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Sapporo Pig and 〇 38

Sapporo Pig and 〇 38


After the weekend work, I went to the Sapporo Pig and ○ 38 ◎

It seems to expand the menu of the Pork Center Street.


Hokkaido is a pork culture, isn’t it?

I might like pork the most.

The store is about 100 seats and is quite wide.

The lighting is dropping, but it seems to be suitable for a waiwai drinking party.

Cominginhand over fist on, shall we drink?!

Unlimited drinks (coupon used for 120 minutes 888 yen)

I took a sip before taking a picture, lol.

One Cup after work is the best!

Pork shabu salad with sesame dressing (680 yen)

It becomes the order of the meat Center. First of all, vegetables.

The pork shabu is a sesame dressing.

Braised pork with horns (680 yen)

It is soft and boiled and is delicious ♪

The deep-eyed sauce goes with the sake!

Pork Nanban leek Salt ponds (600 yen)

It is not a chicken nanban, and the pig Nanban is unusual.

I refreshing with grated daikon radish and ponzu vinegar.


Deer meat Sausage (600 yen)

Big laughs!

The sausage should not be suitable for beer.

It was very juicy.

It is cheaper to drink in coupon use, it is recommended to drink in reasonable because it does not cost appetizer. ◎

If you are tired because pork is good to recover fatigue, come.

Also with the line.


Sapporo Pig and ○ 38

● Address

Hokkaido 3 chome, Minami 3-Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo G Dining Sapporo 2f
Business Hours

Sun-Thu 17:00 ~ 01:00 (L.O. next 0:00)
Fri/Sat 17:00 ~ 03:00 (L.O.02:00)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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