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Izakaya Kuro-chan

Izakaya Kuro-chan


Cheap if you want to enjoy a seat of sake, here. I went to “Izakaya Kuro-chan” ◎

It has been open for about a year yet.


There is a private seat and a counter of the small rise, and it is the store which seems to be convenient.

Immediately, you have unlimited drinking.

At this time, I use the coupon for 2 hours 800 yen and cheap!

Unfortunately, this coupon does not seem to be doing now…

Wheat and Hop appetizer

It is hard to see, but appetizer is a raw octopus.

It seems to toasted with the mini Seven circle which came out together.


The raw octopus is useless, but it is all right if it passes the fire!

It was refreshing with ponzu vinegar ♪

Now, I’m going to order the hood ◎

Ramen salad with plenty of sesame sauce (580 yen)

Oh, I did not expect the price was cheap, looks hearty & delicious!

There were plenty of vegetables in the garden.


My fried rice (650 yen)

Been attracted to the naming order. Lol

It was a very ordinary fried rice lol.

It was delicious ◎

I asked for a few more pictures, but it looks like I haven’t taken a picture.

I tried to change the drinks on the way, and I looked at the menu again…


I found a variety of highball ◎

Highball from here to the festival lol.

A man’s highball (with brandy in it)

Lover Highball (Mango is in)

Woman’s Highball (with Calpis and Yuzu)

Highball (I forgot to ask the clerk.) The taste of a certain ice cream? )

Bomb Highball (plum wine included?) )

And this day I drank a lot lol.

Highball was easy to drink none.

Recommended for women.

Every food menu was cheap, and it was only about 600 yen ◎

All were delicious and satisfactory. It is recommended.

Also with the line.


Izakaya Kuro-chan

● Address

Hokkaido 3 Minami Shijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 2nd Green BUILDING B1F
Business Hours

[Mon-Thu] 17:30 ~ Next 1:00
[Fri, Sat, day before holidays] 17:30 ~ 4:00 PM
[Sun/Holiday] 17:30 ~ 24:00
● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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