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Fantasy Dining Moon Princess

Fantasy Dining Moon Princess


I came to want to go to the shop of the idea which changed a little, and went to ‘ fantasy dining moon princess ‘.

It is a shop that the image of Takeatori story.


When I go inside, the clerk who is serving is only a woman!

I wear a unique uniform, and you are all beautiful people ◎

Because of the nature, I feel a lot of male customers… Lol.


I am absorbed in the interior with such a feeling.

Chopstick rest’s cute too.


Then, shall I ask for a drink?

All you can drink (coupon used Ebisu 120 minutes 1,280 yen)

Appetizer is sauteed duck.

It is delicious by the exquisite seasoning ◎

Pickles 3-point platter (550 yen)

The long potato in the front left was especially delicious!

By the way, the right side is pee.

Horai Ball Fly (580 yen)

The Horai ball is like a tofu cheese thing.

The presentation is also interesting.

I have to put salt, but the taste of cheese was very rich and delicious ♪

Please check this one if you like cheese lol ◎

Caesar Salad (700 yen)

Plenty of powdered cheese.

There is a volume considerably, and delicious.

Cheese smell and fried ascension (580 yen)

Because I was worried by the name, I ordered it.

And because I was drunk, I don’t remember much lol.

I remember that the skin of the spring roll was crunchy and the liquor advanced.

A bouquet with love from nobleman to wife (580 yen)

Also by name LOL.

It is a prosciutto roll of cheese and baby leaf.

It is decided to be delicious ♪

Basically, the presentation of dishes is beautiful, and the concept is clear and interesting.

The service was good too!

Soba, fish, meat, tofu, and cheese are offered as “five major specialties”, so please come if you like any.

I had only cheese this time lol

Also with the line.


Fantasy Dining Moon Princess

● Address

Hokkaido Minami 5-Jo Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 8th Pole Starville 3f
Business Hours

Sun-Thu/Holiday 18:00-1:00 pm

Fri, Sat, and public holidays: 18:00 ~ Next 3:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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