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Meal Bar HEROS

Meal Bar HEROS


I went to “meal Bar HEROS” which I wanted to go from the front on this day ◎

It is near Sapporo factory. 2 minutes walk.


The interior is an American bar.

There were a variety of hero toys from around the country!

The menu is a meal Bar, with plenty of food menu.

It is composed mainly of Western food such as omurice, hamburger and pasta.

I asked for a drink on this day, so I ordered it with a snack center.

Corona (650 yen)

Drop the lemon in…


Best Bottle Beer!!

Come on, I’ll go and order Cominginhand over fist ♪

Edamame (380 yen)

It is a classic ◎

This salad with bacon (680 yen)

The dressing was delicious.

It might be glad if there was a little more mushroom and bacon.

Carbonara style omelet (680 yen)

A creamy sauce on the jiggle omelet is exquisite at stake ◎

The taste of the Atari eye than I thought.

Lion King Plate (1,160 yen)

I ordered a rainy day meal menu here. Lol

Two large chicken pieces of cabbage are shredded and neapolitan under the fried egg.

The meat was removed from the bone, and everyone ate happily.

I have a bad manners, by the way,

Put rice in the sauce of carbonara-style omelet, in risotto style.

Carbonara style risotto style ♪ delicious.

Heineken (600 yen)

Two bottles of beer here.

Beer is delicious when you drink it in a bottle.

This shop is also doing lunch, it seems to be able to drink from lunch.

Come to Sapporo factory when shopping.

Miso soup pasta is worrisome….

Also with the line.


Meal Bar HEROS

● Address

Hokkaido 3-3-2 Kita-Nijo-Higashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 1f Tensaka Bldg .
Business Hours

12:00 ~ Next 03:00
12:00 ~ The next day 05:00
17:00 ~ The next day 01:30
● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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