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Marugame Castle [1/2] a castle with a small tower on a huge high stone wall.

Marugame Castle [1/2] a castle with a small tower on a huge high stone wall.

Marugame Castle was built on Mt. Kameyama (66m altitude), and the castle was built in Sanuki in 1587, with Nobunaga and Hideyoshi, who served in the mountain fortress, and newly constructed castle in Takamatsu . In 1615, the castle of Marugame was once a castle in the country, but it was rebuilt by Mr. Yamazaki, who entered the Sanuki after the rolling of Ikoma. Tower, Ishigaki, Uchibori, etc. are extant. It is described as “stone Castle” with a stone wall of about 60m of the total length piled up over and over again from Uchibori to tower.

Basic Data >
Name: Marugame Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Marugame-shi, Kagawa ( map )
-Castle: Tadashi Ikoma, Takazu Kyogoku
Completion: 1597 (Keicho 2 years), 1660 (Manji 3 years)
-Remains: Tower existing, stone wall, moat
● Information: Japan 100 Meijo No.78 ( list )

Visit >

All around Shikoku bus Tour 8 Castle (today’s third castle) is on top of Japan’s largest stone group, to Marugame Castle with Japan minimum extant tower. The bus was crossed on the north side of Uchibori, and it started.

Turtle Yamashiro Major mouth. The gate in front is the gate of the major two (Koryo Gate), and the tower which is seen on the right (tower gate). Masugata’re getting into Toraguchi.

To the front of the big mouth. You can see the large wall and tower of stone walls in front. The castle is a feeling.

The stone wall of Uchibori is seen from the Dobashi which continues to the gate of leading two. Most of the stone walls that remain in Marugame Castle are the ones of the rebuilding era after Mr. Yamazaki.

Enter the Masugata Tiger mouth and see the gate of the leading one. It is called the Taiko Gate because the drum was put on the second floor and the time was informed. The face of the castle and the large gate and the stone wall which should be called are made firmly in the cutting lespedeza.

The gate of the leading one and two gate explanation plates were buried. It is said that the major gate was transferred to this ground during the immigration age. Circa 1670 architecture, existing. In addition, it seems to show the gate if it asks the tourist information office in the castle according to the marugame CITY hp , and it does not visit without knowing when visiting. Sorry.

I crossed the gate of the leading one and went to Yamashita. Because it is a melody of the bottom of the mountain, it is with Yamashita. If it advances to the right, there is a house tenement, and it advances to the mountain castle if advancing to the left. There are flashy people in the back of the melody.

The people of the Marugame Castle Bakara Kyogoku Corps. According to the OFFICIAL website , it is said that he is doing mini-live and commemorative photo shooting in the castle on Saturdays and Sundays. Compared to the photo of HP, it seems to be kyougoku high or the first, Kyougoku Takuro, from left to right. The first elder sister of Asai Three Sisters of tea, the first and Jiang, and the bride of Kyogoku high-order that made the foundation of the feudal lord Kyougoku to rise to eight million stone that raised the achievement in Sekigahara. Mr. Kyougoku came to Marugame in the age of the high sum of three generations (Obama → matsue → tatsuno → Marugame), but is it fine?

The history and chronology of Marugame Castle in Yamashita. Let’s prepare.

First, I headed to the tower on the mount. This is “return slope” which continues from Yamashita to the Sanmaru on the mountain. According to the official WEBSITE, this name came from the sudden inclination to stop and sometimes want to look back.

On the way to the back slope, the wall of the high stone walls seen on the right is Sanmaru Ishigaki. They stand at the slope of a fan

The corner is tightly aligned with counting (how to stack the long and short sides of the stone alternately).

It is supposed to be a three-round stone wall. According to the pamphlet, this is the tallest stone wall in the castle, followed by a stone wall with a height of more than 20m.

In the place where a return slope bends along the three-round stone wall, a small stone is piled up and the stone piling is discovered. The local guide asked Mr. Unknown details.

Moreover, an outright restoration mark remained in the stone wall which seemed to be a tower stand of the left when advancing the return slope. Weathering (though it’s a model term) I wanted to match the color tone.

On the way to the back slope, on the right, I found a narrow road to protect low stone walls. It seems to go out to the Ninomaru rearm on the north side of the third circle here. Let’s leave this way.

Sannomaru There is a tiger mouth which goes to the Ninomaru when turning to the right immediately after entering the third circle from the return slope. On the south side of the Sanmaru, it seems that the wells and the Moon Tower ruins and the Sanmaru cherish modus operandi remain, but this time not visited. It proceeds from the Ninomaru to the Honmaru where tower is erected.

Sanmaru → Ninomaru The road would turn into a key, and the old times would have been surrounded by tower gate and Tammon Tower.

Left, right and bent, to Ninomaru.

This is Ninomaru. Old Times was surrounded by a multi-hearing tower and a corner tower. The stone wall and the tower of the Honmaru are seen in the right back. The scenery only of the dead tree in winter.

Ninomaru only remains, Ninomaru well. According to the bill, the drawing is between thirty-six depths (between one = 1.8 m, between 36 = about 65m), Japan is said to be one deep well, and still praising the water. In addition, it is said that the legend of having been assassinated in this well by the Lord (also known as the reconstruction of Mr. Yamazaki-Kyougoku) was feared to lead to the enemy by Shigesaburo Hamasaka who built the high stone wall of Marugame Castle. It’s a terrible story.

Well inside. The stone wall is piled neatly in the circle. Will the stone wall continue to the bottom 65m?

Ninomaru Watch Honmaru Stonewalls and tower from the north side. Tower is hardly seen from this position when the tower is built on this tower stand.

I see the stone Tower in northeast Honmaru. Because of a dead tree in winter, the whole stone wall is seen through the gap of the branch. If you come to the castle ruins in the winter before the snow falls.

Entrance from Ninomaru to Honmaru. There seems to be a tower as soon as it rises.

To Honmaru. The tower was erected at the four Corners including the tower, and it seems to have been connected by a tarmon or a clay wall, but there is not remaining except tower.

Marugame Castle Main Tower description board. It is easy to read by writing handwriting. Detailed size and the like of each layer is described. It is said that it has been found that the rebuilding work of Mr. Yamazaki’s construction was completed by Mr. Kyougoku because the board bill which was written in “Manji three years March” from the wall during the demolition repair in 1950 was discovered.

Honmaru tower from near center. It is a simple tower with the triple floor, staggered gables, and the Tang Dynasty one in the east and south.

I’ll try to get a little closer. The wall is almost a white plaster painted chalk tower, but only a part of the first floor has a black undercoat board. There is also a stone drop on the north side (opposite the photo).

Honmaru Watch tower from the turret stand in northwest corner.

Then, it finally tower inside. Admission fee 200 yen ya.

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Date of Visit: December, 2013
Imaging Equipment: SONY NEX-C3
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