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Harashiro [1/4] Honmaru on the north Face, the fresh stone debris that has been destroyed continues endlessly.

Harashiro [1/4] Honmaru on the north Face, the fresh stone debris that has been destroyed continues endlessly.

Founded at the end of the 15th century by Mr. Arima, who ruled the Hizen during the Muromachi period and the Warring States, the castle was more robust than the Hino Castle, the home of Mr. Arima. In the Edo period, Mr. Arima became a rolling seal, and the modern castle and Shimabara Castle were built by Mr. Matsukura who had come instead, and the original castle was once abandoned. However, it becomes a base of the rebel army in the huge brotherhood “Shimabara Rebellion” which broke out by the misrule of Mr. Matsukura and is suddenly famous. The rebels, who had been besieged by the castle, were destroyed in the last three months in the absence of a refill or supply, and the castle was also thoroughly demolished. In recent excavations, large numbers of human remains and crosses, as well as huge tiger mouths, residence marks, and pit dwellings have been discovered.

Basic Data >
Name: Harashiro (aka Higurashi Castle)
● Location: Minami-Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki ( map )
● Main building: Takajun Arima
● Castle: late 15th century
-Remains: Ishigaki, Melody, Kubori
● Information: Japan 100 Meijo No.188 ( list )

The one , two , three , and four of the original castle visit.

Visit >

The original ruins were able to take the Shimabara railway before, but because the route of the Shimabara Outer port South was abolished in 2008, the public institution only has the bus now. There is a free parking lot in front of the Honmaru castle ruins, so if you go by car, aim there.

Honmaru to the parking lot in front. A long, low stone wall spreads in front of the eyes suddenly. Old Times is said to have surrounded the entire honmaru firmly, but because it has been thoroughly destroyed after the turbulence of Shimabara, now only slightly lower stone walls remain. Still, the excavation and the maintenance business of recent years have been maintained in the shape that a lot of stone walls are visible.

First, from the original castle ruins description board that is installed in the parking lot. It seems that the Voice guide sounded in the national language when the button was pressed, but the “Voice guide Failure” is a lonely display. Because I prepared a national language version, I have to write a fault notation in English. The current location is in the northwest part of the Honmaru.

Because I cannot hear the Voice guide, I read the character finely and prepare it. Harashiro was built by Mr. Arima who ruled the Hizen in the Muromachi period, but the stone wall which is seen now seems to have been built in the Keicho period. Old Times said there was also a mansion and a three-layer tower. The castle was abandoned in 1615, but most probably remained intact, and it would have endured the siege for three months after being based in Brotherhood 20 years after the castle was abandoned.

Before entering the Honmaru, look at the huge “empty moat” traces in the back of the parking lot. Because the honmaru of Harashiro faces the Ariake Sea, it was possible to make Honmaru an isolated “island” state by building a huge sky-digging in this position. According to the pamphlet, the moat is likely to have been built by the rebels during the turbulent time of Shimabara.

The empty Moat explanation board also stood. Not only the defense equipment, but also had become a place to harbouring non-combatant at the time of siege. The people who had been housed in such a place would not have had a living feeling!

Honmaru previous empty moat. The other side of the empty moat, according to the pamphlet, seems to have been a melody called “Hatoyama Demaru”.

Honmaru previous empty moat. I don’t know if there was a roadway from that time, but if it were not, it would be an island on land.

The entrance to Honmaru is now excavated two, and there is “Honmaru major gate” on the west Side, and “Ikejiri mouth” on the east side. It might be a reverse route, but since the wall part which has been torn down continues to be worried about, I will head towards the Ikejiri mouth gate in the east. From the parking lot to the Honmaru, proceed this narrow road on the left.

Honmaru Stonewall. The style of “castle” where the corners was broken. As you can imagine from the fact that the surface of the stone is discolored to the sallow, the entire area was completely buried in the soil until the excavation was done (local guide’s story). Admired dug me up.

Let’s go along the walls. The stone which was destroyed is scattered in the bend part of the stone wall which should be called Yokoya. Corners is completely broken and the soil is exposed. The sign is standing.

Corners inside the Ishigaki. The upper part of the stone wall is destroyed, and the under is piled on stones. There is a part where a small stone called Kuriishi which is packed behind the boulders of the stone wall is exposed. This kuraishi is known for its Ishigaki technology since the weaving period, and the stone walls of the original castle are also used (i.e., construction after that). Interesting!

The explanation board corners the stone wall. It is said that the stone wall is destroyed, and throwing away (the image which breaks from the top of the ring and drops down) has been buried. It is said that it is heard that the building was still left in almost standing state without breaking except the material which had been taken for the Shimabara Castle fortress in the rupture Castle of 1615 (one country Ichijo Ordinance) because the tile piece also went out a lot, and the turbulence of Shimabara.

View from the wall side to the northeast. The lower part of the front is hasuike, and it is said that the right Honmaru was made an island in conjunction with Horikiri seen ahead in the turbulent time of Shimabara. The low part continues to the Ariake Sea as it is. The high part on the left side is a two-round mark according to the pamphlet.

Back to the Wall walk. The corners is broken. Kuraishi is rumbling. Painful. However, the part which had been buried in the soil was excavated well here. Minami-Shimabara City is many thanks.

The destruction of the city walls is seen and the gun is moved to the interior. Or rather, the stone wall that was destroyed is vividly vivid, and it does not advance easily. This force!

To the back further. The base which seems to run the dog is built in the side (outside) of the stone wall. The damage of the stone wall around here seems to be less (though it might be a reload).

The walled area has a slightly complicated bend. There is the feeling that it is likely to get up from here on, and if old times is so, is not it in the center Honmaru (Amakusa Shiro House) above this?

Whether the chestnut is exposed, or just an old stone wall, the mysterious remains of the original ruins of large and small mix. Did you find this area and re-piled it with the old maps?

The destruction of this area is also terrific.

Classic composition of the stone wall and the back wall of the front. I can feel the size of the castle ruins.

And to Ikejiri mouth. The top of the hill is a temple. The stone wall in this area only has been broken at the top, and the lower part remains comparatively neatly.

From the vicinity of the Ikejiri mouth, see the west Side and Honmaru Major gate. The parking lot where the car on the right is parked is started. The walls were so Part1 that we could only walk along the walls. Recommended.

In Part2, it enters the Honmaru from Ikejiri mouth.

> > Harashiro [2/4] continues. < <

Date of Visit: October, 2014
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