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Hizen Castle [1/4] Taiko to the castle ruins where the high stone walls are torn after death.

Hizen Castle [1/4] Taiko to the castle ruins where the high stone walls are torn after death.

Taiko Hideyoshi was established in 1591 in order to establish its base for the Tang Dynasty (Ming Invasion). The large corps led by the daimyo of the whole country crossed from here to the sea, and the role of so-called “Bunroku and Keicho” broke out. It is said that there was prosperity that the five layers of large tower and the total stone wall construction were built, and the circumference was lined the jinya of the national daimyo to several kilometers around the castle. During the second sending troops, Hideyoshi died (in 1598), sending troops was discontinued, and the castle became useless. The material was converted to Karatsu Castle, which was built afterwards. The stone wall was torn down as well as other abandoned castles after the disturbance of Shimabara. The stone, the track, and the moat ruins, and each feudal Lord Jinya traces remain in a vast land now.

Basic Data >
Name: Nabiya Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Karatsu-shi, Saga ( map )
● Built Principal: Toyotomi Hideyoshi
-Castle: 1591
-Remains: stone wall, Melody, moat, daimyo Jinya traces
● Information: Japan 100 Meijo No.87 ( list )

This article was introduced to the princess-kun Diary of history tourism Hizen Meiya Castle. Thank you very much!
Link: Princess diary , introduction article [2015.4.22], Hizen Meigoya Castle Historical tourism

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The Hizen castle ruins are located at the northern end of Karatsu city in Saga Prefecture and have a tough location in a public institution. It is about 40 minutes by bus from Jr Hakata Station to Karatsu station on JR Chikuhi line. This time, we went straight to a tee bus tour. I appreciate the tour, but the local stroll time is too short (this time the museum 30 minutes, 1 hour castle ruins) is ashes to the ball.

Before the Daigoya castle ruins Major Kadaguchi. Behind this is the museum of the famous Guardian Castle. The museum and the castle ruins are generous of free admission. In fact, I went to the castle ruins from a light look at the museum, the blog first introduced from the castle ruins, and finally introduce the museum.

The whole map that was in front of the museum. It is not a scale that can be easily able to be around in one hour by all means, but enter the township and follow the township ahead. (One-hour guide course was from major mouth to Higashi-maru → Mitsumaru → Honmaru)

A beautiful signboard is being built here and there in the castle. The information is full, it is hard to read the site is hard, but many of the old maps, the scene and the appearance of the time can be compared on the spot is fun. This is also seen in the museum, the Hizen Nabiya Castle Figure folding screen. It is depicted as a zakri, and it is understood that it is actually drawn fairly finely along reality.

To the big mouth. A big mouth between the stone walls. In the case of the folding screen, the appearance of the vicinity of the big mouth is not drawn because it is drawn from the opposite direction, and only the evidence which came out in the excavation seems to be reliable.

An explanation board of the unusual form of the folding screen type. In consideration of the customers of the middle and south, or a little too much deprecating the story of the Middle Ages more than 400 years ago. Incidentally, the country that had war with Japan at that time was “Ming” and “Lee” Korea (Ming’s book Seal country, sect relation). Another dynasty that is not a Chinese Korea.

The map part of a screen signboard. It is easy to understand, but the attractions are not drawn, so you can get at the information office next to the museum or major mouth, “the famous Castle Ruins guide map” is less missed than the reference.

It’s a big port. A straight-up Castle Road continues to the back.

The monument Semba the famous Guardian Castle. The Stone of the stone wall which was torn is scattered around. It seems to be a monument of prewar days because it is written as “Ministry of the Interior” (“Semba” is also the old character of “site”).

Big Mouth. The stone wall on the right is a tower stand.

High stone wall on the left side of the big mouth. The top of the stone wall is Sanno Maru. The “Noface piling” style that a large boulder mixed with big and small is piled up like the work of woven Yutaka late. Although there was no description about the height, there seems to be 10m.

The bent part of the Sanno Maru stone wall. Corners’s been undergoing destruction by the dedispose of this invision. It is preserved in the atmosphere that the stone wall broke down 400 years ago and it is exhibited.

Big Mouth Tower stand Ishigaki.

Major mouth explanation board. The mark of the tenement House seems to have been excavated in the plaza in the back (east) of the tower stand.

“Tokijo-Zaka” is seen from around the big Mouth tower. The castle area is on the left side of the high stone wall, but it is necessary to go around once this slope rises to the innermost to enter once. The square where the tenement mark was excavated is low on the right side.

Sanoko-Marutaka Ishigaki. The remodeling repair work was done, and the high stone wall in the vicinity of the tower stand which I saw before has a slightly different hue of the atmosphere. While the stone wall of the castle ruins is undergoing the destruction of Ishigaki by the ruin, it does not mean that the whole is broken, but the part is broken into a V-shape, and the other part remains thus beautifully because of the method along the “convention of the Castle”.

They climb up a hill The front thrust is “Higashi-maru”.

Sanoko-Marutaka Ishigaki. The surface is neatly cut and the trace which is flattened is shown.

On the right side of the direction, the tower marks of Higashi-maru. A considerably high stone wall is constructed from the tune ring that the tenement under the hill was built although the top was destroyed by the example.

Higashi-Maru Panorama. It is uniformly flat and quite wide. It is also a place where you can view the castle town.

It is a castle town district from Higashi-Maru. It hits the northeast direction. The forest in front is called “Tokugawa Ieyasu Jinya Mark”. The Yobuko is famous for squid, and the other side of the bridge (right side) is said to have had another team of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Higashi-maru explanation board. It is called “a Thousand Masu”, but is it a small bee to accommodate 1000 people? The cornerstone, gravel and stone steps have been discovered in the excavation (pre-filled). It seems to have been in the position overlooked from the two-layer tower which was in the entrance of the solidly Maru surrounded by the clay fence and the Tammon tower by the folding screen picture. By the way, according to the guide, Mr. Taiko Hideyoshi’s-home was right under the Higashi-maru, and now it is completely forest as pictured above, but it was likely that something would come out after excavation. By the way, the Noh stage is drawn under this in the folding screen picture.

Higashi-Marumaru Tower stand Ishigaki. The stone steps which look beautiful are almost re-loaded to prevent collapse. Let’s climb on the tower stand.

From the top of the Higashi-Maru tower. The tower was not built on this tower stand when the folding screen picture was seen? Looks like it too. In other words, it’s like a lookout wall surrounded by stone walls. Instead, there is a two-layer tower on the wall of the three-round side of the hill.

The tower stand on the road leading to Higashi-Maru and Minowa. Not only the corners but also the top is being methodically destroyed.

In Part2, we will head from the Honmaru to the third round.

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Date of Visit: October, 2014
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