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Iwaki Kameyama Castle: A castle with a view of the strait built in the “nose of the castle” on Iwaki Island.

Iwaki Kameyama Castle: A castle with a view of the strait built in the “nose of the castle” on Iwaki Island.

Iwaki Kameyama Castle was built on a hill called “Castle Nose” which projected to the southern end of the island by the Murakami pirate-related Sea castle on Iwaki Island in the central part of the Geiyo Islands, and seemed to have defended the strait between Ako Root Island in the south. Shimanami Kaido does not go through the rock Kijima and needs to cross by boat. Now it becomes the Iwaki Hachiman Shrine, and the view of the ground and the Strait view is seen. In the bedrock of the sea, reef pits like the Noshima Castle and the Amagi Castle remain.

Basic Data >
Name: Iwaki Kameyama Castle
● Location: Iwaki Ueshima-cho, Ochi-gun, Ehime ( map )
● Lord: Keikichi Murakami
● Castle: Eitoku three years (1396)
-Remains: Melody, Kirikishi, reef pit

Date of Visit: December 2014

Visit >

murakami_kaigun_mapThe location of the Geiyo Islands and the Murakami Pirates related sites and the Iwaki Kameyama Castle. The Iwaki Island with the Turtle Castle is in the middle part.

iwagi_kameyama-01_4067Because the rock Kijima is not connected with Shimanami Kaido, it crosses by the ship. To Iwaki Port, south of Iwaki Island.

iwagi_kameyama-02_4065View of the castle ruins from the boat. The top of the center is flat, and the mound is Iwaki Turtle Mountain ruins. The roof on the left is Iwaki Hachiman Shrine, and the right side sticks out to the sea and is called “the castle’s Nose”. The far right mountain is ako root island.

iwagi_kameyama-03_4064The island map was in the Iwaki fishing port. The Iwaki Hachimangu Shrine and the “Castle Nose” are written on the right side of the fishing port.

iwagi_kameyama-04_4063Walk around the island and head for the Iwaki Turtle Mountain Castle ruins. I found an old splendid building along the road on the way.

iwagi_kameyama-05_4019Iwaki Folk Museum. It was stopped at the time of the change of attendance of the Iyo Matsuyama Lord in the ruins of the residence and the island Honjin of an old house Miura family on Iwaki Island.

iwagi_kameyama-06_4021Unfortunately, it is closed during the visit. Just enjoy the look.

iwagi_kameyama-07_4062Three round tiles are drawn in a circle.

iwagi_kameyama-08_4026sWell, the approach to the Iwaki Hachiman Shrine which was built on a small hill appeared when heading east further beyond the local pavilion.

iwagi_kameyama-09_4028Iwaki Hachiman Shrine Stone Torii. The Komainu is greeted with a slightly upright wind.

iwagi_kameyama-10_4031We still climb to the castle ruins.

iwagi_kameyama-11_4033I finally saw the top of the mountain.

iwagi_kameyama-12_4060Arrived at the main Guo. It is a fairly wide ground in the precincts of the Iwaki Hachiman Shrine.

iwagi_kameyama-13_4035Iwaki Hachiman Shrine Front shrine and main shrine.

iwagi_kameyama-14_4053Front Shrine The Iwaki Hachiman Shrine. In the tradition, it is one of seven companies that the Genyoroshi was erected in the middle of Heian period. It is said that it was a shrine before Mr. Murakami’s castle was able to be.

iwagi_kameyama-15_4036Iwaki Turtle Mountain Castle ruins explanation board considerably disappearing. Because I cannot read it and write it down → “Iwaki Hachiman Shrine Co., Ltd. (1392) The Descendants Murakami repair Ryo Keikichi of the Kitabatake nakagon source microscope is residing on Iwaki Island. Currently Iwaki Hachiman Shrine ground this. After that, the time of the 废嫡 Kono House Strange, both the extermination died. And □. The hole for the pier or the castle is left about 20 on the reef, and the look of the medieval fortress is stopped as the remaining ruins the Honmaru, No. In the drawing on the left, it is not visible here either though it is likely to have drawn whether it is a 2 no Maru, a Sanno Maru, and Musha.

iwagi_kameyama-15a_4036.jpgDrawing up. Hmm, not sure. A round mark on the left edge (reef pit? And the castle’s nose, and is written. The one like Horikiri is drawn before that. It is a place where the building which seems to be square front shrine of the center right is drawn now. According to the other material, from here to the south (left), the nose of the Honmaru, no Maru, castle. The Sanno Maru was with the north side of the castle (right of the figure, faint and invisible).

iwagi_kameyama-17_4037Let’s go towards the south side of the castle, the 2 No Maru, the castle nose. The shrine feeling disappears from the shrine grounds a little south, and it becomes like a fortress soon. The castle aisle divides the Honmaru and the two-no-maru.

iwagi_kameyama-18_40382 No Maru. The impression of the melody which became low one step toward the sea. It is also well-cut and flat.

iwagi_kameyama-19_4039To the back of the second no Maru. The surrounding area is covered with trees, but if it is cut down, the strait will be seen because of the location sticking out to the sea.

iwagi_kameyama-20_4043Came up to the tip. Is this the tip of the castle’s nose? Unfortunately, the trees are overgrown, and the sea and the view are not seen without look. Let’s take a look at the sea from the gaps in the trees.

iwagi_kameyama-21_4045Strait seen from the tip of the nose of the castle. Great location, perfect place to watch the strait. I couldn’t get down from here. Below, there is a trail of reef pits that had an explanatory board.

iwagi_kameyama-16_4048Then, let’s go around the east side of the Honmaru, and visit the Sanno Maru mark that remains to the north side of the castle. On the east side of the castle is a narrow road which seems to be the castle corridor.

iwagi_kameyama-22_4057Is it a trace of the Sanno Maru? A shrine with statues like a Chinese warrior was being built.

On each island of the Geiyo Islands, the castle of Murakami Pirates was built to watch the ship through the narrow strait between the islands. This is one of the castles on each island. There was good remains in the thing that became a shrine. Moreover, it is said that a new explanation board was built recently.

Date of Visit: December 2014
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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