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Home Rice Usui Saryuu wa

Home Rice Usui Saryuu wa


We went to Usui Saryuu WA, a healthy and delicious meal.

It is a rice café.


When I enter the store, I greet you with a very pleasant customer,

You will be guided to the counter seat by the window.

The store is like a cute Japanese café.

The BGM was jazz.

The menu. There are only a few, lol.

I am expecting the shop which I write by handwriting like this on the menu board in me.

There are a lot of shops which are taking a hand in the dish ♪

I was more lost in the menu than I expected,

I ordered a chicken and a main dish of the dinner set today.

I’ve been waiting for about ten minutes.

Today’s dinner set (chicken and 1,300 yen)

I took a picture after I put the sauce lol.

It’s pretty volumetric!!

Three kinds of side dishes

Sorry, I forgot to ask what these dishes were.

It was like a stir-fry with meat, burdock and tomato flavor.

All of them are seasoned, but it was a natural taste or a gentle taste.

Steamed Egg custard

This is also gentle seasoning.

I’m going to unwind ◎

Chicken and

Big chicken and four pieces! I’m so happy!

Fat is very small, but it is fried.

When you finish eating, dessert comes out here.

Coffee jelly

You will be charged with milk.

The coffee jelly itself should have been black.

The spoon is also cute.


Coffee jelly is good after the meal.

The inside of the mouth is refreshed.

I usually use it when it is near the house.

Let’s have lunch this time!

Also with the line.


Home Rice Usui Saryuu wa

● Address

Hokkaido 1-24 Kita 11-Jo Nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo Shin-cho Bldg 2f
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 15:00 (L.O.14:30)

17:00 ~ 21:00 (L.O.20:30)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Sunday, national holidays, second Monday


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