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Now Harushiro [1/2] The sea castle that draws the seawater that Todo Takora built.

Now Harushiro [1/2] The sea castle that draws the seawater that Todo Takora built.

Todo Takora, who cited his distinguished achievements in Sekigahara, was given 20 million stone in Iyo from Ieyasu, and moved from Ozu to Imabari and built Imabari Castle along the coast facing the Seto Inland Sea. It is said that Japan the first sea castle. After that, Takora became a transfer seal to 22 million stones in Tsu, and dismantled the tower at the same time. In 1610, the demolished tower was relocated to Tanba Kameyama in the world of Tamba Kameyama Castle architecture. The castle was torn down after the Meiji Restoration, and only a few stone walls remained, but after 1980, the tower and gate, including the tower, were rebuilt. The Iron Mikado, which was rebuilt in 2007, was faithfully restored to the historical sources.

Basic Data >
Name: Imabari Castle (Wikipedia) (aka Fukiya Castle)
● Location: Imabari-shi, Ehime ( map )
-Castle: Takora Todo
Completion: 1604 (Keicho)
-Remains: stone wall, moat
● Information: Japan 100 Meijo No.79 ( list )

Visit >

All around Shikoku bus tour 7 Castle is about 1 hour to the northeast by bus from Dogo Onsen soba hot spring, to Imabari Castle at the entrance to Shimanami Kaido. I will switch my head in the Early Modern Sea castle built by that Todo Takora next in the middle of the moat and the soil base of the mountain fortress in the morning.

imabari01I stand in front of the Dobashi heading to the main gate of Jijo. A straight road and a strong stone wall and the main gate guarded by masugata fuel expectations.

imabari03The entrance of the Masugata is old times, and the Koryo Gate seems to have been built, but it has not been rebuilt. The black gate at the back of the right is the Iron Gate (Kurogane). According to the pamphlet, The stone wall of the iron gate, including the huge façade of the front, had been removed almost in the Meiji period, and it was restored by the field piling at the time of the castle when rebuilding the gate. The stone is called Kanbei Stone, and it is derived from Kanbei Watanabe who served as the Castle magistrate.

imabari04To the iron gate. As the name suggests, it is a powerful gate with a tack of 3mm black steel plate throughout the entire xylem.

imabari05The Iron Gate explanation board. It becomes semi-transparent for some reason and is difficult to read subtly. The Iron Mikado Reconstruction was planned in 2003 as a business commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Jijo Castle, and it was completed over four years. Based on the results of the ancient photographs, ancient manuscripts and excavations, the old times was reconstructed as much as possible. The foundation of the excavation was restored to its original position and reused unless it was damaged. Great.

imabari07Part of the Excavated Stone Foundation, which is exhibited in front of the iron gate. The upper part is arranged in the plane when the stone on the right is seen, and the right side can see that the step is attached at a straight angle although it is exhibited two. Limestone.

imabari08The remains of the cornerstone explanation Board. The excavated stone is the cornerstone of the front mirror pillar of the iron gate and the rear control pillar, and it is said that it abandoned and exhibited the reuse because of cracks in the limestone.

imabari09Passing through the iron gate. Only the front is attached to the iron plate. The stone dropping was reproduced neatly in the vicinity of the entrance of the gate which becomes a blind spot from the tower of the second floor.

imabari10bGo beyond the iron gate and Ninomaru. It is now a square, but the collaboration of the Tower of Honmaru seen from here and the equestrian statue of Todo Takora in the Ninomaru is wonderful. The Lord Takora will look later slowly, and head to the tower first.

imabari13Tower Honmaru enters from the back of the Ninomaru. At the back of the Ninomaru, it seems that the palace where Lord Live is built, but now there is nothing but a building with a stone monument erected (the Gold tower of the corner has been reconstructed).

imabari14Honmaru in front of the Honmaru gate. It looks like there is a lot of explanation signs before entering the Honmaru, so let’s look at them and prepare them.

imabari15The castle map in front of Honmaru Mikado. The Ninomaru Honmaru floating in the Uchibori seems to remain just like it is (the stone wall is only a part of the main Guo and exists). The Honmaru is a mock tower, and the precincts of the Fukiya shrine.

imabari16Honmaru to The Mikado. According to the local guide, tower was built in the middle of the honmaru in the High Tiger age, but there was no tower (stone wall) and the shrine was constructed on the site, so the reconstructed mock tower stood on the tower of the north corner of the north end of the Honmaru tower.

imabari16aHistory of Imabari Castle in front of Honmaru Mikado. The tower of the five heavy-Tiger built is relocated in the place of the whole country of Tanba Kameyama Castle, and it is not left because the building was destroyed in the Meiji era.

imabari17Honmaru entered The Mikado and went inside Honmaru. This is a figure that looked back from the inside of the Honmaru gate.

imabari18The Honmaru is mainly the precincts of the Fukiya shrine.

imabari19Now Jijo Tower. Simulated tower, which was rebuilt in 1980. There was no detailed historical evidence of the high Tiger Tower at that time (there was no physical proof other than the document that tower was standing), so it was forced to mock tower. It is a simple layer tower type tower with no rupture etc. in the old photograph of Tanba Kameyama Castle named relocated, but a large staggered rupture is attached to the mock tower. Now, Imabari Castle Tower at that time. The building of one heavy eyes is larger than the stone wall (North Corner Tower stand) when seeing well, and it is a great structure which considerably auctions out.

imabari20The inside of the tower is a historical museum of the castle and Imabari clan now, and there is no place which should be seen in the building because of the concrete, and the exhibit is not left in the memory because of the photograph NG, and I remember that there was a rare “stamp of the flower extrusion”. This is the observation deck area on the top floor. Because the five tower are built on the tower stand, it might be able to enjoy the view from a position higher than the high tiger at that time.

imabari22On the other side of the gate, in the northwest part of the castle is the Yamazato tower and the back side. The mountain gate is not the gate in front of the bridge, but the gate attached to the Yamazato tower (not visible from this angle).

imabari23Towards the iron gate. Not only the gate, but it can be seen that it has been perfectly restored to the accompanying huge multi-tower. It was rebuilt in 1980 at the same time as tower in the arms tower and the second floor turret erected at the tip.

imabari24Southeast direction. The second floor tower erected on the corner is the Gold Tower, rebuilt in 1985, and the inside is a local art museum.

imabari25Northeast direction. The Honmaru Shrine is located in the inside. It is a splendid shrine much larger than seen from the table.

imabari26Features of Imabari Castle, which was posted in the observatory area. Because it was built on the sandy beach that sand was able to be blown up, it is said that there is an alias named blowing Lift Castle. It must have been very hard for a tiger to build a huge castle on the sandy beach. It is said that there is a dog run (a thin space between the moat and the stone wall) on the stone wall. As for the dog run, Hikone castle and Kishiwada Castle are famous. Let’s check it when I get off. Moreover, it is said that the seawater fish swims in the moat because it pulls seawater into Horiuchi. The sea bream, flat eyes, chinu, mullet and eel…!

imabari27Changes in the Imabari clan. Now the castle tower was dismantled at the same time as the high tiger was added to Tsu, and it was demolished (it was intended to be reused in the transfer destination, but it was used to build the Tanba Kameyama Castle in the world. The tower in Imabari seemed to have been only five to six years since the castle was built.

The tower will go back to the Ninomaru, watch the bronze statue of the high Tiger, and see the inside of the iron gate and the multi-heard tower that has been faithfully restored.

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Date of Visit: December, 2013
Imaging Equipment: SONY NEX-C3
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