went to “Curry Bar minamihouse Honten” which also has a curry curry soup.

I’ve heard it several times before.


It is decorated with an American feel.

There are a lot of posters on display!


Here is the menu.

It is a menu that imaged the record.



I had soup curry before, so this time I went to Lou Curry.

Curry bread is worth worrying about… Lol.

I’ve been waiting for about ten minutes.

Beef with pulp (1,000 yen)

It’s so yummy! Thank you for this meal!!


The sweetness of the vegetable is on the front and is quite delicious ◎

I can’t make it at home. Of course, hehe.


There were plenty of beef, and it was a pulp as a notation.

It was delicious.

We were able to see a lot of customers without choosing a customer.

Personally, this shop felt more delicious than the curry curry.

I regret that I did not order curry bread… Lol.

Also with the line.


Curry Bar Minamihouse Honten

● Address

Hokkaido 3-jo 16-16-8, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

11:30-15:30 (LO15:00)
17:30-21:30 (LO21:00)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Wednesday, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays


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