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Re: Huai Yuan

Re: Huai Yuan


I drank it in the hometown on this day.

I went to “Huai-an Re:” Located right next to Sumikawa station on the Namboku subway line.


I was the Secretary of the class reunion in my school days.

Interior. It is beautifully made.


Of course, you can drink drinks.

+ 300 yen seems to spread the choice such as local sake and Shochu ♪

, But there are so many people (including myself) who do not have much alcohol content, so the cheapest one laughs.



Unlimited drinks (100 minutes 1,200 yen)

I drank it before taking a picture.

Appetizer was crisps.

Handmade dumplings (399 yen)

With Feathers!

I’m sticking to the specialty of this shop.

You can have a light texture.


Okonomiyaki of own pig (580 yen)

It’s good to have Okonomiyaki and beer.

No doubt

Yubari Farm’s sticking egg (480 yen)

I was begging you, lol!

Fluffy and delicious.

Ice cream cheese Egg of Yubari Farm (520 yen)

The cream cheese is a foul for the delicious egg grilled.

It becomes a thick taste, and the beer advances ♪

Cream cheese risotto (560 yen)

It is cheese again lol.

It is also rich and delicious ◎

Because it is simple, I can enjoy the taste of the cheese as it is ♪

The shop of this place did not get tired even if coming many times, and the menu was considerably abundant.

The location is very friendly.

It is a shop which seems to be considerably usable if it is near the house ◎

Also with the line.


Re: Huai Yuan

● Address

Hokkaido 2-3-17 Sumikawa Shijo, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

Mon-Thu 18:00 ~ 01:00
Fri/Sat 18:00 ~ 03:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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