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Food Festival Nun Blooms 2016 We will support young people who bear the nun of the future as well as eating.

Food Festival Nun Blooms 2016 We will support young people who bear the nun of the future as well as eating.

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Food Festival nun Blooms 2016 Challenge stage Music Division
Come on, you’re a nun!


Amagasaki City Centennial Event “food Festival nun Blooms 2016”, “I like singing!” We are looking for a group of young generation. It is also the concept of “nun blooming”, “the young people of the AMA” offer a chance to challenge, based on the Challenge Stage Music division, “Amagasaki, 100 years after the young people sing. ReSound “Harmony of bonds” as a planning concept, we will provide a place where you can express the challenge spirit of the young generation in the song, such as friends and family.
I want to connect the power of the bond which unites more through harmony to the revitalization of Amagasaki city in the future.


To stay at
September 18 (Sun) and 19 (Mon), 2016
(We will confirm the requested date, but there is the case that it is not crispy to hope)

Time: 10:00-18:30/19 days, 10:00 to 18:30 (* details undecided)
Venue: Hanshin Amagasaki Ekimae Central Park “food Festival nun Blooms 2016” challenge stage

[Contents of implementation]
In a group of up to 15 people from 16 to 25 years of age, the “bond” included in the concept will be expressed in a song.
As a result of rigorous examination, we elect a group that participates in the challenge stage.

[Performance Rules]
Each group has one song to play. The playing time is within six minutes. There is no selection of songs.
Please prepare the karaoke sound source (CD-R only) necessary for the performance by yourself.
* The accompaniment form is a keyboard or karaoke sound (CD-R only).
・Available equipment is a microphone (up to six) and a keyboard (88 keys).
-The keyboard will be prepared by the organizer (not allowed)
The sound of the keyboard will be the piano only.

Eligibility for participation
・Lives in Amagasaki City, from Amagasaki, or “I like nun anyway!” The person who is 16 to 25 years old. (Students, adults, and organization)
-Chorus Group of 2 to 15 people.

How to apply
The application form of the distribution (see below), or “the 2016 Challenge Stage Music division of the Food Festival nun Blooms” on the special homepage
(1) Fill in the necessary information (input),
(2) Please send a mail or data to the following address along with an application sound source (video) and an appeal video (optional).

* You can download the application form here .

※ ※ About the sending of the sound source for the application (video) ※ ※

Please submit the recording of the vocal for the examination with a CD-R (mail) or data.
When recording on a CD, be sure to record it as a “music playback CD” (No data CD).
When submitting with data, please in MP3 format (sound source) MP4 format (VIDEO). (Within 25MB)

※ ※ About the appeal video ※ ※

1. Group name (required)
2. Appeal points (thoughts on Amagasaki, enthusiasm for participation, etc.)
In one minute. In addition, please understand that the received video will be posted in the Special homepage.

— Mailing Application address —
3-16-27 Hanamachi, Amagasaki city, 〒 661-0025
Idea Building Studio Co., Ltd. “Food Festival nun Blooms 2016 executive Committee” Challenge Stage Music Division participation Section
— Address for data transmission —

— Challenge Stage Music category website URL —

Please apply to the secretariat by any of the above methods. Please note that we will not return the sound source (video) submitted to you in advance.


【 Recruitment Period 】
Sunday, May 1-Thursday, June 30, 2016
[Selection of participating groups]
■ Selection period: Friday, July 1 – Monday, July 4, 2016
■ Selection criteria: Screening by documents and judging instruments and appeal videos * The content of the performance is the priority of the examination.
■ Announcement: July 6, 2016 (Wed. 2016 Challenge Stage Music category “The Festival of the nun Blooms” announcement on the Special homepage (all 16 teams will be recruited)
■ Jury: “Come on, you’re a nun!” Event Executive Committee


[Benefits and participation award]
・Free Voice Training (30 minutes for each group) at the new Hibiki Instruments Co., Ltd., without the challenge Stage participation Group.
* The duration of the implementation will be selected from the prior notice period and participate.

The best group offers two benefits:
All members of the group will receive a free meal ticket (where one food) for the opening store of the “Food Festival nun Blooms 2016”.
● From Shinhibiki Instruments Co., Ltd., give vocal lessons for one month (30 minutes/3 times)

-Shinhibiki Instrument Co., Ltd. website

Contact Us

Food Festival nun Blooms 2016
(Home page
2016 9/18/19 Hanshin Amagasaki ekimae Ekimae Chuo Park
We participate as an executive committee member of the Amagasaki revitalization event centering on food.
Please be sure to open the schedule.

Please send me a direct message to the following mail to a delicious information etc. Beatandfeeling ★
* Replace ★ with @.
Attention : When there is not a reply too much, it is possible to enter the Junk Mail folder,
I would appreciate it if you could offer me an email to comment orchid.

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