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Saeki Castle [1/4] in the early modern castle ruins a huge stone wall remains like a maze on the mountain.

Saeki Castle [1/4] in the early modern castle ruins a huge stone wall remains like a maze on the mountain.

title_bungo-saiki_840x270Saeki Castle was built by Mori Takamasa, which was transferred from Bungo Kusu ( square Mure Castle ) to Saeki after the Sekigahara battle, and was established at the mountain and the foothills of the early modern fortress. It was torn down by leaving the main gate and the palace of the Sananomaru Palace at the Meiji Restoration though the Honmaru and the Castle Tower Group of the Yamagami had the tower and the gate and the castle in the early Modern age which set up the Sanmaru palace etc. There are some modifications on the mount now, but the huge stone wall remains in good condition in general, and the foothills part is left the entrance portion of the Sanno Maru Palace and the relocated of the above-mentioned Sanno Maru Tower gate. By the way, the formal reading is not “even the screeching” but “Kijojo”.

Basic Data >
Name: Saeki Castle [Kijojo] (Wikipedia)
● Location: Saiki-shi, Oita ( map )
● Lord: Mori Takamasa
● Castle: Keicho (1606)
-Remains: Ishigaki, Tower Gate Maru
● Information: Japan Hyakuna Castle No.194 ( list )

Date of Visit: January, 2017
The visit to Saeki Castle- One , two , three , four .

Visit >

saeki_01_2354Saeki Castle Tour starts from the parking lot in front of the large tower gate of the Sannomiya Palace. It was a heavy rain, but I went to the mountain without losing. By the way, the top of the mountain which is seen in the right back of the tower Gate is a place with Honmaru and 2.

saeki_02_2355First of all, let’s look at a huge tower gate and the stone wall which remains in the place where the Sanno Maru Palace existed. Is the huge cobblestone slope at that time? There are many cobblestones in the castle in Saeki. At that time, the slope left and right were watermoat, but now it is reclaimed.

saeki_03_2356The front part of the stone wall which surrounds the Sanno Maru remains firmly now. And in the place where the palace was, a huge Saeki cultural center is erected. If it was a water moat of about the width of the slope, the width was considerably narrow, and it might have been a structure difficult to attack because there was height oppositely in the amount. And, there is still a m minute or the stone wall under the ground. The parking lot side will be difficult, but I want to revive the water moat on the right side somewhat.

saeki_04_2357The outer wall of the Sanno Maru. Because the stone wall is piled up in the lower part in the foreground to flatten the slope of the foot of the mountain, the stone wall becomes low, and the back is connected to the slope as it is. And the corner is not sharp, and the curve is drawn. A lot of this curve is seen in the stone wall on the mountain.

saeki_05_2661Because the rain is getting stronger, it is quite raindrops, but let’s take a look at the tower gate of the three-maru without worrying about it.

saeki_06_2665The inside was hardened with concrete when the tower gate was entered. It is shaped like a masugata, but what was it like at that time?

saeki_07_2672The main entrance of the palace and the stone wall which supports the tower gate are indeed piled up a considerable boulder.

saeki_08_2351A map of the castle town. The castle town of former has a lot of remains along the road in front of the Sanno Maru Tower Gate a while ago now. And, the tip part (on the far right of the figure), there is family temple Yoji Temple of the Mouri family, it is said that the tomb of the Mouri family below the first Lord Mouri Mori. Before you climb the castle, visit the castle Town and family temple.

saeki_09_2363First, I went to the Mouri family family temple Yoji Temple. This is the gate.

saeki_10_2364Ryuding Mountain Yodaiji Temple explanation board. It is said that Mori Takamasa was founded when Saeki entered the county. The grave seems to be in the back one step higher.

saeki_11_2365The Temple of Yokenji. The cemetery is on the right side of the photo, and the main hall.

saeki_12_2368Entrance gate to the Mouri family tomb. The right is the general cemetery and the left is the main hall. When you cross the main hall, go left while looking at the cemetery.

saeki_13_2369There is a corner of the stairs at the back of the gate where it is tightly shut and hardened by a strong stone wall. This is the tomb of the Mouri family. Because I cannot enter, I will see it from the outside of the gate.

saeki_14_2370The Mouri family Tomb explanation board. The Keicho of the first Lord Mouri Mori, the 12th generation until the Meiji period, and the Mouri family ruled Saeki 20000 stone. It seems to have been adopted considerably between the twelve generations.

saeki_15_2372Tomb of the Mouri family of rain. The huge five towers placed on the pedestal are lined up in an orderly fashion. It is said that it is hard to see in the photograph and there is a building in the right back, and the mausoleum of the first Mori Takamasa is contained in that. The tree was overgrown between the gate and the building, and it was just a glimpse of the gap.

saeki_16_2376Aim at the entrance to the castle in the side of the Sanno Maru while passing through the castle town from Yokenji Temple. Inside the castle town that was folded exquisitely.

saeki_17_2384Stone walls, earthen walls, mountain gate, hedges, etc. have put out the atmosphere of a castle town. The ground has been maintained, but because it is a cobblestone style rather than concrete, this place also helped to a good atmosphere. The retro post is a nice touch.

saeki_18_2387Yasui’s Well. It is called one of three wells that the Clan doctor Imaizumi is invested in the private fortune for the fief which worries about the middle of Edo and water shortage.

saeki_19_2391The medicine gate which remains in a castle town. It is called the relocated gate of the Samurai House.

saeki_20_2392Well, the castle town was advanced, and it returned to the front of the Sanno Maru stone wall. When you move from here to the mountain, it becomes a gateway to Saeki Castle on the Mount. Let’s look in order because the Guide board is built in front of the tower style building (toilet) of the entrance.

saeki_21_2394-2Saeki Castle restoration diagram. It is based on the drawing of the Meiji four years. The tower was drawn on the mount, but the tower was not rebuilt after it burned down in the early Edo period, so it was not at the time of the Meiji four years. About the arrangement of the Samurai House etc. To the end, is it?

saeki_22_2395Guide map around the castle. The picture itself is simple and easy to understand. It seems that the route of the castle divides into three when going straight to the depths of the Sanno Maru in the current place.

saeki_23_2397A bird’s eye view of Tsuruya Castle (Mt. Castle) depicting the past days on the mountain.

saeki_24_2400I’ll head to the mountain. To the back of the Sanno Maru side.

saeki_25_2401It was built on the way, Bungo Saeki Castle explanation board. 140m above sea level. It is a can climb scenic spot in 15 minutes ‘ walk. It is Saeki Castle completed in 1606, Keicho, and after only 11 years, the main buildings including tower were burnt down by the fire from the second round, and the restoration of the Edo medium-term restoration was not done, and the feudal administration was held in the Sanno Maru of the foot for more than 100 years until then. The mountain would have been rundown.

saeki_26_2404Before long, it came to the entrance to the gate of the Trident. Go straight ahead to the “Road of the castle” which is said to be the “climbing path” at that time. Turning to the right, the road of the Doppo monument was built for hiking later in the years. The climb rises from the road of an easy Doppo monument, and descending takes the route which comes down from the road of the castle if the weather recovers. It is recommended to pass both because the road of the Doppo monument and the stone wall etc. are seen.

saeki_27_2409The road of a well-maintained Doppo monument. Easy to climb. The left side might have been made by the bedrock bare and the rock. It seems to be blessed with stone, so it would have been easy to get the material of Ishigaki.

saeki_28_2412Doppo on the road halfway through the monument, discard the wheel. It is a resting place now, but it might have been a base to defend the rearm side (East Tiger Mouth) before.

saeki_29_2413The outer periphery of the wheel is low, but the stone product remains. It seems that it was a quite strong Buri if the soil wall and the fence were built on this stone wall because it was a considerable slope under this.

saeki_30_2416The stone wall is seen when going up the road of breaking spelled from the ring of discarding. The rear is thought to be the one at that time though the foreground might be the one of the modern ages.

saeki_31_2418A stone wall There is a double tower on this once, and the East Tiger Mouth gate is ahead. It seems to be a strong state even though it is rearm.

saeki_32_2420It is built so that the stone wall also turns around.

saeki_33_2421I stepped up the stone steps and gradually got closer to the stone wall. To the break of the stone wall.

saeki_34_2423This place is surrounded by cobblestone and left and right stone walls and is the mark of Saeki Joto. The gate was built in the thrust of the stone wall. On the right stone wall, there was a double turret honmaru the outside of the Bandodo and the left side of the fence. It is a splendid stone pavement here, too. It is dangerous to slip considerably because it is wet because of rain by the road of a considerably angle.

> > Saeki Castle [2/4] continues. < <

Date of Visit: January, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF14mm
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