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Delina “Egg bacon Toast & Morning Set”

Delina “Egg bacon Toast & Morning Set”

Delina “Egg bacon Toast & Morning Set”


Today’s lunch (a few days ago)

1f, Chuo 1-chome, Aoba-ku, JR Sendai station

Go to Bakery Café D’linaあし

There is also a drink set

It is not a popular “Chikuwa bread”

From the corner of the morning bargain

“Egg bacon toast” (100 yen) is taken to the tray

I ordered the “Morning Set” (+ 300 yen) until 10 o’clock at the checkout counter.ビックリマーク

I asked for an iced coffee to warm the bread and drink.

Finish the accounting, receive the goods, to the café spaceDASH!

Egg & bacon on thick piece & soft breadビックリマーク

The salad is macaroni, and the yogurt is accompanied by strawberry jam.

The iced coffee was a taste of stability.


Opening hours are from 7:00.


I forgot, but what kind of dinosaur do you like?はてなマーク

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Thank you very much.真顔


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